Eugene Pioneer Cemetery

Eugene Pioneer Cemetery

Burial Records

*Updated 12/31/2023

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Sec. No.Block No. Section, Block, & Plot numbersNameDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of DeathVeteran
F324NW¼ (9?)Aageson, Olaf Augustin6/15/1887Namsos, Fosnes, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway3/28/1918Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3838Aas, Evelyn May Dorman7/10/1923Oregon8/18/2006Veneta, Lane Co., Oregon
B3837Aas, Joseph Benjamin10/11/191411/26/1989Lane Co., Oregon
E892Abbott, Angeline Ruggles8/3 or 15/1833Indiana6/13/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E891Abbott, Burroughs10/9/1830Indiana12/4/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1664Abrams, Frances Ermina BullardMichigan9/15/1876Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1193Abrams, James M.1852Rochester, Monroe Co., New York2/3/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1194Abrams, Lucy Dampman11/29/1865Baltimore, Maryland8/26/1933Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H6144Adams, James Wesley8/??/1859Missouri2/5/19214m north of Elmira, Lane Co., Oregon
B377N½ (4?)Adams, Lydia A.10/??/1843Illinois3/24/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5034Adams, Sarah Joan/Joanne Wilson4/8/1859Ohio6/9/1952Lane Co., Oregon
E1231Aday, Sue Ann Shelton11/22/1943Texas3/16/2021Washington, D.C.
G4614Addleman, Clede Cecil11/9/1886Sherridan, Sheridan Co., Wyoming6/11/1974Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4613Addleman, Daisy Dean Humphrey8/17/1888Gentry Co., Missouri12/2/1926Crow Stage, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7394Adrian, Otto Earnest11/26/1859Kienitz, Brandenburg, Germany1/7/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Agule, Dorothy Mae6/6/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/6/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E92Bet. 4 & 5Alexander, Baby3/6/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/6/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E975Alexander, EthelAbout 1872California11/30/1883Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
E85½2Alexander, Julia Belle Chapman11/11/1873Albia, Monroe Co., Iowa12/28/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E974Alexander, William H.About 1855Oregon11/27/1894Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
E85½1Alexander, William Hite7/29 or 30/1857Shedd, Linn Co., Oregon7/20/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3554Aline, Eric4/14/1826Domta 2, Österunda Parish, Uppland, Sweden5/14/1914Woodburn, Marion Co., Oregon
F3552Aline, Peter10/7/1862Illinois5/5/1891Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3555Aline, Sigrid Mickelson, Mrs.9/11/1828Forsa Parish, North Hälsingland, Sweden5/23/19073 miles NE of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5122Allan, John F.11/21/1868Montana5/25/1921Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A5121Allan, Margaret Daisy Hull1/18/1869Kansas6/10/1950Lane Co., Oregon
A5125Allan, Warren E.11/23/1890Gibbonsville, Lemhi Co., Idaho1/14/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1871-2Allen, Amanda Harriett Stine11/5/1853Zanesville, Newton Twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio12/28/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FB12Allen, Andrew4/2/19083/15/1924
D625Allen, Halcy10/22/1846New York12/4/1924Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. E, 40th WI Inf.
D1872-3Allen, Robert S.3/29/1846Ohio4/13/1906Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. G, 196th Ohio Infantry
F2527Alley, Frank E.9/12/1870Louden (Logan?) Co., Nebraska7/14/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2523Alley, Noah Brady, Rev.11/27/1844Harrison Co., Missouri10/13/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2475Alley, Rosie MayOregon1/5/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2522Alley, Sarah Esther Smith5/25/1851Indiana12/25/1897
D56?1?Allgire, John W.12/??/1843Ohio4/5/1924Garabaldi, Tillamook Co., Oregon
D563Allgire, Mary Ann Glasford, Mrs.2/23/1821Ohio1/1/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D564Allgire, Mary F., Miss10/??/1852Ohio6/30/1904Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
D56??Allgire, Olive Ethel4/25/1865Winchester, Adams Co., Ohio2/17/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D298?Allgood, Robert Holt1/4/19221/4/1922
F2802Allingham, Adaline Davis4/8/1870Perry, Dallas Co., Iowa3/4/1953Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F2803Allingham, Owen Bowden9/??/1863Oregon8/24/1925West Fir, Marian Co., Oregon
C2737Allison, Amos J.1828Kentucky4/20/1883Hawthorne Asylum, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H6044Allshaw, Imogene, Mrs.8/15/1846Long Island, New York5/17/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6043Allshaw, Thomas8/17/1844Quidnick, Coventry, Kent Co., Rhode Island OR Aquidneck, Rhode Island8/11/1918Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. H, 16th Conn. Infantry, and Navy, USRG "Varuna," Civil War
Single on north side lot no. [blank]?Almasie, Martina A. Mann, Mrs.8/28/1892Washington5/20/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5156Anderson, Anders Gust6/25/1852Near Stockholm, Sweden1/31/1933Crow Stage, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Anderson, George2/6/1912General Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50310Anderson, Helen Elizabeth Carson3/4/1922Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon5/2/2011Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
E12Anderson, Helen Mary Totten Weinhart Weinhart1/8/1860Wilmington, DeKalb Co., Indiana12/14/1941Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
A51814Anderson, Henri Dunn, Mrs.3/10/1866Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi8/31/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D31S½ (2?)Anderson, Infant
H50311Anderson, James Lawrence1/4/1921Canadian, Hemphill Co., Texas2/3/1990Lane Co., OregonSgt., U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
G4175Anderson, Kristene5/27/1882Norway7/26/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D31S½ (2?)Anderson, Mary Andrine Anderson, Mrs.9/15/1873 (baptized 9/28/1873)Wisconsin9/29/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D624Anderson, Mary Jane Allen1/13/1860Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin12/16/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C1982Anderson, Mary Lulu Hensen11/4/1886Rapid City, Pennington Co., South Dakota7/13/1915Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon
B3899Anderson, Matilda Johnson1/22/1860Sweden9/23/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5157Anderson, Sarah Margaret Long12/11/18465/24/1919Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon
A5158Anderson, Truman A.11/30/1886Ringgold Co., Iowa9/8/19113 miles NW of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3836Andreas, Peter J.7/5/1859Germany9/20/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B42810Andrews, Alan3/28/1889Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/6/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E462Andrews, Charles M.1/9/1904 (calculated)Lane Co., Oregon9/11/1904Lane Co., Oregon
C3072Andrews, Elizabeth Rice, Mrs.5/9/1846Wayne Co., Ohio7/12/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E461Andrews, George9/12/1904Oregon
B4283Andrews, Hazel Dell11/18/1891Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/30/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FA?Andrews, Infant Dau.#18/21/1894Oregon10/16/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FA?Andrews, Infant Dau.#28/21/1894Oregon10/27/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C1912Andrews, Jane F. Bisbee Fuller, Mrs.5/5/1827East River, Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts11/12/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3071Andrews, William Baker8/31/1837England2/16/1921Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt, Co. B, 124th OH Infantry
B4281Andrews, William Henry2/18/1865Ashland Co., Ohio11/8/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E965Archberger, JohnnieAbout 6/16/1881Oregon2/17/1882
F206Arey, Laura Frances Brooks12/16/1894Walton, Lane Co., Oregon2/4/1966Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7281Armstrong, Ari John6/11/1870Indiana9/23/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
BUnkn (443?)5?Armstrong, James Ardel2/1/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/2/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7282Armstrong, Lucy Margaret Adams, Mrs.9/9/1865Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon11/27/1930Albany, Linn Co., Oregon
H6192Arnn, Mary Margaret Scott11/5/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/23/2015Pacific Grove, Monterey Co., California
FPotter's Field?Aros, FranciscoProbably Mexico11/16/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D233Assenheimer, Edna May Dean Condon9/17/1887Kansas1/22/1955DeWitt State Hosp, Sacramento, California
C3478 or 9 or 10?Atherton, JeromeMichigan2/27/1881Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1079Atherton, Julia A. (Susie) Sweet, Mrs.11/18/1841New York3/26/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4753Atkinson, Annie Cooper Hartley1/29/1852Bilston, Staffordshire, England8/23/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4751Atkinson, Earl G.3/23/1891Lorane, Lane Co., Oregon11/10/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4754Atkinson, Jeremiah (Jerry)10/10/1852New Castle, Shropshire, England3/1/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FB10Atwood, Charles Henry Thornton (C.H.T.), Dr.9/12/1853Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts4/21/1916OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
B3765Atwood, Sarah Jane Greer12/11/1829Belmont, Waldo Co., Maine2/18/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3764Atwood, Stillman Howard1/28/1826Concord, Somerset Co., Maine11/28/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B474Auld, David1/21/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/27/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B474Auld, Infant son9/1/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/16/1910Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5093Aupperle, Caroline (Carrie) Elizabeth Guetter, Mrs.10/2/1850Hanover, Germany9/26/1927Dallas, Polk Co., Oregon
H5094Aupperle, Henry B.9/22/1852Wisconsin3/20/1936Polk Co., Oregon
FB4Austin, Eugene Augustus4/25/1849Madison Co., New York10/8/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C315½/316½1Austin, Jesse Milton8/25/1835Council Bluffs, Union Twp, Butler, Ohio,3/26/1911Dearhorn, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D, 16th IL Vol. Infantry
E413Auten, Alvin Cotner4/??/1851Ohio9/22/1903Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
E414Auten, Loyet A. (Lottie, Loit) Shipp, Mrs.6/??/1856Iowa6/21/1915Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C307?Awbrey, Cora B. Andrews10/21/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C307?Awbrey, Don Thomas5/9/1862Lane Co., Oregon3/23/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3486Awbrey, Milton Thomas Jr. (Mittie T.)1/3/18774/20/1878Oregon
C3485Awbrey, Milton Thompson Sr.10/24/1830Ray Co., Missouri6/3/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3484Awbrey, Tabitha Frances Baker, Mrs.11/20/1839Illinois10/14/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2993Babb, Alonzo Alvaris "Skagit"5/9/1856Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/28/1881Ainsworth (near Portland), Oregon
C337?Backensto, Nellie Rachel WareOregon5/10/1887Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
H5572Backman, Alma Duncan Mathews4/13/1879Tennessee8/20/1960Silverton, Marion Co., Oregon
H5573Backman, Jack7/7/1879New York1/14/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D689 (S½)Bahling, James Davis10/20/1877Indiana4/4/1966Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D689 (S½)Bahling, Richard Earl1/24/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/10/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6810Bahling, William Edward1/11/1912Pratt Co., Kansas5/9/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D2910?Bailey, Child (female)About Apr 1880Oregon10/22/1883Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon
D2910?Bailey, Child (male)About Apr 1881Oregon10/22/1883Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon
F6334Bailey, Eva Kathryn Whipps Greenwalt, Mrs.4/21/1889Minnesota12/25/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B424N½ (5?)Bailey, George W.2/22/1891Alma, Gratiot Co., Michigan8/23/1908Near Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Bailey, Mary Grace11/25/1911Lane Co., Oregon12/7/1911Spencer Creek, Lane Co., Oregon
C7162Bailey, Vera Josephine Woodward6/23/1847Statesville, North Carolina4/19/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7161Bailey, William Thomas3/13/1849North Carolina9/19/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F641Bailor, Lewis Ray3/18/1916Rosalia, Whitman Co., Washington11/12/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6812Baker, Adelaide Marie "Addie" Trimble, Mrs.10/11/1858Walworth Co., Wisconsin6/20/1918Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6811Baker, Charles2/24/1855Columbus Co., Wisconsin3/31/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3253Baker, Emiley Meacham3/10/1842New York2/21/1923Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F3235Baker, Henry Charles11/30/1843Pennsylvania10/1/1908Eugene, Lane Co., OregonSgt., Co I, 1st, 2nd, & 5th PA Cavalry; then Sgt., Co. H, 5th PA Cavalry
E552Baker, James Solomon5/19/1858Forest, Richland Co., Wisconsin8/28/1889Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1224Baker, John E. Jr. (Jack)10/22/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/18/1911Willamette River near mouth of McKenzie River, Lane Co., Oregon
F3234Baker, Louis N.6/??/1876Illinois10/30/1903Camp Creek, Lane Co., Oregon
D223Baker, Mamie Lilwall, Mrs.7/17/1892Plainview, Hale Co., Texas8/5/1917Plainview, Hale Co., Texas
E94Behind 4Baker, Margaret Miller Plant2/1/1918Near Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon6/11/2001Klickitat Co., Washington
E1225Baker, Maudie11/29/1885Dakota Territory9/21/1887
4142?Baker, Rebecca Jennifer (Jennie) Walters2/26/1860Illinois8/28/1913J.W. Seavey's hop yard near Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D6813Baker, William H.9/23/1890Michigan12/23/1920Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCo. D, 51st TEL BN, WW I
G4621Baldinger, Ellen D. Nichols7/10/1911Medina, Medina Co., Ohio4/25/1996Lane Co., Oregon
G4622Baldinger, Richard N.12/31/1938Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas8/11/2003"of Guadalajara, Mexico"
G4621Baldinger, Wallace Spencer4/19/1905"of Springdale, Pennsylvania"1/4/1993Lane Co., Oregon
A4873Baldwin, Guy M.1889Montana7/16/1911Stevensville, Ravalli Co., Montana
B3809Baldwin, Ida May10/??/1878Oregon2/21/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A487S½ (2?)Baldwin, Lillie Etta (aka Lilliveta) Gustin4/9/1861Wisconsin10/9/1925Hunters, Stevens Co., Washington
C2956 (not here)Baldwin, Moses D.1838Illinois18 Nov 1891Willamette River below the Eugene Wagon Bridge, Lane Co., Oregon1st Lieut, 1st Independent Battery, Kansas Light Artillery
F3257Baldwin, Oscar G.5/31/1869Illinois or Pennsylvania4/21/1923Florence, Lane Co., Oregon
B38010Baldwin, Susan A. Pearson10/3/1842Indiana9/23/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5853Ball, Edward J.1/24/1861Michigan3/7/1917College Crest, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4949Ballard, Eda Loreta Starr10/1/1889Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon1/18 or 22/1919Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H4949Ballard, Francis Lamonte9/25/1911Oregon1/18/1919Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H49411Ballard, Roy Robert Jr.3/5/1918Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon8/9/1970Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H49410Ballard, Roy Robert Sr.3/??/1887Motley, Morrison Co., Minnesota10/26/1949Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
G4117Banker, Juanita Irene1/30/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/10/1951Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6305Banta, Catherine Anna Laura Boyer6/8/1846Aceron, Ohio (Akron, Summit Co., OH?)3/8/1920Near Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
G6304Banta, Martha Florence Barnes1/15/1877LaGrande, Union Co., Oregon8/30/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Barber, Infant1/5/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/5/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
single grave lot?Barber, James Monroe6/27/1855Iowa7/8/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1539Barbour, Martha Helen Hagerman, Mrs.9/12/1858Windham Twp., Norfolk, Ontario, Canada3/19/1915Jackson, Butts Co., Georgia
D1532Barbour, Wendall C.10/22/1890Michigan4/6/1917Mentone, San Bernardino Co., California
D15310Barbour, William Carey5/5/1852Townsend, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada West12/27/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E9111Barger, Anna A. Billmire3/28/1866Illinois2/12/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4063-4Barger, Thelma Florine5/28/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/15/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E9112Barger, William Phillip12/8/1855Missouri8/21/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6693Barhite, Charles James Marion3/24/1853Ohio7/1/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4675Barker, Albert Joseph12/18/1861Illinois7/14/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5229Barker, Margaret Jane Lyon, Mrs.12/28/1851Pennsylvania6/4/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4103Barnard, Albert Francis7/26/1854Albany Co. Illinois8/2/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G410Bet. 6 & 7Barnard, Baby10/17/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/17/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4106Barnard, Charles Newman09/24/1886Puyallup, Pierce Co., Washington10/3/1966Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4104Barnard, Cora Newman9/1/1859Prescott, Pierce Co., Wisconsin5/1/1960Lane Co., Oregon
FI7Barnes, Nathan Edward5/3/18962/28/1922Near Arps Dairy, Santa Clara, Lane Co., OregonCo. D, 305th Inft., 77th Div. WW I
FB6?Barnes, Oathie Harold12/6/19166/3/1921Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
E1433Barnes, Orma Camilla Slattery10/15/1906Ames, Story Co., Iowa6/3/1942Cloverdale, Tillamook Co., Oregon
Unkn?Barnes, Solomon Francis "Frank"3/14/1881Union or Wallowa Co., Oregon6/30/1920Veneta, Lane Co., Oregon
DUnkn -- 27?N½? (6?)Barnhurst, Dora Olive Paxton11/2/1883Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon6/25/1956Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4267Barnum, Abraham E.2/20/1849Hudson, New York2/26/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4266Barnum, Alice May Johnson1/3/1857Ames, Ohio4/24/1946Rural Pleasant Hill (Rt. #1, Creswell), Oregon
A5292-3Barnum, Harvey J.1/14/1875Ottawa Co., Ohio1/17/1913On the river road, 6 miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4171-2Barnum, Heber Maurice10/23/1877Mondamin, Harrison Co., Iowa11/6/1964Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt. Cas. Det. 6th Reg. Cavalry, Spanish American War
A5291-2Barnum, Jacob Ebenezer10/12/1847Ottawa Co., Ohio10/12/1924Motor route A near Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
G4172-3Barnum, Leo Joseph7/1/1906Fairmount, Lane Co., Oregon9/22/19103 miles northeast of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5291Barnum, Margaret Levina Hevener10/7/1846Ottawa Co., Ohio10/25/1934Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
G4171Barnum, Mary Orilla Hadsall1885Oregon5/8/1972Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D775Barrett, David B.Oregon7/21/1889
D774Barrett, David E.9/4/1849Ireland7/9/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D773Barrett, Kittie MayOregon9/1/1890
A5834Barrett, Mercy Allen, Mrs.3/19/1842Londonderry, Windham Co., Vermont9/11/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5833Barrett, Moses W.3/18/1845Pawlet, Rutland Co., Vermont1/11/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G364NE¼ (7-8?)Barrett, Willard Tyson8/6/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/21/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B469?Barringer, John Wilkinson7/18/1857Clay Center, Clay Co., Missouri1/3/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4698Barringer, Laura E., Miss2/24/1891Fillmore Co., Nebraska5/25/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4697Barringer, Sarah A. Mears, Mrs.12/19/1860 Wyandot Co., Ohio2/22/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1082-3Bartholomew, Charles Luther1/17/18504/14/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1089Bartholomew, Laverne Dale7/17/1911Lane Co., Oregon9/3/1911Near Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
G3691Bartlett, Emma A. Curtis4/6/1847Illinois3/2/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3692Bartlett, Ransom Alonzo3/25/1837Canada West5/13/1916Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D & I, 1st. Minn. Infantry
E1727Barton, Ethel Marie7/6/19017/2/1902Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
E1728Barton, Etta May Kitchen6/28/18744/20/1902Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
G448N⅓ (7?)Basek, MikeAustria6/16/1912Hazeldell, Lane Co, Oregon
H5066Bashford, Benjamin Thomas4/7/1855Indiana1/15/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5067Bashford, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Olive Morland, Mrs.4/28/1863Kansas9/26/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5069 (N½)Bashford, Lynn (Franklin)2/27/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/27/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5069 (N½)Bashford, William2/27/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/1/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Bass, Laurel Darleen12/4/192212/4/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D30S½ (1?)Bates, Edward Harris1/??/1830Ohio10/30/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2713Batt, Harriet Simmons, Mrs.10/22/1839Ohio3/14/1899Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2711Batt, John8/13/1832Devonshire, England11/27/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4279 (not here)Bauer, Caroline Löffler6/10/1862Grossliebental, Odesa, Kherson, South Russia11/5/1942Multnomah Co., Oregon
Unkn?Bauer, Elma Abbit Zimmerman Gielg Bruce8/19/1848Ohio1/11/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B42710Bauer, Friedrich (Fred)7/28/1858Grossliebental, Odesa, Kherson, South Russia3/3/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3542Bausch, Peter1/1/1831Beaufort, Canton d'Echternach, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, Germany9/17/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3544Bausch, Rosalia Aumann Zimmer7/14/1840Wieselburg, Bavaria, Germany3/28/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5006Bayly, Elizabeth Margaret Howard6/26/1866Near Homer, Winona Co., Minnesota6/14/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5008Bayly, Howard Theme8/12/1896Lamar, Prowers Co., Colorado2/21/1981Lodi, San Joaquin Co., CaliforniaU S Army, WW I
H5005Bayly, Theme Sterling12/19/1861Missouri8/9/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2952Beach, Seymour H.8/10/1840Sparta, Sussex Co., New Jersey3/14/1916Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 3rd WI Inf.
