On this page you may search our online database for burial records. About 4,000 individuals rest in the Eugene Pioneer Cemetery, formerly known as the Eugene I.O.O.F Cemetery, and later as the Pioneer Memorial Park.

You may search by any part of a name. Use the search function in the Adobe Reader. Each listing includes the cemetery block and plot where the person is buried. There are a few listings in which the grave location is not known.

Once you know the location, you may find the grave site on our cemetery map. If the name of the person is not listed in the database then it is unlikely they are buried in the Eugene Pioneer Cemetery. If you believe there is an error, please contact us directly.

Information in the Grave-by-Grave database is a compilation of burial records, funeral records, cemetery records, obituaries, and more than 25 historical sources.

To view the current list of burials, click on the link below; to search for a name or a date, go to "Edit" then "Find" and enter your search term. Adobe Acrobat is required to view this database of burials. If you don't have Acrobat you may download a free version here:

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