The powers of the Association are exercised by or under the authority of the Board of Directors, and the business affairs of the Association are controlled by its Board of Directors.

The Eugene Pioneer Cemetery Association Board of Directors consists of a maximum of nine members. Effort is made to nominate and elect Directors to represent the following constituencies: Five Directors who are burial space owners or relatives of burial space owners, Three at-large Directors from the Community who may also be burial space owners or relatives of burial space owners; and One Director who is appointed by the President of the University of Oregon.

Except for the appointed Director, Directors of the Association are elected by a majority vote of the Association members present at the Annual Stated Meeting. The term of the appointed Director is permanent. The term of office of elected Directors are staggered such that not more than three of their terms expire in a given year. Directors may succeed themselves.


Quentin A. Holmes, Marcola, OR, President

George C. Beebe, Eugene, OR

Dorothy L. Brandner, Eugene, OR

Helen Liu, Eugene, OR

Glenn Smeed, Eugene, OR

Tim King, Facilities Services, U of O
Term Expires






Appointed by U. of O. President