C333/3344Beadle, Charles8/4/1836Antwerp, Jefferson Co., New York6/23/1909Eugene, Lane Co., OregonSgt., Co. I, 136th NY Vol. Infantry
C2706Bean, Anna Mae Hammitt 7/31/1866Near Lassen Station, outskirts of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/6/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2709?Bean, Frederick Carroll "Fred"2/10/18693 miles south of Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon10/24/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2708Bean, Laura E. Coleman187010/8/1906Mapleton, Lane Co., Oregon
G45411Bearby, Elizabeth Dunn, Mrs.12/9/1841Youngstown, Mahoning Co., Ohio6/25/1927Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon
G45412Bearby, William Wallace3/14/1840Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio4/23/1924Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon
A4905Beaumister, Emma Alice Ellmaker3/31/1861Oregon6/3/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Single Grave NE part [of block]?Beckley, Lillian Estelle (Letta), Miss1/15//1864Iowa2/26/1916Mercy Hosptal, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1341Beebe, Lamar T.6/14/1894Minnesota10/20/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D594?Beeler, Anne Helen10/26/1923Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon11/26/1923Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D593Beeler, Bolivar8/4/1826White River, Gibson Co., Indiana11/15/1914Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D591Beeler, Edwin A.4/13/1879Oregon11/11/1906Butte, Silver Bow Co., Montana
D592Beeler, Helen Jane Abbott, Mrs.8/9/1851Coleborne, Ontario, Canada6/25/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H615?Beerman, James A., Capt.About 1843Michigan11/29/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C1953Behrens, Louis B.4/13/1818Baden, Germany11/8/1871Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
C1951Behrens, Louis O.5/12/1861Oregon5/16/1881Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
C7274Beisell, Janice (Jamie) Marie8/9/1923Oregon4/5/1924Marcola, Lane Co., Oregon
E130Bell, Infant 3/13/1903
C333/3341Bell, Thomas A.3/7/1819Near Belfast, Co. Downs, Ireland6/24/1906Goshen, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 42th IL Infantry & Pvt., Co. D, 1st Batt'n, 16th U.S. Infantry
Unkn?Bellman, Robert E.3/??/19133/22/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5077Belshaw, Charles Henry11/9/1851LaPort, LaPort Co., Indiana9/18/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3323Belshaw, Lewis7/8/1890Oregon3/20/1919Hoboken, New JerseySgt., Ore 55th Tel. Bn. Sig. Corps, WW I
F3324Belshaw, Lewis Addison4/15/1859Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/2/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3322?Belshaw, Maria Augusta Parsons, Mrs.1/25/1826Oswego Co., NY2/23/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5078Belshaw, Mary H.9/15/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/4/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3325Belshaw, Nancy (Nannie) King10/20/1928National City, San Diego Co., California
H5076Belshaw, Orlena Elizabeth Purkerson11/6/1853Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/20/1926Myrtle Point, Coos Co., Oregon
F3321?Belshaw, Thomas8/25/1825Keyworth, Notting-hamshire, England10/12/1890Lane Co., Oregon
E375?Bennett (Duley), Infant DaughterOregon?2/12/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D15511Bennett, Daniel Theodore12/26/1946McMinnville, Yamhill Co., Oregon7/15/2006Naperville, DuPage Co, Illinois
D7108Bennett, Darrell G.19458/17/2020Keizer, Marion Co., Oregon
D15511Bennett, Marcia E. Blint10/31/1954Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois4/5/2015Naperville, DuPage Co, Illinois
H614?Benny, Ethelwin6/30/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/30/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D611?Benson, Alvina Christine2/16/1883Redwing, Goodhue Co, Minnesota7/9/1900Lane Co., Oregon
D612-3?Benson, John August8/2/1832Vestergotland, Sweden9/28/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D612?Benson, Martin Alfred10/30/1888Wahpeton, Richland Co, North Dakota9/12/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B47014Benton, Harry, Rev.11/8/1873Colfax, Whitman Co., Washington7/24/1974Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
B4701Benton, James11/6/1841Jacksonville, Switzerland Co., Indiana4/25/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4703Benton, Margaret, Mrs.4/28/1847Ohio6/23/1921Bartle Court, Lane Co., Oregon
B47013Benton, Mary Daisley, Rev.8/28/1879Pennsylvania3/13/1969Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FB11Berger, G. Fred10/23/1870Switzerland4/14/1921near Gaston, Washington Co., Oregon
Unkn?Berger, male infant9/11/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/17/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3845Bergsma, Harriet M. West5/17/1835Kentucky2/22/1908Fairmount (Eugene), Lane Co., Oregon
B3844Bergsma, Jacob J.10/25/1828Friezland, Netherlands7/27/1916Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon
G6274Berlin, Clem H. ("Al")8/1/1876Whig Hill, Forest Co., Pennsylvania11/10/1966Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6274Berlin, Ida A. Bolton6/19/1874Marion, Grant Co., Indiana6/11/1962Marion Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Besancon, Maxine2/28/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/5/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3059Bester, Charles E.4/29/1870Wyoming, Jones Co., Iowa4/14/1950Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
C30510Bester, Katherine Eakin Hanna7/12/1873Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon7/20/1954Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E475Beverly, John ("Old John")Baptized 11/1/1832England5/30/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FB3Beyer, Louise A. Kraemer, Mrs.5/18/1882Germany10/18/1921West View Station, College Crest (Eugene), Lane Co., Oregon
A5844Beytien, Elizabeth Heintz4/21/1871Germany10/13/1956Odd Fellows' Home, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A5841Beytien, John Fredrick7/12/1844Mecklenburg, Germany2/23/1918Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. I, 1st Minn. Heavy Artillery, Civil War
Unkn?Bicknell, Raymond Andrew12/13/1891Yakima, Yakima Co., Washington9/7/1933Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon
H5564Bilbie, Anna, Mrs.7/3/1833Devonshire, England11/22/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6592Billings, Gwenyth Mae Miller2/22/1897Oregon8/15/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4111Billings, Sanford E.8/2/1849Clinton Co., New York7/19/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E915Billmire, Archie Allen11/20/1875Oregon11/25/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E912Billmire, Grace G. Parkins188511/27/1926Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E914Billmire, Hannah W. Spencer11/7/1836 Ohio Twp, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania3/1/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E916Billmire, James W.3/12/1861Ogle Co., Illinois10/22/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E913Billmire, Thornton4/29/1833Ohio11/21/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E919Billmire, William Lawrence 9/11/1873Milwaukie, Clackamas Co., Oregon8/25/1953Lane Co., Oregon
FM (Baby Plot?)1Bishop, Baby 9/16/1909
FPotter's Field?Bishop, Baby Boy7/11/19157/11/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4589 not hereBishop, Muriel Irene
C2764-5Bissell, Emmajean Luella10/21/19223/6/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3895 (2)Black, Andrew J.12/??/1833Tennessee11/6/19075 miles south of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C296½1Blackwell, Charles Edwin8/3/1829Wayne, Kennebec Co., Maine1/14/1896Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. A, 23rd Maine Inf.
E111Blackwell, Olive Jane (or Jean or June) Dean, Mrs.11/??/1834Maine2/17/1905Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
C2604Blaine, Margaret (Peggy) Cowan10/15/1802Kentucky8/17/1876
G454?3?Blair, Coral A. Lindley11/20/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/27/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1873-4Blair, Leone May Allen2/3/1880Newton Twp, Muskingum Co., Ohio9/20/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G408SW¼ (2?)Blakely, Anna Beverly12/17/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/11/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G408SW¼ (1?)Blakely, Anna E. Ryckman, Mrs.3/23/1889Michigan1/8/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1335Blewett, Emma A. Brownell2/9/1851Grant Co., Wisconsin12/12/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1337Blewett, Frank L.3/17/1885Grundy Co., Iowa7/13/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1334Blewett, John H.7/11/1851Belmont, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin9/5/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D150SW¼ (#1 or 2)Block, Florence Probably before 1905
G3712Blodgett, Barrett Elihu8/4/1831Peru, Huron Co., Ohio4/20/19104½ miles east of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D114½4Bloomer, George Benjamin11/25/1871South Stockton, Chautauqua Co., New York3/24/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1517Bloomer, Jay Lloyd6/13/1911Minnesota2/18/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1516Bloomer, Susie E. Watson, Mrs.5/20/1875Belmont, Allegany Co., New York11/30/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FA1Boddy, Dudley Field5/29/1894Minnesota5/21/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D201Boddy, William Edward3/17/1872Norfolk, Middleson, Ontario, Canada5/30/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Boehnke, Edwin Thorpe8/12/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/12/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Boettcher, Baby12/31/193212/31/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1505Bohlman, Anna Heinrich, Mrs.11/28/1869Silesia, Austria4/2/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6273Bolton, Earl William1/27/1886Coal City, Owen Co., Indiana11/4/1975Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6271Bolton, Elizabeth Summerlot1847Indiana3/3/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1892Bolton, George I.9/27/1872Northwood, Worth Co., Iowa8/2/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6273Bolton, Goldie Vivian Burger6/13/1891Indiana12/3/1980Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6294Bond, Arthur A.5/15/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/15/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D188Bond, Benjamin Franklin9/7/1854Irving, Lane Co., Oregon4/17/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1613Bond, Charles S.12/21/1863Oregon3/24/1880Lane Co., Oregon
D187Bond, Clara Jane Potter9/14/1856Near Irving, Lane Co., Oregon3/4/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1612Bond, Elizabeth Stillwater8/19/1821Kentucky1/25/1895
D1616Bond, George W. [Jr.]5/14/1859Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/24/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1611Bond, George W. [Sr.], Rev.1/30/1818Kentucky1/9/1880Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E87N½ (6?)Bond, Iula BradleyAbout 1870Oregon4/10/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Bond, Janice Gail12/5/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/5/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1615Bond, Joseph A.4/29/1857Oregon1/8/1902Harlow, NE of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1614Bond, Mary E.4/22/1861Oregon5/14/1880Lane Co., Oregon
C2255 (Removed)Bonnett, Annis Parsons
C2251Bonnett, Charles Adams2/21/1851Birmingham, Van Buren Co, Iowa3/1/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C22516Bonnett, Charles Alfred11/23/1906Ontario, Malheur Co., Oregon1/20/1997Lane Co., Oregon
C2252Bonnett, Manda Jane Parsons Campbell9/30/1861Santa Cruz, Santa Cruze Co, California9/28/1961Lane Co., Oregon
C2252-3 (memoriam lot)Bonnett, Marcellus Parsons2/15/1864Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/9/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2256 (Removed)Bonnett, Martin L.
C22515Bonnett, Rachel Galloway11/27/1909Enterprise, Wallowa Co., Oregon5/17/1997Lane Co., Oregon
C2254 (Removed)Bonnett, Samuel Jasper
C7132Bonney (Bohna), Walter (William) Louis8/7/1852Arkansas11/13/1939Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp, Co, I, US Vol Cav, Spanish American War, 1898
C7133-4Bonney, Lee Everett5/23/1897Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon5/6/1952VA Hosp., Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonPvt., Ore. Cmp. WW I & WW II
C7131Bonney, Mary Jane (Molly) Byers Copenhaver, Mrs.12/26/1857Smith Co., Virginia6/15/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3435 (NW¼ corner)Bonney, Rowena Marie1895Oregon9/27/1896Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7144Bonney, Rupert Thomas9/17/1894Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon4/13/1951Milwaukie, Clackamas Co., Oregon
B4417Boqua, Florence (Flora) Anna Thorpe7/31/1858Minnesota6/22/1948Coos Bay, Coos Co., Oregon
B4416Boqua, Peter Wilhelm8/4/1846Germany7/5/1909Clear Lake Rd., Alvadore, Lane Co., OregonCo. C, 12th ????
Unkn?Boren, Mildred Moore1858Oregon9/11/1876
H558N½ (5?)Bost, Pearl, Mrs.1/1/1885Denver, Denver Co., Colorado4/15/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5375Botsford, Charles Riggs11/6/1847Chester, Randolph Co., Illinois2/6/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5652Bounds, Jesse Wear4/26/1868Monroe, Benton Co., Oregon9/14/1912McKenzie Highway, 30 miles east of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5654Bounds, Lillian (Lillie) Montgomery9/23/1873Lane Co., Oregon8/31/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D16013Bowden, Lori Michelle4/9/19617/29/1992Lane Co., Oregon
B444S½ (2?)Bowen, Granville S.7/??/1876Byron, Olmsted Co., Minnesota7/14/1916OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
B444S½ (1?)Bowen, Harold Ray11/??/1892South Dakota7/23/1910Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
D1095Bower, Carl Albert, Sr.5/11/1908Madrid, Perkins Co., Nebraska3/3/2007Pleasant Hill, Lane Co., Oregon
D1091Bower, Daniel Haigh4/20/1836Marsden, Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England1/27/1907Madrid, Perkins Co, Nebraska
D1094Bower, Elsie Virginia Boling7/16/1912Aumsville, Marion Co., Oregon11/27/2005Pleasant Hill, Lane Co., Oregon
D1092Bower, Harriett Hall3/4/1840Longwood, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England6/3/1914Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D1093Bower, John Hall3/31/1865England10/12/1929Los Angeles, California
E6541Bowers, Daisy Yenne4/3/1903Kalispell, Flathead Co., Montana1/2/1988Lane Co., Oregon
A5141Bowers, Lottie E. Hayden, Mrs.12/3/1891Americus, Lyon Co., Kansas11/13/1924Santa Clara area of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5142Bowers, Walter L.4/3/1882Lincoln Co., Washington2/6/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A522?Bowler, Ellen Meguire, Mrs.3/21/1841Pennsylvania2/13/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
cem not listed?Bowman, [---]3/20/19073/20/19073/20/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A572Bet 1 & 2Bowman, J. William1844Indiana3/23/1919Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co B, 29th IN Vol. Infantry, Civil War
FPotter's Field?Boyd, Arthur (aka Arthur Lloyd, Bert Boyd)12/17/1911Eugene SP Depot, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregont
D6981Boyd, David Franklyn9/21/1873Oregon10/9/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6983Boyd, George Robert4/12/1893Elmira, Lane Co., Oregon3/21/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6971Boyd, John R.5/20/1837Cooper Co., Missouri6/19/1921Goble, Columbia Co., OregonVeteran, 2nd Oregon Mounted Volunteers, Indian Wars (Yakima War, 1855-56)
D18713Boyd, Margaret Pembelom MacGeagh, Mrs.9/16/1886Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio12/20/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6972Boyd, Margaret Shultz10/24/1853Oregon1/8/1898
D6982Boyd, Rose Caroline Reilly, Mrs.9/17/1878 or1881Astoria, Clatsop Co., Oregon1/18/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F6444Boyd, Samuel10/20/1885Braidwood, Will Co., Illinois10/26/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2882Brabham, Alfred R.5/14/1874Illinois10/15/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2881Brabham, Alfretta May4/8/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/25/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E955Brabham, Edward Lawrence2/6/1871Lowes, Moultrie Co., Illinois11/25/1895Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
G4014Brabham, George Washington5/8/1916Lane Co., Oregon9/20/1916Near Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
E958Brabham, Gertrude E. Rogers10/1/1879Forest City, Meeker Co., Minnesota3/24/1946Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6084Brabham, Harriet Amerta McCall1/2/1869Alleghany Co., Pennsylvania4/24/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6083Brabham, James Henry8/2/1861Ohio2/1/1940OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
A4865Brabham, John Thomas6/1/1854Ohio3/1/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4866Brabham, Maria Elizabeth Burris7/9/1853Washington Co., Ohio1/22/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E954Brabham, Melissa Mehalia Burris, Mrs.7/4/1839Washington Co., Ohio2/7/19106 miles NW of Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon
E9510Brabham, Otto Wilmer7/29/1869Moultrie Co., Illinois11/24/1934Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
G4013Brabham, Richard Ellsworth3/22/1875Moultrie Co., Illinois12/29/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4015Brabham, Thomas Ellsworth5/1/1907Benton Co., Oregon10/19/1907Monroe, Benton Co., Oregon
E952Brabham, Thomas Jefferson11/22/1830Leesburg, Loudoun Co., Virginia9/11/1915Deadmond's Ferry, Lane Co., OregonCorpl, Co. H & K, 77th OH Vol. Infantry
H6193Brace, Oren D.5/5/1854Illinois9/22/1918Crow Stage Route, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3734Brackett, Tryon J.3/9/1831New York5/31/1909Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. A, 67th IL Inf.
B4292Bradbury, Mabel Lucy Chase2/14/1886Minnesota2/24/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3745Bradley, Inez (Baby Girl)4/12/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/17/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5539Bradley, Mabel Jaunita2/7/1916Tigard, Washington Co., Oregon11/27/1926Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon
H5532Bradley, Permelia Ann Boothby, Mrs.11/21/1848Illinois1/29/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3743Bradley, Thomas Clinton6/7/1872Oak Grove, Polk Co., Oregon6/6/1945Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H55310Bradley, William Eston (Pat)4/21/18785/3/1954Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5531Bradley, William Pollard3/22/1833Mt. Vernon, Posey Co., Indiana1/16/1915Eugene, Lane Co., OregonRogue River Indian War
E513Bradway, Darwin Morris5/5/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/5/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E514Bradway, Elizabeth Granger, Mrs.6/23/1837Michigan6/17/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E512Bradway, Frances L. Gardner12/10/1872Creston, Union Co., Iowa6/9/1951Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E511Bradway, Percy Granger6/28/1873Monona, Dane Co., Wisconsin2/22/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C22810Brady, Lola E. Thompson, Mrs.7/13/18676/9/1925Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon
C2289Brady, Robert O.11/17/18569/18/1928Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon
C22115Brattain, Alfred8/12/183211/3/1905Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H5025Brattain, Charles E.2/20/1859VanBuren Co., Iowa3/6/1930Kaiser Hosp., North Bend, Coos Co., Oregon
C2214Brattain, Francis M.12/27/1842Iowa10/4/1904Near Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
C221?Brattain, InfantOregon12/14/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2213Brattain, James Cyrus11/14/1844Iowa9/5/1912Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H5026Brattain, Laura L. Campbell9/22/1862Benton Co., Oregon8/27/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2211Brattain, Mary, Miss3/17/1834Morgan Co., Illinois4/27/1910Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
C2218Brattain, Paul, "Uncle"12/28/1801North Carolina8/20/1883Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
C22116Brattain, Ruth Matilda Easter10/7/1831Maryland or Virginia7/5/1918Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D282Bray, Emma E. Willcock12/31/1853Lee Co., Illinois4/2/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D281Bray, Jacob Welcome, Rev.11/4/1849Kingfield, Franklin Co., Maine4/2/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2971Brayton, Lucy Ann Lane, Mrs.8/3/1807Gloucester, Essex Co., Massachusetts4/20/1887Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B43816Brewbaker, Ada Millican4/25/1877Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon11/14/1968Lane Co., Oregon
C223½3Brewbaker, Ciscelea (Celia) B. Adams12/??/1844Ohio6/28/1915Battleground, Clark Co., Washington
C223½4Brewbaker, J. Samuel3/26/1843Knox Co., Ohio1/30/1929Soldier's Home, Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonPvt., Co. B, 3rd Mich. Cavalry; then Pvt., Co. C, 8th Mich. Vol. Infantry
B43815Brewbaker, Marion A.8/24/1881Michigan7/17/1946Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
C2249Brewster, Alonzo W.3/24/1856Ohio10/15/1904OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
C2246Brewster, Elizabeth Zella Lawrence4/6/1833Jefferson Co., Ohio8/11/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2248Brewster, Elmer Stanley5/15/1863Ohio2/7/1899Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2245Brewster, Josiah W.8/30/1827Morgan, Vinton Co., Ohio,7/23/1909OHS, Salem, Marion Co., OregonSgt., Co. E, 148th OH Vol. Infantry (National Guard)
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Brewster, Lloyd S.10/21/1922Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California1/31/1927Reedsport, Douglas Co., Oregon
C2247Brewster, Luella M.5/7/1867Vinton Co., Ohio3/22/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4408Brewster, March Violet3/10/1888Mabel, Lane Co., Oregon6/7/1909Monmouth, Polk Co., Oregon
C22410?Brewster, Oscar Lawrence10/3/1884Corning, Adams Co., Iowa2/17/1927OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
B4407Brewster, Oscar Lawrence10/8/1852Vinton Co., Ohio5/22/1918Siltcoos Lake near Ada, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Briggs, Eli (or Ely) Lawrence (or Leslie)New York12/24/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6653?Briggs, Rosanna Amanda Gordon7/24/1852Old Town, Penobscot Co., Maine10/19/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6652?Briggs, Uriah Leroy7/20/1851Pennsylvania1/1/1924Pacific Highway near Sprague, Lane Co., Oregon
G4485Brillhart, Mary J. LeBarr White12/??/1838Canada8/13/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H618?Brines, Corda Ethel Hatfield, Mrs.11/11/1897Indian Territory (Oklahoma)2/14/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A744Brink, Nicholas J.4/29/1879Minnesota12/4/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4567Broders, Clara E. Kaeding10/31/1896Penn, Ramsey Co., North Dakota10/26/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4623Broekhoff, Jan4/20/1935Maarssen, Holland, Netherlands10/21/1991Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5421Brogdon, Francis Hugh10/18/1912Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma 7/16/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1355Bromley, Bertha May Marquiss, Mrs.12/5/1875Umatilla Co., Oregon11/5/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2064Brooks, Clarke Jacob (C.J. or J. C.)7/21/1838New York8/20/1898Eugene, Lane Co., OregonUnion Home Guard of Fairfax County, VA, Civil War
C316½2Brooks, SidneyOhio2/10/1899Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. K, 12th Mich. Infantry
FPotter's Field?Brotherton, Baby Girl3/8/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/9/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5279Brown, Alice M. Reinoehl6/30/1861New Hebron, Crawford Co., Illinois7/8/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E403Brown, Alonzo10/18/1825Utica, Oneida Co., New York9/16/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5271Brown, Alva E.11/13/1887Illinois11/17/1917OHS, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
F3267Brown, Catherine Isabell R. Stewart12/12/1840Philadelphia, Pennsylvania3/14/1931Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon
E452Brown, Charles E. M.8/6/1846Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York12/5/1905Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co., H, 14th New York Cavalry, then Co. A, 14th New York Cavalry, Civil War
A5278Brown, Edwin Wallace7/4/1855Illinois5/11/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D202Brown, Elizabeth Jane Alcock Boddy2/26/1880Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada10/15/1970Sandy, Clackamas Co., Oregon
C301Brown, Ella Z. Poindexter7/6/1856Oregon6/6/1886Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
H5027Brown, Elva M. Brattain11/28/1887Camp Creek, Lane Co., Oregon7/31/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5029Brown, Emma Charlotte18899/26/1957Coos Co., Oregon
A5272Brown, Francis (Frank) Akin 2/1/1859Illinois10/1/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C303?Brown, H. J.18491928
C303?Brown, H. J., Mrs.Indiana1893
B7334Brown, Ida Majors9/14/1882Page Co., Iowa8/14/1920Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4712?Brown, Isabella ("Belle") S. LottridgeNew York (per 1910 census)Between 1878 & 1880Probably New York
C3156Brown, James (Henry) L.1836Preble Co., Ohio8/231897Near Meadow Post- Office, near Florence, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D, 47th OH Infantry, Co. I, 86th OH Infantry
B7333Brown, Jesse T.6/1/1881Nodaway Township, Adams Co., Iowa11/15/1944Everett, Snohomish Co., Washington
H510S½ (1?)Brown, John9/15/1838Ontario, Canada12/18/19127 miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C301Brown, John Daniel Jr. 5/19/1849Ray Co., Missouri3/2/1928Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Oregon
C2345?Brown, John H. [Sr.]6/??/1828England7/17/1901OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
C2341 or 2?Brown, John Henry [Jr.]1849Cornwall, England10/23/1882Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F6475Brown, Lorenzo L.4/1/1849New York9/13/1919O.S.H., Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
B4711?Brown, Louis William, Dr.2/2/1844Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio3/14/1912Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCivilian Post Surgeon at Louisville, KY, Union Army hospital?
H510S½ (2?)Brown, Lydia A. Holling, Mrs.12/4/1840England1/26/1919Lone Pine, Lane Co., Oregon
A5273Brown, Margaret I. Myers, Mrs.11/3/1861Charleston, Coles Co., Illinois5/10/1933Crow Stage, Lane Co., Oregon
E404Brown, Martha Eliza Niles11/12/1830Plainfield, Otsego Co., New York12/1/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2344Brown, Mary Hendra, Mrs.4/26/1825Gwennap, Cornwall, England11/16/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50212Brown, Ophir Franklin5/28/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/8/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5028Brown, Ophir Herman189112/27/1974Florence, Lane Co., Oregon
A485S½ (11?) Brown, Ruth Marie2/7/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/19/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4246Brown, Sarah Jane Mortimore Buley1/29/1853Eldon, Wapello Co., Iowa8/16/1929Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
D7055Brown, Willard Addis11/3/1891Hawarden, Sioux Co., Iowa3/14/1978Lane Co., Oregon
B7322Browning, Adelaide Rebecca Mann, Mrs.8/22/1845Carslile, Nicholas Co., Kentucky5/20/1921Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
B7321Browning, James Jackson8/20/1847Hancock Co., Illinois11/3/1933Hayden Bridge, Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H5097Browning, Jewel Gertrude2/23/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/22/19152½ miles west of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5098Browning, Norma Mary12/23/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/23/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2852Brownlee, Alice Patterson, Mrs.12/14/1837Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland1/13/1915Rogers, Benton Co., Arkansas
F2854Brownlee, William3/4/1832Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland2/17/1908Fairmont (Eugene), Lane Co., Oregon
F2516Brumfield, George P.West Virginia6/4/1896Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F324NE¼ (8?)Bruno, H.Italy?3/26/1913Log dam near Noti tunnel, Lane Co., Oregon
E17015Bryson, Lizzie May Griffin10/31/1878Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois7/6/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1509Buchanan, Eliza10/15/1907Lane Co., Oregon
H542? (5?)Budd, George2/27/1854Brown Co., Illinois4/12/19145½ miles southwest of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2501Buell, Bertha J. Hanekamp9/11/1883Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois5/6/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Buell, Hellen Lesley 5/16/1911Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa11/3/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Buffum, H. N. ("Haron" Buffum)4/6/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4249Buley, Elzida G.4/23/19119/17/1911Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4247Buley, Ione Sybil, Miss12/31/1912Donald, Marion Co., Oregon10/28/1936Laurel Beach Sanatorium, Seattle, King Co., Washington
B4241Buley, Martin Luther4/26/1863Iowa2/8/1930Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
B4242Buley, Myrta Myrle, Miss1/16/1892Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa7/2/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A563?3?Bumps, Helen Louise7/15/1923Chelan Co., Washington2/12/1924Chehalis, Lewis Co., Washington
D1452Burbridge, Carlile1821Kentucky10/7/1876Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt, Co K, 2nd Illinois Cavalry
D1453Burbridge, Milan (Milo)About 1865Illinois7/11/1881Mohawk, Lane Co., Oregon
C21913Burden, Carrie May Hovey, Mrs.5/30/1875Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon9/4/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C21912Burden, Charles A.7/1/1865Bowmanville, Durham, Ontario, Canada4/28/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G404NE¼ (6?)Burgess, Amy Elizabeth Bailey3/9/1894Iowa6/6/1914Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Burke, James H.4/26/1839Indiana2/17/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2145Burke, Joseph Richard6/6/1875Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY5/12/1943Lane Co., Oregon
F2913Burnette, Katie Drury9/30/1892Oregon5/11/1903Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
A5305Burns, Charles Thomas3/2/1886Allen, Hillsdale Co., Michigan7/8/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A53010Burns, Earl R.1/19/1895Allen, Hillsdale Co., Michigan2/22/1931OHS, Salem, Marion Co., OregonOR Corp 213 Field Sig Bn 13th Div WW I
A5302Burns, Helen Marie Warren8/8/1852New York6/4/1942Douglas Co., Oregon
A5304Burns, Katie M.3/17/1892Michigan3/22/1907San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California
A5301Burns, Thomas C.12/27/1856Ireland11/21/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5303Burns, William C.11/2/1897Allen, Hillsdale Co., Michigan7/26/1966Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon
E17312Burrill, Allan F.8/??/1871Iowa9/27/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6081Bushman, Ruth M. Price8/17/1900Oregon4/2/1926Ashland, Jackson Co., Oregon
D16215Bushnell, Annie Seavey, Mrs.7/18/1870Lane Co., Oregon2/1/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1626Bushnell, Baby EuniceOregon9/10/1878
D16214Bushnell, Clara Mae (May)7/12/1870Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah5/11/1960Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1628Bushnell, Cora Frances, Miss8/10/1870Oregon5/23/1898Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington
D16216Bushnell, Edwin Tandy9/20/1868Lane Co., Oregon4/5/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C22710Bushnell, Helen E.11/1/1853Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/11/1933San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California
D1621Bushnell, Henry Frederick10/16/1872Oregon2/24/1897Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D1625Bushnell, Jemima Malvina Tandy, Mrs.11/8/1834Lexington, _____Missouri12/17/1912Lane Co., Oregon
D1624Bushnell, John Corydon11/26/1833Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Ohio12/18/1923Motor Route B, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D16218Bushnell, Lylah L. Meriau5/9/1875Brookings, Brookings Co., South Dakota2/15/1960Huntington Beach, Orange Co., California
C2276Bushnell, Martha Ann Bernard1/17/1831Robertson Co.,Tennessee7/2/1904Berkeley, Alameda Co., California
D1627Bushnell, Mary Rebecca3/1/1864Oregon9/5/1879Lane Co., Oregon
D1622Bushnell, Robert Scott9/28/1857Oregon5/16/1881Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1623Bushnell, William Augustus1/19/1861Oregon1/23/1861
D16219Bushnell, William Jason4/4/1875Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/27/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D16220Bushnell, William John Corydon10/2/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/12/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E921Butler, Dellar Hileman8/??/1884Tennessee2/21/1902Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
D687Butler, James6/5/1870Asbournby, Lincoln, England or Brixham, Devon, England5/21/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6973Butler, Lavina (Vina) Elizabeth Boyd1/26/1880Oregon6/2/19066 miles north of Eugene on the River Road, Lane Co., Oregon; death index & certificate not found
E922Butler, William Leonard10/??/1866Oregon5/31/1938Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E1423Butterfield, Hiram9/19/1823New York2/23/1875Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Butterworth, J. F.About 18927/1/1912Upper Willamette River, Lane Co., Oregon
E1414Buttery, Bessie Ellico, Mrs.2/6/1853Strathroy, Ontario, Canada1/19/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2334-5Button, Carlton Orville4/9/189612/4/1956Lane Co., OregonCorpl., 31st Inf., Calif -- WW I
F2127Button, Edward7/61859Berlin, Green Lake and Waushara Cos., Wisconsin1/27/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2334Button, Emma Marie Coffin Haskins2/10/1865Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/23/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2128Button, General Ellsworth9/30/1889Chamberlain, Brule Co., South Dakota7/22/1941VA Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonCook, 164th Depot Brig WW I
C2335Button, Herbert Ellsworth9/9/1860Connecticut4/8/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1712Button, Samuel Edward6/27/1877Dakota, Waushara Co., Wisconsin10/23/1932Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCo. F, 4th Wisconsin Inf, Spanish American War
H6074Caldwell, Clara Koppe, Mrs.10/4/1883Philadelphia, Pennsylvania8/23/1922Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H6073Caldwell, Edward Pleasant10/20/1879New Castle, Craig Co., Virginia8/4/1956Portland, Multhomah Co., Oregon
B3972Caldwell, John R.1/15/1867Missouri3/31/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H617?Calvert, Eugene Lane5/9/19195/15/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Cameron, Kendell Bartow9/26/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/26/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2291Camp, Elmira Louisa VanSlyke CoateIowa11/3/1898Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B377N½ (5?)Campbell, Alton Ray6/30/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/4/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1795Campbell, Andrew Jackson, Hon.9/29/1829Shelby, Cedar Creek Township, Lake Co., Indiana10/9/1870Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2252Campbell, Delbert Francis10/16/1880Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/16/1961Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California
H6011Campbell, Donald Edward12/12/1937Oregon12/17/1983Lane Co., Oregon
E1799Campbell, Edward Lee7/31/1865Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/14/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1793Campbell, Eugene8/23/1860Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/11/1894
E179? (2?)Campbell, H. Clay1/19/1857Probably Oregon2/18/1857Probably Oregon
E17915Campbell, Ira Lane5/31/1858Long Tom, Lane Co., Oregon10/15/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E17916Campbell, Jackson Frazer [Jack F.]1/20/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/27/1917Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field/ Free Ground?Campbell, John2/10/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E179?Campbell, John Randolph12/10/1854Farm on Long Tom River, west of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/23/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50416Campbell, Joseph Danner6/14/1837Belmont Co., Ohio10/28/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E17910Campbell, Josephine Rosalia Casey, Mrs.8/27/1865Woodburn, Marion Co., Oregon11/23/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B377N½ (5?)Campbell, Leona F.10/23/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/25/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D725Campbell, Lucinda Anna Wright Tuck10/20/1879Shedd, Linn Co., Oregon10/20/1959Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E79Campbell, Mary Grafton, Dr.1843 or 1856West Virginia11/19/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1798Campbell, William T.9/25/1852Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., Iowa3/6/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D699?Campbell, Wilshire Brent11/15/1918Lane Co., Oregon2/24/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (427?)?Cannon, Helen May3/2/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4271Cannon, Howard J.1/21/1865"Skin" [Muskingum] Co., Ohio2/22/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4274Cannon, John (Johnie) H.3/5/1902Missouri8/24/1908Six miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4272Cannon, Mila Ann Eaton12/15/1878Missouri11/2/1951Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1391Card, Jane Slatter Young, Mrs.9/18/1832South Dale, Tingwall, Shetland, Scotland1/20/1922Medical Lake, Spokane Co., Washington
G4112Carder, Harriet Shelley Billings5/2/1853New York or Canada5/5/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3634Carlile, Elmer Edward10/14/1866Minnesota6/26/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3637Carlile, Herman James3/7/1896Oregon9/22/1918At sea, New York harbor, aboard the USS Louisville during World War I.U.S. Navy, Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class, WW I
D1511Carman, John7/31/1830Near London, England6/24/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1512Carman, Mary Jane Lynde3/5/1834Antwerp, Jefferson Co., New York10/14/1916Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California
FI?Carman, Prince EdwardAbout 6/17/1877Oregon8/18/1877Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FI?Carmen, James Mc.(?)About 1864Indiana12/15/1882Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G631 N 8 ft. (5?)Carney, Hortencia Agatha Gossett, Mrs.3/29/1865Ohio3/18/1920Wendling, Lane Co., Oregon
F36210Carpenter, Carl Sanford10/24/1880Burwell, Garfileld Co., Nebraska2/17/1961Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3629Carpenter, Edna McPherson11/23/1886Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon5/11/1933Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F3622Carpenter, Margaret L. Daugherty3/21/1853Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky5/19/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3621Carpenter, William D.12/8/1844Indiana11/20/1908On his farm, 4 miles south of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4102Carrick, Mary Grigg, Mrs.6/23/1849England9/19/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4101Carrick, Robert W.1/25/1845England11/11/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A48414Carroll, Jennie Harriet Correy10/16/1851Troy, Miami Co., Ohio2/10/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5032Carson, Almeda B. Jones11/3/1865Vernon Co., Wisconsin2/21/1936Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H50313Carson, Charles Edward9/24/1883Vernon Co., Wisconsin12/5/1964Marcola, Lane Co., Oregon
H50312Carson, Elizabeth Annie Adams (Lizzie)4/13/1886Vernon Co., Wisconsin6/6/1981Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5033Carson, George Wesley8/19/1855Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania9/26/1934Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H5035Carson, Joanna Almeda7/26/19234/8/1926Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon
H5031Carson, Ola Walter (Ole)9/2/1889Ontario, Vernon Co., Wisconsin9/26/1916Fletcher-Boutin Logging Camp, Donna, Lane Co., Oregon
F288Carter Obelisk between 4 & 5
F2885Carter, Celestia Griffin8/14/1832New York6/7/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E85?Carter, George W.1/??/1867Kansas12/25/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2884Carter, Hugh3/??/1837Ohio8/22/1910Omaha, Douglas Co., NebraskaPvt, Co. G, 1st IL Cavalry; then Q.M.Sgt., Co. K, 11th IL Cavalry
E851Carter, Ora H.4/24/1887Oregon5/10/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E85?Carter, Susan2/??/1828Delaware4/11/1903Lowell, Lane Co., Oregon
D583?Carter, Theodore Burns190610/4/1906Leaburg, Lane Co., Oregon
D16016Cartmell, David Lourie2/12/1845Indiana2/19/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D16015Cartmell, Henrietta (Hattie) Hetrick3/20/1850Akron, Summit Co., Ohio12/12/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H545?SW¼ (9?)Cartwright, Dora Ellen Eaton Wallace8/25/1883Jefferson Co., Missouri3/18/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1035Carver, Jennie Ellen7/3/1903Oregon4/27/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2899Casperson, Nellie Wheeler3 or 4/18/1868Ellendale, Steele Co., Minnesota4/4/1961Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F28910Casperson, Olie1/19/1856Denmark4/23/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C333/3345Casterline, Emeline1849Illinois4/15/1890Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C3164Casterline, James D.4/27/1840New York5/22/1888Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. A, 4th Minn. Inf.
H551? (Unkn)6?Caylor, Henry F.1/20/1862Batavia, Clermont Co., Ohio12/12/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5517Caylor, James William1/20/1855Ohio6/6/1916Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
D1521Cecil, Edwin Francis B.3/17/1895Oregon7/3/1918Battle at Vaux, France95th Co. C. Reg. U.S. Marine WW I
D1522Cecil, Godfrey Francis Leonard6/1/1860England8/31/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4374Cerwenka, Mary Ann Smith3/29/1879Rush Co., Kansas3/26/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FC23Chadwick, Annette (Nettie) W. Whitson Steele10/29/1869Manhattan, Will Co., Illinois8/19/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FC24Chadwick, Ross E.7/31/1871Illinois4/24/1922Crow Stage, 5 miles west of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4965Chamberlin, Denslay WilliamAbout1903Illinois10/30/1964Newport, Lincoln Co., Oregon
H4967Chamberlin, Fred Howard8/27/1858Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois2/6/1934Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
H4966Chamberlin, Hellen (or Helen) Amanda2/7/1865Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois3/8/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H49612Chamberlin, Wallace A.6/19/18501/23/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F641S½ (1?)Chambers, Benjamin Franklin11/8/1878Indiana2/24/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FC14Champie, Henry Seah, Rev.1/12/1876Kendall Co., Texas12/14/1918McMinnville, Yamhill Co., Oregon
E1717Chandler, Bert B.12/17/1879Linden, Christian Co., Missouri4/15/1899Caloocan, Metro Manilla, PhilippinesPvt., Co. C, 2nd Oregon Inf, Spanish American War
E925Chapman, Alice M. Earl12/26/1845Wapallo Co., Iowa9/27/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E924Chapman, Andrew J.8/5/1838Posey Co., Indiana5/10/1902Fairmount, Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorpl., Co. I, 1st Iowa Cavalry
FFree Ground?Charne, Maude (Maudie) Gene7/5/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/5/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B42910Chase, Dale Elmer5/11/1890Milton, Dodge Co., Minnesota3/21/1920Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Oregon National Guard; Pvt., Oregon, 27th Co, Spruce Production Division
B4291Chase, Emiline M., Mrs.4/13/1829Genesee Co., New York12/18/1908Lane Co., Oregon
B4299-10Chase, Florence Anetta Wray10/13/1863Concord, Dodge Co., Minnesota1/7/1940Camp Creek, Lane Co., Oregon
B429½2Chase, John Jay2/9/1861Dodge Co., Minnesota8/21/1948Albany, Linn Co., Oregon
B4298-9Chase, Vera Esther3/17/1900Missouri8/6/1920Springfield Hospital, Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Checinozich, JulAbout 1866Russia5/14/1916Park Hotel, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4357Cherry, Alice Tyrena "Rennie" Watkins, Mrs.8/29/1855Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon3/17/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E524Cherry, Anna "Annie" Maria Houghton Atkins7/10/1845Ontario, Canada2/5/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E522Cherry, David11/30/1836Armagh, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK8/18/1903Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4356-7Cherry, Frank Stanley1/30/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/16/1956Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E521Cherry, Harry David8/1/1871Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/5/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4356Cherry, John Wesley "Wes"6/6/1848Ireland1/25/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E525Cherry, May Beatrice Houghton1/21/1876Winona, Winona Co., Minnesota1/13/1977Lane Co., Oregon
A5162Cheshire, Augusta (Gussie) May Palmer5/9/1867Gardiner, Douglas Co., Oregon6/6/1953Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C3495Cheshire, Hulday Soverns About 1862Oregon7/20/1883Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5164Cheshire, James Lair4/14/1873Lane Co., Oregon1/3/1937OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
A5161Cheshire, Waldo Lee, Dr.7/11/1864Milton, Umatilla Co., Oregon3/14/1946Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5163Cheshire, William Presley11/24/1838Rutledge, Grainger Co., Tennessee2/5/1924Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCo. E, Capt. William Lewis' Vol. Inf., Rogue River Indian War 1855-56
B4681Chilson, Henry Lewis4/14/1849Ohio7/28/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4682Chilson, Sarah Elizabeth Lynch, Mrs.7/16/1849Indiana7/11/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Christensen (Christiansen), A. M.2/19/19055 miles west of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4463Christensen, Eva E. Coe Day5/19/1865Michigan2/19/1950Los Angeles Co., California
F362Foot of 2Christensen, Margaret Ellen Carpenter12/13/1916Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon11/10/2001Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G464?Christenson, Baby
G4641Christenson, Carrie Matson, Mrs.9/8/1859Denmark4/6/1938Astoria, Clatsop Co., Oregon
G4643Christenson, James Peter11/27/1858Denmark12/23/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4648Christenson, Jennie C. Mogenson9/16/1881Sleepy Eye, Brown Co., Minnesota9/5/1955Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4645Christenson, LeRoy James10/17/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/10/1961Oakridge, Lane Co., Oregon
G4647Christenson, William L.3/2/1882Sleepy Eye, Brown Co., Minnesota4/29/1958Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1847Christian, Catherine Etnyre11/21/1819Washington Co., Maryland1/24/1889Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1846Christian, Daniel R., III1818Maryland3/17/1891Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1845Christian, Ethienda (Etha) C.12/27/1849Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., Illinois7/29/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1843Christian, John Wesley8/7/1852Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Territory2/11/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1844Christian, Mary E. Mumper9/12/1867Marion Co., Oregon1/12/1896Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1848Christian, William W.6/8/1856Oregon1/11/1888Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon
G363SE¼ (9?)Christianson, Jennie A. Quandt, Mrs.5/31/1880Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois12/20/1916Goodpasture Island, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FF (Free Ground)?Christie, Andrewabout18631/6/18901 mile south of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E504Christie, Edna B., Miss11/10/1881Illinois2/25/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H551NW¼ (5?)Christie, Helen Willocks, Mrs.9/29/1861Scotland10/30/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H551NW¼ (4?)Christie, John, DVS10/9/1846St. Cyrus, Kincardine, Scotland6/4/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Chrysler, Agnes1893Nebraska2/11/1904South of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Chuckee, LousigAbout 1838China6/5/1918Wendson, Lane Co., Oregon
H50512Church, Clara Mary Johnson11/2/1893Minnesota12/10/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H615?Church, Frank Cleveland9/28/191910/1/1919Lane Co., Oregon
H50511Church, Hazel Pearl3/10/1916Canada12/7/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50511Church, Ida Lillian4/14/1920Canada12/6/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50511Church, Leonard Orville3/28/1918Canada12/6/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50511Church, William James (Billie)6/18/1914Canada12/6/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E553Churchill, Theodora Genevieve Meriau Baker McMurry9/10/1862Myron, Allamakee Co., Iowa3/27/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C309SE¼ (10?)Claflin, J.S (or J.L. or J.F. or J.C.)About 1848-49Ohio2/24/1890Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6801Clark, Anson1871California6/11/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (single plot?)?Clark, Baby2/7/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/7/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7121 or 2?Clark, Charles Eaton3/7/1878Illinois9/8/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7121 or 2?Clark, Clarence Eldron8/29/1909Oregon12/2/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6802Clark, Delia Lorain West, Mrs.7/3/1847New York5/31/1918Wendling, Lane Co., Oregon
D1581Clark, Ella S. (Sarah Ellen) Murphy11/15/18513/14/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B421N½ (5?)Clark, Emma Christiansen2/22/1886Honolulu, Hawaian Islands3/3/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3166Clark, Lucian H.2/19/1897Eugene, Lane Co., OregonMaster At Arms, U.S.S. Gazelle, U.S. Navy
FG?Clark, MaryOregon12/11/1878Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5545Clark, Mary Ellen Schenck4/30/1856Kankakee Co., Illinois5/29/1934Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H5544Clark, Sanford3/20/1848Bartholomew Co., Indiana5/7/1915Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonCo. D, 6th Reg., US Infantry, 3 Jan 1871-1 Nov 1775
B421N½ (4?)Clark, Sylvanas2/8/1909Lane Co., Oregon8/2/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2846Clark, T. Maria "Polly" Hicks Schenck Scott1/30/1832Vermont9/2/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G409NE¼ (6?)Clark, William4/17/1830Ireland, Derry, Co. Cavan, Ulster1/20/1917Lone Pine, Lane Co., Oregon
E784Clayton, Janet "Jennie" Jack10/4/1800Scotland4/2/1889Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E785Clayton, John1/13/1836Tillicoultry, Clackmannan, Scotland11/21/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4022Clendenen, Mary S. Embree Montgomery, Mrs.2/12/1847Stillwater Monthly Meeting, Barnesville, Belmont Co., Ohio6/17/1921Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
G4195Clubb, Alexanderabout 1861Middlesex, Ontario, Canada12/3/1909Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California
G4194Clubb, Hattie P. Elliott6/15/1856New Sarum, Central Elgin, Ontario, Canada7/10/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3584Cluer, Annie Lily1/??/1877Canada4/8/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3583Cluer, Maria Jane Ramage, Mrs.10/14/1840England3/1/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3582Cluer, Samuel4/16/1837London, England1/28/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1115Coburn, Emma Jane Munson Smith12/18/187210/27/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6495Coe, John Dandridge, Jr.11/21/1903Oregon10/25/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6942Coe, Phoebe J. Stevens12/7/1889Near Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon5/2/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6943Coe, Ralph Loma12/27/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/20/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6941Coe, Roy Granville12/9/1889Farmington, San Juan Co., New Mexico2/18/1974Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2331Coffin, Edwin P.4/29/1821Essex Co., Massachusetts11/1/1878
C2332Coffin, Mary Elizabeth Herrick5/10/1824Portage Co., Ohio9/7/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C196?Coffman, A. W.Virginia3/16/1899
C196?Coffman, ChildOregon8/28/1898
FFree Ground?Coghlan, Baby8/21/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/21/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E42Coldren, Katherine Billmire 12/7/1858Illinois7/14/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E41Coldren, Lemuel Augustus8/15/1855Legrange Co., Indiana8/25/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1031Cole, Homer J.2/24/1885Minnesota2/7/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5507Cole, Jacob E.3/15/1861Ohio7/15/1937OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
E405Cole, Mabel Lucy Brown10/16/1873Albert Lea, Freeborn Co., Minnesota7/3/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1907Cole, Mary Sybille Bruner10/26/1860Pennsylvania8/20/1909Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5506Cole, Sarah Catherine Radcliffe, Mrs.4/13/1864Indiana9/6/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2701Coleman, David H.4/10/1833Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio3/4/1894Eugene, Lane Co, Oregon
C3384Coleman, Enoch P.3/31/1842Near Independence, Coles Co., Illinois10/23/1904Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
C3381Coleman, FrankOregon12/9/1886Near Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
C33810Coleman, George Teal7/15/1879Near Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon7/7/1946Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon
C2699Coleman, John B. (J. B.)2/27/1833Kentucky3/28/1916Key West, Monroe Co., Florida
C3385Coleman, Mary Ann Walton10/6/1846Iowa1/23/1913Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
C2702Coleman, Mary Isabelle (Belle), Miss1/15/1858Lorane, Lane Co., Oregon2/22/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2427Coleman, Robert Gerald (Bob) not buried yet2/4/1930Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska9/12/2022Eugene, Lane Co., OregonU. S. Air Force
C2707Coleman, Rosaltha "Rose" B.11/22/1866Oregon9/14/1920Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C26910Coleman, Sarah (Sallie)11/29/1837Knox Co., Kentucky7/19/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1059Colles, Charles Beresford6/15/1901Oregon8/17/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D27S½ (2 or 10?)Collingwood, Aaron6/3/1847Pennsylvania2/22/1923Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
C2294Collingwood, Eliza Smith, Mrs.5/20/1858Canada10/2/1904Near Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
C229NW¼ (3-4?)Collingwood, Hannah E. Craig Jones, Mrs.11/2/1865Spanish Fork, Utah Co., Utah10/18/1933Route 1, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1579Colvin, Donald Francis2/8/1932Alturas, Modoc Co., California3/14/1936Weed, Siskiyou Co., California
D1575Colvin, Serepta A., Mrs.8/3/1858Oregon7/17/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1576Colvin, William Francis {Frank)3/5/1847Illinois5/2/1910Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co A, 1st Oregon Cavalry
H5114Comstock, Frank C.2/??/1873Wisconsin2/4/1911TB Hospital, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
D1099Conant, Cathryn Lynette4/1/1960Great Falls, Cascade Co., Montana2/10/1980Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon
C2742Condon, Baby Kathleen5/28/1900Idaho10/8/1900Moscow, Latah Co., Idaho
D235Condon, Dean Leslie, Lt.6/13/1909Oregon12/26/1985Kirkland, King Co., WashingtonLt. Col., Co. I, US Army, WW II & Korea
D234 (not here)Condon, Rachel Jane Childs Simmons4/12/1915Fossil, Wheeler Co., Oregon5/28/1984Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5461Conklin, Burton R. (Bert)3/7/1867Dexter, Jefferson Co., New York4/17/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5462Conklin, Clara F. Winegar5/3/1848New York7/16/1929Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C2735?Conlisk, Laura J. Coffin Lakin4/??/1847Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois1/26/1932Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A521N½ (SConner, Kent8/1/1925Oregon8/7/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2965Conrad, Alger D.Washington4/21/1891Hoffman House (hotel), Eugene, Lane Co., Orgon
D172Conrad, Mary Caroline Zumwalt Robertson8/2/1834Missouri6/7/19192miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6183Conrad, Rudolph Emerson1/19/1880Barton Co., Missouri6/21/1918Lorane Road, Lane Co., Oregon
E657foot of 5Conway, Irene Elizabeth10/9/1935Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon10/20/1935Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F21015Cook, Alice Julia Gulliford 2/4/1898Milton, Umatilla Co., Oregon11/2/1974Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H6101Cook, Henry A. ("Al")3/31/1870Ladoga, Montgomery Co., Indiana6/14/1959Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H614?Cook, LuraEugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/24/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6102Cook, Lydia Rose McCalment8/15/1865Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana4/21/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6103Cook, Thaddeus E.9/2/1889Indiana10/12/1918Dunsmuir, Siskiyou Co., California
C2277Cooke, Allyn Heald1/10/18696/1/1898On northbound train, bound for Eugene, Lane County, Oregon
Unkn?Cooley, C.E. (Francis Chauncey Erwin?)2/5/1890Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5863Coombs, Andrew Jackson3/20/1855Utica, Oneida Co., New York12/9/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5864Coombs, Anna McKay, Mrs.2/18/1869Greene Co., Illinois3/22/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5862Coombs, Harriet (Hattie) Logan1872Greene Co., Illinois9/5/1943Oakland, Alameda Co., California
A5861Coombs, Joseph Mortimore "Morton"1859Taberg. (part of Annsville), Oneida Co., New York2/22/1917Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
A586Bet. 2 & 3Coombs, Morton B.1/26/1902Oregon2/12/1979Tacoma, Pierce Co., Washington
FE?Cooper, John9/7/1914Jasper, Lane Co., Oregon
D1043Copeland, Eva Pearl11/24/1876Malvern, Mills Co., Iowa8/9/1898
F206Copelin, Calla, MissOregon3/1/1896Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon
F206Copelin, NellieOregon
FPotter's Field?Coplan (Copeland), Martha Thurman (or Sherman), Mrs.7/??/1839Adams Co., llinois5/5/1914Mercy Hosp., Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3489Coppernoll, Violet Awbrey1/7/1904Lane Co., Oregon9/4/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3488Coppernoll, Violet Mae Awbrey9/22/1873Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/8/1947Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., California
C34810Coppernoll, Willard Lyman11/23/1875Illinois8/31/1959Pasadena, Los Angeles Co., CaliforniaMajor, Oregon Coast Artillery, commander at Ft. Columbia, WW I
E1294Cornell, Lorena E. Horn5/2/1880Lane Co., Oregon6/24/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3835Cornwell, Esther Charlotte Counterman12/1/1845Michigan11/24/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3834Cornwell, Lafeyette George4/29/1827New York9/11/1923Vida, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. K, 13th Wisconsin Infantry OR Co A, 6th IL Cav; OR Lt., Co. C, 6th Missouri State Militia Cavalry
H4998Corsaw, James C.1/1/1848Wisconsin6/8/1923PeEll, Lewis Co., WashingtonPvt., Co. C, 3rd WI Infantry, Civil War
H4997Corsaw, Myrtle Alta Pratt8/22/1895Wisconsin5/15/1918North Bend, Coos Co., Oregon
Unkn (single plot?)?Cotner, Elva Cornelea Enloe, Mrs.4/4/1886Illinois8/4/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2545Cottle, Charles H.5/15/1838Bucksport, Hancock Co., Maine5/23/1896River Road, Lane Co., OregonSgt, Co. B, 18th Wis Inf ("Eagle Light Infantry") Pvt., Co. D, U.S. Veteran Voluntary Infantry
F254?Cottle, Elma A. Danks Howard, Mrs.7/12/1844Ohio4/26/1921Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon
E6663 (Removed)Count, Charles H.
C2962Covell, John S.8/3/1827Cabot, Caledonia Co., Vermont1/28/1903Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. C, 8th Reg. Mich. Vol. Inf.
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Cowherd, Baby5/20/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/20/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G41110Cox, Earnest Dale5/21/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/29/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4119Cox, Elizabeth Ray7/4/1915Oregon7/15/1915Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
G4139Cox, Mary Louisa Lowry, Mrs.11/10/1844Clinton, De Witt Co., Illinois4/21/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G41310Cox, Robert H.3/8/1839Hopkinsville, Christian Co., Kentucky9/5/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6871Crabtree, Effie Di WalterWisconsin7/17/1952Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D6872Crabtree, Lautus Harold4/14/1881Linn Co., Oregon11/3/1918Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4399Craig, Lottie May Keller Johnson3/26/1879Whiting, Monona Co., Iowa7/14/1964Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6514Cram, Caroline (Carrie) Hills8/15/1852Plumakee, Wisconsin1/13/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6515Cram, Eugene Charles11/30/1849Virginia2/1/1920Noti, Lane Co., Oregon
G4087 (NE ¼)Cram, Roy Neal3/26/1916Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon1/22/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1578Crane, Winnie Colvin, Mrs.6/1/1886Oregon5/29/1920Oakland, Alameda Co., California
A4824Crawford, Adam1/22/1832Ohio Twp., Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania3/21/1914Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4825Crawford, Mary L. Roddy12/25/1839Alsace, France5/28/1911Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon
C3451Creamer, George, Rev.About 10/23/1805Ohio2/18/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D124Criteser, Frances Olivia (Minnie)11/6/1867Magnolia, Columbia Co., Arkansas5/13/1947Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D122Criteser, John David1/20/1937Sanger, Fresno Co. or Alturas, Modoc Co., California8/6/1941Alturas, Modoc Co., California
D121Criteser, John Francis9/??/1895Oregon7/21/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D123Criteser, John Isaac9/7/1860Iowa3/13/1953Multnomah Co., Oregon
E76Crockatt, Peter Campbell, Dr.9/4/1892Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland7/22/1926Davenport, Lincoln Co., Washington
G415?10?Crocker, Ellsworth5/4/1881Pana, Christian Co., Illinois2/14/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4157Crocker, John5/19/1839England2/27/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4156Crocker, Mary Hannah Margaret Newell1841Michigan4/9/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6184Crockett, Earl Ivie8/24/1901Oregon12/28/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4232Croffoot, Clarissa A. Harney Farnham2/8/1858Castalia, Winneshiek Co., Iowa6/9/1948Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
B44116Croft, Marian10/10/1905Oregon City, Clackamas Co., Oregon2/8/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E374?Croley, Jane, Mrs.5/??/1860Georgia9/18/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20216Croner, Gladys Esther Elmer7/13/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/19/1912Yacolt, Clark Co., Washington
D705Crooker, Macon (Macy) P.1/??/1888Wisconsin1/8/1909Near Oroville, Butte Co., California
E887Crosby, Alvin H.2/3/1889Alliance, Box Butte Co., Nebraska9/5/1958Independence, Polk Co., OregonPFC, OR, Co C, 2nd Field Signal BN -- WW I -- SS-PH
E885Crosby, Dorinda Rebecca Yeager, Mrs.10/19/1860Grafton, Taylor Co., West Virginia2/4/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E884Crosby, John E.6/9/1855Iowa6/11/1909Fox Hollow, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E886Crosby, Ollie9/??/1894Wyoming2/12/1906Lane Co., Oregon
F2058Crothers, Guy HenryIowa10/28/1899Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Crow, Baby Boy8/26/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/26/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4541Crum, Benjamin Franklin2/??/1842Bend (South? North?), Indiana8/11/1916Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. B, 32nd Iowa Vol. Infantry
G4542?Crum, Mary Beadle, Mrs.5/24/1842Cooperstown, Otsego Co., New York12/2/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A7463Cummings, Don2/21/1887Ottertail Co., Minnesota11/21/1956VA Hosp., Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 75th MN Inf., WWI
C3096Cummings, MaryNorth Carolina1890
G45515Cummings, Peter Francis, PhD8/26/1946Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania2/23/1992Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1st Lieut. U.S. Army, 1970-1972
C315½2Cummings, Roxanna, Mrs.7/5/1834Amherst, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire2/28/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A7462Cummings, Stacy10/3/1883Lida, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota11/9/1958Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
FF22Cummins, Cora Bell??/8/1875California10/24/1877
D149?Cummins, Ellen Elizabeth Gore3/6/1849Indiana12/8/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D149?Cummins, James Clifford10/2/1881Oregon3/14/1884
D1496Cummins, William5/25/1816 or 7/15/1816Wilmington, Kent Co., Delaware4/26/1894Junction [City], Lane Co., Oregon
C3097Cummons, William Francis (aka Cummins, Cummings)About 1838Clay Co., Missouri10/1/1898Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. I, 3rd MO Infantry, CSA
D595?Cunningham, Clara Helen Beeler4/11/1876White Cloud, Doniphan Co, Kansas5/26/1959Lane Co., Oregon
C295/2963Cuppernull, Byron12/28/1841Clayton, Jefferson Co., New York7/7/1927Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt, Co G, 14th NY Hvy Art; then 2nd Lieut, Co. G, 14th NY Hvy. Art.
E90Currier, Mamie (or Annie) Texas12/18/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5063Curry, Louisa M. Lombard, Mrs.6/9/1849Barrington, Cook Co., Illinois11/26/19151½ miles west of Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon
H5061Curry, Maude Susan8/??/1885California4/11/1964Fairlawn Nursing Home, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H5062Curry, William Holmes S.1/??/1857-1858Ontario, Canada7/11/1934Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D666Curtis, Louis Andrew7/14/19127/30/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4159Cutler, Edith Mary Crocker8/2/1890Illinois1/3/1965Oregon City, Clackamas Co., Oregon
H5943Czarske, Ernest Rudolph6/12/1862Germany (Prussia)8/31/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E453Dagenais, Margaret Metzger Brown8/3/1849Galena, Jo Daviess Co., Illinois2/3/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E455Dagenais, Ozias1/3/1848Canada11/23/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H540??Dale, Bertha12/21/1905Weed, Siskiyou Co., California2/16/1933San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., California
H540?Dale, Carrie Larson, Mrs.9/1/1864Christiania (now Oslo), Norway7/25/1918Lower Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
H540?Dale, Henry August11/??//1857Norway2/15/1913Dorris, Siskiyou Co., California
D629Dalzell, Estella Mae Sage5/5/1888Nebraska10/21/1918Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois
B443S½ (3?)Daniel, Anna Elizabeth6/10/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/10/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4434Daniel, Flaude E.11/3/1888Kansas7/6/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Daniel, Richard12/3/1914Iowa2/26/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F6371Daniels, Frances Mae3/6/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/7/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D685Daniels, Robert Albert9/28/1864Kent, England9/10/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F643Danielson, Carl (nmn)8/12/1875Sweden11/29/1919Lane Co., Oregon
D115Danner, George William12/18/1862Iowa3/28/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1144Danner, John C.4/10/1856Illinois8/26/19094½ miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1145Danner, Sallie M. Chance3/16/1863Missouri1/15/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G369½2 (B)Dansfield, Lillian Morris, Mrs.3/11/1865New Orleans, Orleans Parrish, Lousiana12/25/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G372N½ (5?)Darling, Herman Andrew5/14/1898Kansas7/2/1909Willamette River near bridge, Lane Co., Oregon
H5422Darling, Laura M. Dodd2/10/1891Pioneer Twp., Missaukee Co, Michigan8/26/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G372N½ (4?)Darling, Minnie Sybil Brunson6/26/1876Iowa8/2/1915Good Smaritan Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E173? (Unkn)?Darrin, Edmond K.New York3/18/1920Los Angeles, California
C7291Darrow, Christina (Tena) W. McAulley8/15/1880Canada2/13/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1481Davenport, Henry Greely, Rev.Christened 5/11/1823Ohio9/8/1878Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt, Co. I, 12th Iowa Infantry
A4836Davidson, Bertha, Dr.9/11/1877Shedd, Linn Co., Oregon8/6/1958Lane Co., Oregon
A4837Davidson, Margurite (Margaret) Ann Work9/13/1855Lebanon, Boone Co., Indiana12/22/1915Shedd, Linn Co., Oregon
A48311Davidson, Sarah Marinda12/29/1880Oregon5/26/1969Multnomah Co., Oregon
A4838Davidson, Theodore Bruce7/3/1848Rochester, Fulton Co., Indiana3/11/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4835Davidson, William Henry10/20/1890Oregon11/17/1915Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California
F2944Davies, Annie Nelson9/27/1860Racine, Racine Co., Wisconsin5/23/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2942Davies, Joseph11/30/1835Clifford Parrish, Herefordshire, England9/19/1909Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2945Davies, Lilian Mary7/23/1886Oregon6/22/1889
H5574Davis, Anna Henrietta Cobb9/19/1862Bedford Co., Virginia,1/13/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2805Davis, Charles M.9/11/18601/6/1885McKenzie River above Hendricks Ferry, Lane Co., Oregon
F2131Davis, Earl F.9/6/1872Cabot, Washington Co., Vermont8/30/1936Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., California
F2132Davis, Frances A. Heath, Mrs.5/24/1836Vermont6/29/1920North Yakima, Washington
FFree Ground?Davis, Jean Marie7/1/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/1/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1689Davis, Katherine Gentry9/18/1906Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon7/23/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2804Davis, Mary Elizabeth Masterson10/9/1832Kentucky9/27/1919Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
B3831Davis, Samuel Egerton4/2/1990Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon10/2/1993Lane Co., Oregon
F2801Davis, William Maxfield3/31/1868Birmingham, VanBuren Co., Iowa1/29/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2133Davis, William W.11/26/1839Richford, Franklin Co., Vermont1/22/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4462Day, Abner William11/3/1848Macon Co., Missouri5/29/19157 miles north of Eugene on River Road, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Day, Austin Allen4/28/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/19/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1072Day, Catherine Augusta Parker3/8/1850New Jersey12/7/1929Castlerock, Cowlitz Co., Washington
F2525Day, Ella Alley Fisher2/16/1872Wahoo, Saunders Co., Nebraska6/13/1963Milwaukie, Clackamas Co., Oregon
E13710Day, George Lucian1/14/1859Iowa6/5/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1376Day, Jeremiah M.12/12/1853Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa3/6/1941Alvadore, Lane Co., Oregon
E1379Day, Mary Elizabeth Cochran5/11/1862Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois6/18/1933Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
F2524Day, Robert Morrow6/6/1854Near Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon5/24/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1372Day, Sarah E. Fell, Mrs.11/8/1829Ohio6/5/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1071Day, Simon9/15/1832Ohio10/18/1908Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D10710Day, Simon Morris3/29/1861Webster City, Hamilton Co., Iowa6/27/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1371Day, Thomas D.5/22/1834Near Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio7/25/1896Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. G, 30th Iowa Infantry
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Days, James M.2/15/1836Ohio10/14/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2078Deal, Annie M. Herrington7/25/1850Illinois2/5/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D232Dean, Carrie Olilin Brown3/28/1863Michigan1/13/1947Oakland, Alameda Co., California
D2310Dean, George Myron (Mike)12/9/1899Claflin, Barton Co., Kansas1/26/1986Leaburg, Lane Co., OregonCM 1, U.S. Navy, WW II
D231Dean, Hobart M.8/6/1894Kansas9/10/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Debau, Molley Irene9/4/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/6/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6831DeFoe, Anna S. Lapp1/10/1863Pickering, Ontario, Canada6/6/1939Toledo, Lincoln Co., Oregon
D6833DeFoe, Betty R.4/10/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/15/1928Lane Co., Oregon
D6832DeFoe, Johnson A.1/18/1860Canada7/31/1918On Crow Stage Line, 8 miles s.w. of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4262DeGroot, Ann Elizabeth Smith11/7/1851Ohio3/10/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4261DeGroot, John C.7/24/1839Ohio4/7/190912 m. n/w of Eugene (Junction City?), Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 22nd Ohio Vol. Infantry; then Cos. E & F, 153rd Ohio Vol. Infantry
E13310DeHaven, Minnie Ruth Mogenson11/23/1899Minnesota9/28/1956Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6013Delaney, Thomas W. (Tommy)12/24/1853Tremont, Schuylkill Co., Pennsylvania2/11/1918San Francisco Co., California
D6931DeLay, Joseph2/??/1845Iowa4/16/1921Grande Ronde, Union Co., OregonPvt., Co. H, 8th Iowa Cavalry
D6933DeLay, Mary Jane McMichael4/17/1847Ohio6/11/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2865DeLeon, Lutie (Louella) McElroy, Mrs.11/12/1878Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas7/1/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D245Dempster, Fannie Catherine Varney Mountjoy, Mrs.1862Indiana6/2/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C295½3Denhart, Gertrude A. Beebe9/15/1843Massena, St. Lawrence Co., New York3/23/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C295½2Denhart, James Henry1/22/1840Bedford Co., Pennsylvania4/30/1918Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. G, 93rd IL Infantry
F32810Denman, Emma E. Green1879Oregon11/18/1957Corvallis, Benton Co., OR
E6483Dennison, Esta Mae Whiteley2/7/1905Vinita, Craig Co., Oklahoma4/3/1955Veneta, Lane Co., Oregon
E6484Dennison, Jesse John1/30/1904Camp Creek, Lane Co., Oregon6/30/1993Lane Co., OregonPvt., U.S. Marine Corp, 1920
D15816?Densmore, Charles Mather9/27/1845Aurora, DuPage & Kane Co, Illinois5/22/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D15815?Densmore, Lucinda (Lucy) Emma Murphy, Mrs.5/12/1849Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania12/10/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D15814Densmore, Maud Edith, Miss3/??/1876Stanton, Stanton Co., Nebraska12/27/1951Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D608 ?Dereche, Joseph Eugene Norman2/12/1886Quebec, Canada6/2/1906Willamette River, 12 miles above Lowell, Lane Co., Oregon
B3952Develter, Marie Louisa Talpe6/29/1858Beselare, B-8980, West-Vlaanderen, Belgique (Belgium)2/5/1909Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1389Devereaux, Ella Janett Wilson, Mrs.2/3/1861Bay City, Bay Co., Michigan4/22/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D15810Devereaux, Grace C. Vickers8/22/1885Ohio6/20/1973Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1589Devereaux, Harrison Earl "Harry"9/25/1888Michigan12/4/1971Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E13810Devereaux, Philemon T.4/29/1856Michigan8/29/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3103Devoe, George Henry7/15/1822Kinderhook, Columbia Co., New York2/2/1890Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G454?4? DeVore, L. Pearl Lindley7/27/1890South Dakota6/6/1933OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
D1482Diamond, Rebecca May7/9/1918Williams, Josephine Co., Oregon1/14/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4851Dick, Archibald (Arch)12/15/1853Pulaski Co., Kentucky10/18/19115 miles south of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4146?Dick, Archie H.3/20/1892Benton Co., Oregon11/24/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (485?)6?Dick, Baby2/7/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/8/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Dick, Baby7/9/19187/9/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F326Bet. 1 & 10Dickens, Erastus Arthur2/11/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D199Dickenson, Alfred C.6/22/1863Adair Co., Kentucky12/7/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1910Dickenson, Charlotte LaBarre3/12/1864Pennsylvania10/17/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C295/2961Dier, David5/1/1847Toronto, Canada6/30/1925Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. E, 49th NY Vol. Infantry
B4412Dietz, George G.10/30/1896Oregon10/19/1918Aberdeen, Gray's Harbor Co., Washington
B4413Dietz, Mary Alentican11/11/1858Virginia4/28/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4411Dietz, Sprague S.4/4/1889North Carolina7/19/1909Riverton, Coos Co., Oregon
D711S½ (1?)Dillon, Cornelius Schumaker, Sr.2/11/1845Iowa10/5/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D711S½ (2?)Dillon, Gertrude Cornelia Isbell3/18/1846New London, Oneida Co, New York5/9/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7381Dimond, Charles Edward10/18/1848New York5/18/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7382Dimond, Estella Lucinda Witter Sylvester7/15/1855Canandaigua, Ontario Co., New York2/29/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FGNorth endDirely (?), E. M.1892-1897
H5464Disher (Discher), John8/12/1832Atlantic Ocean12/20/1917Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. A, 57th Ohio Infantry
H5465Disher, Martha A. Huffman, Mrs.10/3/1843Madine (Medina Co.?), Ohio1/17/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Dixon, FredAbout 1880Michign8/28/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F212N 20 ft.Doak, Wellington Clayborn10/10/1846Oregon2/16/19214m north of Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
C296½3Dobson, Crawford, Dea.9/?/1834Morgan Co., Indiana8/30/1921Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 37th IL Vol. Infantry
C296½2Dobson, John M.11/7/1839Champaign Co., Illinois7/11/1919Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 37th IL Vol. Infantry
A5187Dodd, Charles Jessie, "Capt."12/22/1839Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois2/2/1923Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. E, 33rd Iowa Infantry; then Pvt, Co. H, 3rd Iowa Infantry; then Pvt., Co. I, 2nd Iowa Infantry, Civil War
A5188Dodd, Mary A. Kirkpatrick4/??/1841Griggsville, Pike Co., Illinois11/25/1911North of Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D1131Dommersnaes, Ragnhild Lee, Mrs.7/25/1872Norway10/16/1909Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F357?Donahue, Mary S., Mrs.3/??/1826Pennsylvania11/6/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F357?Donahue, Ralph M.11/??/1876 (death certificate = 7/19/1866)Oregon5/2/1910OHS, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
A5724Doney, Mary Geneva Eddy7/25/1858Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin5/22/1926Forest Grove, Washington Co., Oregon
A5723Doney, Roland Edgar11/28/1884Possibly Smithviille (now Loomis), Placer Co, California11/30/1918Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E964Donnell, Florence A. Iles Archberger, Mrs.4/20/1859Wilbur, Douglas Co., Oregon6/25/1889Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
D674Dorman, Mary Louisa Rohr Spafford9/20/1859Ft. Atkinson, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin6/14/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1834Dorris, Benjamin Franklin, Hon.12/18/1829Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee11/11/1915IOOF Temple, Eugene, Lane Co., OregonIndian War 1855-1856
D1833Dorris, Cecile P. Pellet10/4/1832Neuchâtel, Switzerland3/17/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1835Dorris, Edward Pellet4/20/1860Crescent City, Del Norte Co., California2/5/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1836Dorris, George Alphonse3/17/1858Crescent City, Del Norte Co., California9/16/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D183?Dorris, Infant Daughter7/29/1898Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1836Dorris, Luella Dunn, Mrs.2/29/1860Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon4/5/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B43010Dotson, Albert B.6/18/1870LeRoy, Coffey Co., Kansas4/29/1955Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B430Bet 1 & 2Dotson, Bertrand Dot12/22/1899Yates Center, Woodson Co., Kansas2/23/1986Lane Co., Oregon
B4301Dotson, Charles W.2/11/1848Iowa9/9/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4302Dotson, Clara Josephine Erickson8/3/1902Superior, Douglas Co., Wisconsin11/23/1999Eugene, Lane Co., OregonStaff Sgt, Dental Hygenist, Women's Army Corp, WW I
C2652Dotson, Danny Charles11/20/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/3/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B430Bet 1 & 2Dotson, Elsie Lois McHoes4/1/1903Big Horn, Sheridan Co., Wyoming9/4/1989Lane Co., Oregon
C2656Dotson, Frank A. L. (Frankie)Oregon11/18/1892
C2653Dotson, Frederick Matthew3/10/1903Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon12/27/1966Woodland, Cowlitz Co., Washington
C2651Dotson, Fredrick ("Fred'k") Mortimore 8/??/1831Virginia5/22/1901Walterville, Lane Co., OregonCorp, Cos. L, 2nd MO State Militia Cavalry & Co. M, 11th MO State Militia Cavalry (Union)
B430Bet 1 & 2Dotson, Glendon Hawes1/28/1897Aliceville, Coffey Co., Kansas2/24/1976Lane Co., OregonSgt., Quartermaster Corps, US Army, WW I; Maj. Civil Air Patrol
C2652Dotson, Laura (Laurie) Margaret3/25/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/26/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4309Dotson, Lillian Hawes4/12/1875Illinois9/9/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1191Dotson, Mary Elizabeth DeMoss Dampmanxxxxxxxxxxxxxbase only7/13/1843Maryland4/25/1898Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2659Dotson, Pearl Mary Higgins10/16/1922Hensel, Pembina Co., North Dakota3/22/2014Bend, Deschutes Co., Oregon
C2657Dotson, Rhodrick I.7/??/1899Oregon10/17/1903
C26510Dotson, Robert Willis9/15/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/19/2016Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2658Dotson, Solomon Charles6/18/1859Missouri4/9/1921Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
B4302Dotson, Tillie Lorenze Erickson, Mrs.1/23/1901Superior, Douglas Co., Wisconsin4/4/1924Los Angeles, California
C2659Dotson, Willis Frederick9/15/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/16/2011Bend, Deschutes Co., Oregon
C2654Dotson, Winifred Josephine Willis4/18/1903Little Shasta, Siskiyou Co., California10/16/1989Washington Co., Oregon
G405SW¼ (1 or 2?)Doty, Baby Boy11/14/1915Oregon11/14/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3163Doty, George1836Pennsylvania4/11/1887Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D, 1st Wis. Cav.
F2105Dougherty, Charles Harvey6/5/1877Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania7/21/1907Sacramento division of Southern Pacific Railroad, Sacramento, California
B3897Downer, John W., "Old John"West Indies6/2/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
unkn?Downey, J. W. (male)3/26/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F6455Draper, Maria (Maud), Mrs.2/15/18459/2/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4817Dresser, Frances Marian Buell3/15/1836Newport, Sullivan Co., New Hampshire3/8/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4818Dresser, Rufus Cushman12/4/1828Goshen, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts1/23/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B444S½ (4?)Drew, Flora A. Adams, Mrs.5/101866Essex Co., New York9/17/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H554?SE¼? (10?)Drew, Fred S.3/29/1856Bangor, Franklin Co., New York4/9/1924Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B387S½ (1?)Drew, Infant3/??/1908
H496Drew, John Skinner1/27/1850Bangor, Franklin Co., New York3/25/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B444S½ (5?)Drew, Marvin Albert5/23/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/23/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3872Drew, Mary Jane Morris12/25/1832Ohio7/4/1910Hot Springs, Fall River Co., South Dakota
H554SE¼ (9?)Drew, Mary M. Kromick (or Kronick)5/17/1856Wisconsin5/17/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B387S½ (#10?)Drew, Robert John4/1/1909Oregon12/7/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unknfrac. of lot [?]Drobuich (Drobjak), MikeAustria2/20/1911Utah Consruction Co. Camp #3, near Blakelyville, Lane Co., Oregon, 45 miles SE of Eugene
H5963Drum, Harold LeRoy4/20/1892Red Wing, Goodhue Co., Minnesota11/25/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2911Drury, Alfred1/23/1838England7/11/1907Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. K, 6th Reg., Minn. Vol. Infantry 1862-1865
F2912Drury, Sarah E. Workman9/16/1848Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio6/14/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1254Dudley, Frederick9/??/1806Litchfield Co., Connecticut9/21/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1252Dudley, Nancy FowlerAbout 1820Ohio8/4/1878Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1396Dumond, Alice Virginia Baker Walton Stanford, Mrs.5/29/1862Greenbrier Co., West Virginia11/20/1922Multnomah County Farm Home, Troutdale, Multnomah Co., Oregon
G3651Dunlap, Frank, Dr.3/10/1850Illinois10/16/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3652Dunlap, Harriet (Hattie) Agusta Robinson12/31/1858Iowa5/26/1956Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., California
C3124Dunlap, Myrtle Bessie Dotson10/17/1888Coffeyville, Montgomery Co., Kansas12/6/1964Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1243Dunn, Barzilla Clark2/22/1828Ohio9/20/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1243Dunn, Elizabeth A. Gill, Mrs.9/17/1832Truro, Cornwall, England10/10/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1242Dunn, Harry William10/17/1868Douglas Co., Kansas10/4/1914Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1244Dunn, Roy9/3/1879Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C314?Durant, Frank C.Oregon7/14/1891Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C314?Durant, John C.Indiana
C314?Durant, William H.1839Indiana6/15/1887Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C314?Durant, William H. (Willie)7/31/1867Dearborn Co., Indiana4/4/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2279Durrell, Grace Bushnell Cooke6/28/1870Oregon12/5/1961Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Co., California
E6502Dustin, Mable Clare1/18/1893Oregon3/28/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6504Dustin, Mary Ann Gilcrist, Mrs.6/13/1868Oregon4/25/1929Wendling, Lane Co., Oregon
H5489Dutton, Andrew Woodruff10/17/1839New York1/24/1917Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. I, 65th NY Inf.
FPotter's Field ("Free")?Dye, George Washington9/25/1836Wheeling, Virginia (now Ohio Co., West Virginia)12/2/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3334Dykes, Henry1827Greene Co., East Tennessee4/11/1899Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 36th IA Inf.
C3333Dykes, John A.1833Greene Co., East Tennessee7/19/1898Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 36th IA Inf; Co. G, 46th IA Inf.
C1924Earle, Edith K. Hoffman3/22/1875Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon1/11/1965Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1051Earnest, Elizabeth, Mrs.1/3/1824Tennessee11/3/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G366SE¼ (9 or 10)Easter, Arthur David5/23/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/23/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2313Eastham, Ernest G.5/4/1864Oregon10/30/1890Lebanon, Linn Co., Oregon
B4737Easton, Dessie M. Bressler11/27/1878Oregon8/26/1910St.Vincent Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F205?Eaton, Arthur W.9/??/1875Illinois4/7/1905Blue River Mines, Fall Creek, Lane Co., Oregon
H5451Eaton, John2/4/1843Franklin Co., Missouri1/8/1916Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D & H, 1st MO Engrs: and Co. F, 85th MO Infantry
H545SW¼Eaton, Joseph Franklin (Frank)8/11/1887Missouri2/16/1928Motor Route C, Lane Co., Oregon
H5452Eaton, Margaret Lydia Miller1/14/1860Missouri7/18/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2217Ebbert, Elizabeth Brattain9/11/1830Illinois7/29/1902Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
C2216Ebbert, James Armstrong3/25/1831Fayette Co., Pennsylvania9/2/19153 miles north of Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
E4NE¼Eberth, MarthaNov-Dec 1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/29/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E936Edmunson, Ella Travis1/11/1882Iowa Falls, Hardin C., Iowa9/7/1971Lane Co., Oregon
F2384Edwards, Barbara "Barbrey" E. ReinhartTennessee5/19/1883Near Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F2825Edwards, Blanche B.8/1/1873Lane Co., Oregon3/26/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2107Edwards, Chester Dougherty5/2/1871Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon7/2/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2824Edwards, Eliza Isabell Clearwater1/24/1851Indiana2/12/1902Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F2822Edwards, Henry Dildine4/21/1848Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., Iowa12/28/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2302Edwards, Izaetta (Jennie) Griffin, Mrs.9/10/1868Lane Co., Oregon9/16/1935Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
H55010Edwards, John Amos (Albert Jr.)9/1/1886Kansas7/17/1916Mercy Hospital, Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
H5509Edwards, Paul Granville2/6/1890Joplin, Newton Co., Missouri1/24/1936Trent, Lane Co., Oregon
H549NW¼ (4?)Edwards, Paul Jr. 8/6/1920Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon9/11/1920Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H549NW¼ (5?)Edwards, Roy Burch5/11/1912Smithfield, Jasper Co., Missouri6/23/1917Drain, Douglas Co., Oregon
F2385Edwards, Stephen Hopkins, "Uncle Steve"2/23/1824Monmouth Co., New Jersey11/15/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2383Edwards, Thomas D.7/26/1826Monmouth Co., New Jersey10/5/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2301Edwards, Thomas E.1/14 or 16/1864Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon3/19/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C295/2965Eichler, Annia Frances Johnsten Dodd4/??/1864Sidney, New Brunswick, Canada2/11/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C295/2966Eichler, Charles M.6/16/1847New York10/7/1936Curtin, Douglas Co., OregonMus., Co. D, 1st Minn. Heavy Artillery
A5371Elkins, Ella May White, Mrs. 5/22/1874Maine1/22/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D63Not HereEllingson, Lyndall Alma Sinclair3/26/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/7/1987Florence, Lane Co., Oregon
A5281Elliott, Donald Ross7/28/1915Veneta, Lane Co., Oregon3/21/1921Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A5289Elliott, Gordon Wayne11/6/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/5/1994Eugene, Lane Co., OregonU.S. Navy WW II
G4644Elliott, Harriett Brigham Christenson2/2/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/4/1980Lane Co., Oregon
A5282Elliott, John A.8/17/1850Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana4/14/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E502Elliott, Leforest Whitney9/8/1854Worcester Co., Massachusetts8/2/1930River Loop #1, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E503Elliott, Lena Leota Rogers Christie2/23/1856Michigan1/30/1927Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
G463?15?Elliott, Marjorie 2/3/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6325Elliott, Marjorie Jean12/24/19183/20/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5283Elliott, Mary Elizabeth Hills1/9/1853Sterling, Whiteside Co., Illinois8/9/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A52810Elliott, Maybelle Elma Becker4/18/1890Albany, Linn Co., Oregon6/4/1936Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A5288Elliott, Ralph Emerson12/28/1883Clarion, Wright Co., Iowa7/20/1959Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5289Elliott, Waldo Ralph1/23/1917Oregon7/29/1981Los Angeles, California
E501Elliott, Willis (Willie) Beymer7/29/1894Kingsley, Plymouth Co., Iowa8/8/1955Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon
E1324Ellis, Frances2/15/1841England12/12/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3126Ellison, Elizabeth S.11/28/1828Indiana1/29/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3127Ellison, John Repsher12/28/1821Morgan Co., Illinois4/24/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3128Ellison, Nancy Trim Cline, Mrs.1/1/1827New York2/15/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20215Elmer, Minnie E. White Croner6/13/1878Kansas12/12/1958Tacoma, Pierce Co., Washington
A513N½ (6?)Elspas, Howard Wayne6/18/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/17/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A513N½ (8?)Elspass, Bessie E. Ganser10/22/1891Nebraska2/22/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A513N½ (8?)Elspass, Infant Son1/271911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/25/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5704Elwood, John J.12/15/1856Liberty, Warren Co., Iowa6/12/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5705Elwood, Sarah Frances Ogle Hyman1/29/1848St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri7/18/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E881Emerick, Charles DeVille2/12/1882Duluth, Saint Louis Co., Minnesota1/10/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D16010Emery, Charles Matthew7/25/1887Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon1/23/1964Douglas Co., Oregon
D160Foot of 12Emery, Helen8/7/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/30/2005Nursing Home, College Place, Walla Walla Co., Washington
D16012Emery, Nellie Quimby6/6/1889Fort Klamath, Klamath Co., Oregon8/22/1961Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
D1609Emery, Rex8/30/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/2/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FIOOF grave?Emigh, Baby Boy3/3/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/3/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Emmons, Ella Irene Black1/12/1867Wayne Co., Illinois2/5/1931Franklin, Lane Co., Oregon
FB21Emsley, Douglas7/27/1886Bradford, Yorkshire, England4/13/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7154Endicott, Margaret Isabel Stairs, Mrs.3/15/1859Abingdon, Knox Co., Illinois8/8/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7153Endicott, Reason Paris10/17/1850Crawfordsville, Montgomery Co., Indiana4/9/1934Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D, 51st MO Infantry
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Enright, Sally Ann8/9/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/9/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Eohorsky (or "Pohorsky"?), JosephBohemia3/15/1913Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (210?)S½? (16?)Equals, Maurice Allen4/16/1915Oregon7/28/1923Oregon City, Clackamas Co, OR
C2619Erickson, Leslie Alic9/10/1914Mason City, Cerro Gordo Co., Iowa7/1/1966Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPfc, Wash. Btry A, 19th Field Art. (Peacetime vet)
C26110Erickson, Marjorie J. Ellsworth6/10/1913Willapa, Pacific Co., Washington9/24/1975Lane Co., Oregon
G4491Ericson (Fulin), Gustav12/12/1874Sweden8/7/1912Lane Co., Oregon
DUnkn (#103?)? (4?)Espy, David AllenAbout 1867Kansas or Missouri6/10/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3183Etnyre, Daniel5/20/1822Boonsboro, Washington Co., Maryland4/8/1894 Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. C, 92nd IL Inf.
E22Evans, Ernest James (Hank)3/11/1896Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois12/18/1962VA Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonOre Pvt 100 166 Depot Brigade WW I
B4231Evans, Hazel O. Farnham1/17/1890York, York Co., Nebraska4/13/1953OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
E23Evans, John T. Sr.8/6/1867Glascow, Ontario, Canada12/7/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E25Evans, Lucile Palmer7/5/1875Alden, Hardin Co., Iowa11/25/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E24Evans, Marion Eugene7/29/1897Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin8/29/1913Near Lorane, Lane Co., Oregon
E21Evans, Mary Ann Hacking, Mrs. 5/15/1835New Market, Ontario, Canada3/5/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E531Evenson, Even8/10/1835Norway11/19/1901Eugene, Lane Co., OregonTrumpeter, Co. E, 9th Iowa Cavalry
FFree Ground?Ewing, Baby Girl1/16/1921Hosp, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/16/1921Hosp, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B47010Eyler, Carrie McMahan6/10/1873Thurston, Lane Co., Oregon1/12/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B47011Eyler, Henry William5/4/1868Fincastle, Brown Co., Ohio3/29/1945Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
Maintenance buildingEyler, Mary
B4709Eyler, Mary Catharine3/29/19014/1/1901Near Thurston, Lane Co., Oregon
C2353Fagan, Robert3/18/1848Jackson, Washington Co., Wisconsin3/18/1879Eugene City, Lane Co., OregonCo. E, U.S. Army Engineers, 1869
FI8 (south half)Fales, Emma D., Mrs.11/29/1863California8/30/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Falk, Robert James3/10/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/15/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4498Farber, David Lee, MD9/2/194610/5/2016Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4233Farnham, Daniel Baxter5/6/1852East Liberty, Logan Co., Ohio4/23/19305 miles east of Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon
B4235Farnham, Verna Edith12/10/1885Nebraska2/27/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4234Farnham, Waldo Harvey10/29/1895Oregon10/4/1918Mt. Blanc, FrancePvt., 16th Co., 5th Reg. U.S. Marines, WW I
A7512Farnham, Wilder Roscoe6/19/1884Iowa9/15/1926Wallowa Co., Oregon
C3112Farrington, Bessie (Elizabeth) Payton5/24/1866Salem, Marion Co., Oregon9/19/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3111Farrington, Edgar Arthur1/29/1862Oregon7/29/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C311?Farrington, Elizabeth Julia Ellison GoltraIllinois9/18/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C311?Farrington, Ernest A.6/23/1876Oregon11/10/1878
C31110Farrington, Paul Payton11/3/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/28/1929Y.M.C.A., Salem, Marion Co., OregonPvt, 8th Observation Battery, Central Officer's Training School, Taylor, Kentucky, WW I
F3305Farrow, Josie Kemery7/7/1867Illinois10/1/1930Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4213Farrow, Maria J. Cleaver10/16/1825Kentucky8/27/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4213Farrow, Stephen French12/2/1815Montgomery Co., Kentucky6/22/1885Near Shedd, Linn Co., Oregon
H6194 - not hereFeingold, Edward (memorium marker)4/10/1876Russia8/6/1921Off coast of Eureka, Humboldt Co., California
H6194Feingold, Helen M. Potts11/25/1886Pittsburg, Pennsylvania1/25/1919San Francisco, California
E541Fenton, Cedric Marvyn6/3/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/4/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E542-3Fenton, Effa (Effie) C.Williams11/1/1860Lost Valley, Lane Co., Oregon9/23/1940Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E545Fenton, Orin B.1823Connecticut11/19/1889Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E543-4Fenton, William H.9/9/1856Indiana3/7/1923Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H490B3Fergus, Grace Elizabeth Holdsworth1/19/1908Michigan8/26/1936Orange Co., California
E6575Ferguson, Eugene Walter [Pickell]1/12/1917Kansas7/3/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2267Fessenden, Frances Dorcas Bills, Mrs.4/20/1835 New York6/25/19045 miles west of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2266Fessenden, Major Julius6/17/1832Pennsylvania11/28/1911Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 87th Ind. Vol. Infantry
D1109Fidler, Edith Ella Hunt, Mrs.7/16/1863New Jersey10/18/1924Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D11010Fidler, Otis W.1/7/1854Ohio8/15/1931Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C3056Field, Esther Marian7/27/1905Grand Forks, Grand Forks Co., North Dakota2/6/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4895?Findlay, Frank L.3/29/1866Sauk Co., Wisconsin3/22/1921Jackson Poor Farm, near Talent, Jackson Co., Oregon
G404?S½ (2?)Finseth, Ellen Anna Christenson Nellemoe3/13/1862Norway8/13/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G40410Finseth, Iola Mary6/6/1911Lane Co., Oregon7/21/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4041Finseth, John E.1/19/1858Solten, Norway11/12/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C26610Fisher, Daniel4/22/18565/22/1856
C2664Fisher, Evart M.5/30/1893Oregon9/30/1906Lane Co., Oregon
C2663Fisher, George W.4/22/1856Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/17/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2665Fisher, Indora Elizabeth Masterson7/10/1860Lane Co., Oregon4/16/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2662Fisher, Rebecca Evarts Smith Pinkerton, Mrs.6/28/1818Bellville,
Richland Co., Ohio
12/18/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2669Fisher, Sarah Josephine8/28/1853Oregon1/31/1867Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
E1733Fisher, Stella D. Munroe4/??/1875Wisconsin4/18/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2661Fisher, Wilson H., Dr.1/9/1818Fort Wayne, Allen Co., Indiana6/1/1863
F2164Fitch, Charles W., Judge12/1 or 2/1843Luzerne or Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania1/21/1882Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2163Fitch, Sarah D., Mrs.2/5/1817Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania12/22/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3466Fitton, Kathleen Vance1/10/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/20/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4512Fitzhugh, Maria Elizabeth Bowman10/15/1856Missouri5/19/1914Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Flack, Steve12/27/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
single grave lot?Flanagan, Baby9/4/1921Meadow View, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
single grave lot?Flanagan, Clarabell12/??/19294/19/1930Meadow View, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C295½1Flick, Harris/Horace (Harry) Curtis10/3/1844Briar Creek, Columbia Co., Pennsylvania8/15/1917Creswell, Lane Co., OregonBuglar, Co. F, 2nd PA Heavy Art.
Unkn?Flippin, Infant son12/9/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/9/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D160Foot of 10Foley, Gene Emery Sr.4/23/19333/1/2002Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co., WashingtonCorpl., U.S. Army, Korea
D160Foot of 11Foley, Gladys Edna Emery2/7/19133/28/1988Walla Walla, Washington
FI (Free Ground)1 (north half)Folts, Barbara Francis10/29/192210/31/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2761Fonda, Clarence G.11/12/1854Wisconsin1/13/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2762Fonda, Hannah Flynn2/12/1862Iowa1/27/1931Los Angeles, California
C3335Ford, Albert A.4/19/1836IllinoisAbout 5/1/1909; found 3 weeks laterMountain above Fall Creek, Lane Co., Oregon2nd Sgt., Co. A, 14th IA Inf; then Sgt., Co. A, 41st IA Infantry; then Sgt., Co. K, 7th IA Cavalry; then 2nd Lieut, Co. K, 3rd US Cavalry
Unkn -- 81??Ford, John H.9/??/1867Oregon6/14/1907Wendling, Lane Co., Oregon
D1167-8Fortney, Benjamin Frank ("Frank")3/2/1862Indianaola, Warren Co., Iowa7/15/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1166 (removed?)Fortney, Eva Marie, Miss11/28/1893Iowa1/23/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1166-7Fortney, Phoebe Jane Davis10/21/1866Hamburg, Fremont Co., Iowa4/27/1954Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A51815Foster, Maidee Dunn3/10/1866Tupelo, Lee Co., Mississippi5/10/1954Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A51816Foster, Orla H.10/31/1863Wirt, Allegany Co., New York8/19/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5591Foster, Robert Lee3/9/1863Covington, Kenton Co., Kentucky5/30/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4468Fountain, Oscar 1/28/1853Farmington, Fulton Co., Illinois2/18/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C333/3343Fox, Robert A.1/??/1844Pennsylvania3/16/1908Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 67th Penn. Inf.
single grave lot?Francis, Howard Stanclift7/12/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/16/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C222Not HereFrank, Arabella S. Larooka4/21/1851Busti, Chautauqua Co., New York12/4/1874New London, Henry Co., Iowa
C2223Frank, Clement Stoddard11/8/1847Busti, Chautauqua Co., New York12/6/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2222Frank, Elizabeth M. Miller Mashaw5/30/1845Cambridge, Burlington Co., New Jersey4/12/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2226Frank, Elizabeth Mary Stoddard11/19/1826Eden, Erie Co., New York9/2/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2225Frank, Perry F.9/23/1825Busti, Chautauqua Co., New York8/27/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3752Frauendiener, Ethel Ruby McCullough6/17/1892Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/20/1937Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E660A1Frazer, Joseph Nelson7/29/1859Ohio4/25/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D294Frazer, Laura Frances Walker11/28/1865Lane Co., Oregon2/14/1953Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E660A2Frazer, Susanna Sprinkle1/31/1860May Hill, Adams Co., Ohio8/8/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2456Fredericksen, Lars Christian4/22/1864Denmark12/2/1925San Antonio Comm. Hospital, Ontario, San Bernardino Co., California
F2457Fredericksen, Marie Anna Mogensen6/28/1864Denmark1/13/1946Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon
H5003Freeman, Elizabeth Ferguson, Mrs.12/5/1855Canada8/13/1918Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2391Freeman, Francis Martin4/21/1844Missouri11/10/1918Jefferson, Linn Co., Oregon
F2395Freeman, Henry ClayCalifornia4/13/1883
H5002Freeman, Mary Elizabeth (Mary Beth)4/24/1888Ft. Dodge, Webster Co., Iowa1/17/1940VA Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonRed Cross Nurse during World War I in France
H5004Freeman, William A.12/6/1852Iowa4/23/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?French, William M., Dr.7/5/1860Mississippi3/6/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7163Frissell, George Cobley (Cobleigh) "Uncle George"11/5/1848Montpelier, Washington Co., Vermont10/29/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7164Frissell, Melvilla T. Darr Metcalf12/29/1838Coshocton Co., Ohio11/12/1926McKenzie Bridge, Lane Co., Oregon
D1514Fuller, James Napleon Bonapart 10/26/1850New Hampshire12/30/1944Portland, Washington Co., Oregon
C19113Fuller, Jessie Neu8/18/1900Nebraska City, Otoe Co., Nebraska12/31/1972Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C1914Fuller, Lillie Belle Babcock12/1/1858Wisconsin3/9/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1513Fuller, Mamie Carman8/21/1862Omaha, Putnam Co., Missouri9/28/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C19114Fuller, Manley Chase11/4/1895Harstine Island, Mason Co., Washington6/22/1965Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OregonCorp., U.S. Army, WW I
C1913Fuller, Milton Ora4/26/1852New York8/4/1918OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
C333/3342Fuller, Valentine R.Kentucky3/10/1908Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. I, 1st Minn. Infantry
F2491Gaby, Claud7/27/1883Washington5/28/1910Willamette River near Buena Vista or Independence, Polk Co., Oregon
F2038Gaby, Reginald12/24/1880Oregon5/9/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G408NW¼ (5?)Gage, Mildred Elizabeth2/28/1895Seattle, King Co., Washington1/28/1917Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2382Gager, Alice E. Edwards, Mrs.Oregon9/18/1898High Banks Road, Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
FF17Gainey, William H.about1825-30Kentucky4/26/1888Near Goshen, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 24th North Carolina Infantry (CSA)
E16713Gale, Elizabeth Maria Kincaid, Mrs.2/16/1842Hamilton Co., Indiana2/7/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E181?Gale, Mozart Oregon3/17/1877Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
E181?Gale, Nina Imo Oregon1/19/1874Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6261Gardner, Agnes6/12/1870Quebec, Canada10/29/1954Oakland, Alameda Co., California
F2394Gardner, Fannie Lutiea Freeman3/14/1870Missouri5/2/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6264Gardner, Fred Paul191110/25/1924Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D1106Gardner, Jesse Harlan1/9/1884Oregon6/26/1924Veneta, Lane Co., Oregon
F2393Gardner, John Lawrence1/25/1870Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/23/1953Seaside, Clatsop Co., Oregon
D1107-8Gardner, Lillian Lucille7/1/1890Oregon10/4/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6263Gardner, Paul William3/19/1867Michigan2/21/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (Potter's Field?)county plotGarl, Uries (Uriah?)1858Ohio2/3/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E448Garrett, Lida Oakes7/25/18899/7/1981Lane Co., Oregon
E449Garrett, Mary Jessie Oakes3/5/1864New York5/25/1953Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E441Garrett, Richard4/11/1852New York City, New York11/10/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E4410Garrett, Thomas Henry11/22/1859Martinsburg, Lewis Co., New York8/19/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1441Garrison, Harriett Azuba Striker, Mrs.1/15/1849Ontario, Canada9/7/1917Santa Clara (Eugene), Lane Co., Oregon
D144?Garrison, Jean Elizabeth4/2/19224/2/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1442Garrison, Ralph6/20/1877Canada4/1/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D144?Garrison, Samuel F.3/??/1887Oregon6/26/1972Lane Co., Oregon
D144?Garrison, Samuel O.11/22/1845Cherry Valley, Ontario, Canada7/5/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3343 - not hereGartin, Samuel W. marker only12/13/1835Indiana5/26/1920Trent, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. H, 13th MO Inf.
C3531Gaylord, Linnia Holt, Mrs.7/25/1869Lane Co., Oregon3/10/1898Pasedena, Los Angeles Co., California
C298??Gearhart, Belle Kentner, Mrs.12/5 or 10/1860Nebraska1/2/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2984Gearhart, Joseph G.7/3/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/14/1886
C2985Gearhart, Leona8/11/1886Benton Co., Oregon8/15/1886
C2983Gearhart, Roy7/21/1888Oregon1/19/1890Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Geboe, Mrs. Fannie Walsh11/10/1874Missouri6/30/1910Springfield Junction, Lane Co., Oregon
C721-4 or 720-1 or 2Gentry, Mary Ann, Miss8/6/1851Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois12/12/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1455Gersbach, Dora Nancy Hanks Moneymaker Landon, Mrs.1/16/1864Illinois3/18/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Gibbs, Baby7/29/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7233Gibbs, Charles Pinkney5/23/1853Iowa8/14/1921Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon
F3611Gibbs, David A.North Carolina3/1/1906Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 6th Calif. Infantry
A5933Gibbs, Frank J.7/19/1897White Co., Illinois5/7/1965Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C193?Gibbs, Grace Jackson6/27/1864Arcade, Wyoming Co., New York3/9/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C193?Gibbs, Infant9/25/1908Seavey's hopyard, Lane Co., OregonAt birth, 9/25/1908Seavey's hopyard, Lane Co., Oregon
A593?Gibbs, James A.8/27/18623/24/1919San Francisco, San Francisco Co.,California
A593?Gibbs, Lillie May, Miss5/31/1893Hamilton Co., Illinois8/15/1917Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7234Gibbs, Mary Elizabeth Chance9/6/1860Marysville, Nodaway Co., Missouri11/17/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5934Gibbs, Nancy Jane Rogers8/28/1866Hamilton Co., Illinois7/26/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5051Gibbs, Pearl May Knox Oviatte2/8/1895Oregon9/4/1922Los Angeles, California
A4861Gibson, John Wesley12/24/1896Oregon6/7/1918Belleau Wood, FrancePvt., 20th Company, 6th Reg. USMC, 2nd Div., WW I
Unkn?Gibson, Wirt (or Wert) C.12/12/1855Missouri1/10/1921Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D322Gilbert, Charles H.1/14/1842Connecticut3/7/1917Soldiers' Home, Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co., CaliforniaSgt., Co. E, 147th NY Vol. Infantry
H5007Gilbert, Ressie May Bayly1/9/1889Colorado1/14/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D321Gilbert, Sarah Frances "Fannie" Glass, Mrs.5/27/1847Kentucky7/6/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A7451Gilbertson, Brita (Betsey) Lassedatter (Lewison)8/25/1854Balestrand, Balestrand kommune, Sognog Fjordane fylke, Norway7/29/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A7453Gilbertson, Gilbert J.12/3/1852Norway4/19/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A7452Gilbertson, Merril J.7/27/189310/4/1927TB Hosp., Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
F2004Gilham, Millicent Sarah "Millie" Mack3/29/1874Minnesota2/3/1940Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H4994Gilkey, Emily Dean8/22/1860Indiana4/5/1934Berkeley, Alameda Co., California
H49914Gilkey, Harrison Dean, M.D.6/10/1887Missouri9/28/1925Eugene, Lane Co., OregonSgt, Artillery & Infantry, Oregon National Guard, WW I
H4993Gilkey, Joseph Allen, Jr.12/16/1838Illinois6/1/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G632?2?Gillespie, Effie M. VanSkike, Mrs.1/13/1868Hope, Bartholomew Co., Indiana4/5/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6321Gillespie, Walter Scott6/13/1866Illinois10/26/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D104Gilman, Baby Oregon10/17/1898
FF12Gilman, Nellie G.3/19/1891Washington8/2/1891
FPotter's Field?Gilmore, Herbert J.12/18/1912
E471Gilmore, Rose Gross, Mrs.1/??/1884Macon Co., Missouri3/22/1910Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D284Gilson, Harriet (Hattie) L. Warner, Mrs.1/26/1868Winnebago Co., Illinois10/13/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D665Gilstrap, Harriett Elizabeth Fisher2/23/1844Illinois6/17/1930Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D664Gilstrap, Louis1/1/1845Macon Co., Missouri4/28/1926Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. B, 17th Kan. Vol. Infantry
E1691?Gleason, Adonijah1811-18129/23/1877Mohawk Valley, Lane Co., Oregon
E1693?Gleason, Genevra M. "Jennie," Mrs.about 9/8/1841Massachusetts1/25/1880Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1692Gleason, Rachel 7/15/1874
B3753-4Glendenning, Anna J. Lowe8/10/1862Prescott, Pierce Co., Wisconsin7/6/1928Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
B3754-5Glendenning, Arabella McCrum1/31/1830Rathfriland, Co. Down, Northern Ireland11/30/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3754Glendenning, David Joseph4/10/1867Wisconsin10/8/1920Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
B3975Glick, Norman Wayne10/26/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/3/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3971Glick, Roy Gurthie6/8/1889Bellmont, Wabash Co., Illinois3/28/1943OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
Unkn?Goheen, Robert Harry12/25/1921Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon1/22/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Golden, Infant9/14/1909unknown
G406NE¼ (6?)Golmeitzer, Joseph1855Austria4/20/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C311?Goltra, James Wilbur1/10/1858Oregon1/17/1882Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., New York
FPotter's Field?Gonzales, HilberteCalifornia or Mexico8/14/1911Brookmayer Mill on Mohawk River, 14 miles east of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C1957Goodchild, James, "Uncle Jimmy"12/4/1813Berkshire Co., England1/20/1881Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
C1955Goodchild, Martha Johanna Storm Behrens, Mrs.12/3/1823Stockholm, Sweeden9/243/1882Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
D15713Goodenough, Augusta M. Whitney, Mrs.11/2/1841Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts12/2/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7324Goodman, Joseph C.2/27/1858Pennsylvania4/2/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7323Goodman, Naomi J. Shumway Pierce11/22/1854Ohio2/28/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5951Goodwin, Ezra Benson2/20/1870Logan, Cache Co., Utah10/6/1937Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Goodwin, Lewis M.8/24/1858Litchfield Co., Connecticut9/16/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4571Gordinier, Beulah V. Moore Provancha9/24/1910Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., South Dakota9/6/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4574Gordinier, Cornelius Edward8/24/1867Amboy, Lee Co., Illinois5/14/1946Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4573Gordinier, Della May Kilborn5/1/1874Ontario, Canada3/19/1958Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
G4572Gordinier, Harold L.1/6/1903South Dakota2/28/1967Multnomah Co., OregonOregon, SCP -- USNR -- WW II
C2671Gordon, AlbertaOregon8/21/1899
C3039Gordon, Clystia B. Gulliford Wilson5/10/1876Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Oregon2/17/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3037Gordon, Cora Belle Learned5/13/1870Beaver Center, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania6/13/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2672Gordon, Herbert Luther Jr.Oregon9/17/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2675Gordon, Martha Allen4/26/1837Essa, Simcoe Co., Ontario, Canada11/24/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2674Gordon, Thomas2/18/1840England12/13/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3038Gordon, William Thomas2/23/1868Alliston, Ontario, Canada1/30/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1162Gore, James5/27/1813Missouri8/15/1885
cem not listed?Gory, Baby Boy6/17/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/20/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3702Gossett, Thirsa Chamberlain Burris6/6/1842Washington Co., Ohio5/7/1913Lents, Multnomah Co., OregonCivil War Army Nurse 1861-1863
G3701Gossett, Warden Willis11/5/1841Ohio5/26/1909Junction City, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. H, 77th OH Vol. Infantry
E804 - not here Gossler, Charlotte Weaver11/21/1838Lower Augusta, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania2/22/1893Ida Grove, Ida Co., Iowa
E801Gossler, Harry William5/22/1877Jefferson Co., Iowa5/5/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E802Gossler, William Henry10/31/1834Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania3/20/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5611Goundry, Ruby Leone Farrington9/15/1889Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/28/1967Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D710S½ (1?)Gourley, Eugene Stewart 4/14/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/11/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F362N½ (4?)Grace, Ambrey 2/5/1832Indiana10/9/1912Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon
F362N½ (5?)Grace, Margaret8/9/1843New York11/11/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Grady, Mary Elizabeth Bledsoe Rogers Fitch7/15/1861Virginia2/19/1912General Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Graf, Baby Girl12/1/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/1/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1422Graham, Eunice Selfridge, Mrs.5/19/18063/6/1875Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H596??Grammond, Alfred Eugene8/1/1860Illinois1/19/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FA19Grammond, Leroy12/12/191212/12/1912
H5964Grammond, Mary E. Hendry7/2/1859Canada7/7/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E515Granger, Marie A. Demeaux11/??/1811Canada2/12/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4535Grant, Emma Cornelius Rowland, Mrs.4/3/1864Hagerstown, Washington Co., Maryland10/29/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4537Grant, Henry (Jr.)6/29/1859Victor, Iowa Co., Iowa5/22/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4538Grant, Ruth Virginia, Miss8/15/1885Iroquois, Beadle & Kingsbury Cos., South Dakota3/16/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1564Graves, David Porter9/3/1820Milo, Yates Co., New York3/27/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6511Grawl, John10/16/1845Rockwood, Somerset Co., Pennsylvania2/10/1919Wendling, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. H, 18th PA Cav.
E6512Grawl, Rebekah Wiltrout4/??/1845Pennsylvania12/26/1926Bend, Deschutes Co., Oregon
D709Gray, Jessie Belle Kerr4/??/1878Minnesota10/8/1973Multnomah Co., Oregon
D7010Gray, Samuel J.1865Oregon2/15/1943Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A5226Green, Annette Prentiss Hall Nye5/26/1849Lawrence, St. Lawrence Co., New York9/4/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4377Green, Bertha Emaline Brown3/13/1865McGregor, Clayton Co., Iowa5/19/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6181Green, Caroline Kinney, Mrs.12/15/1844Missouri11/6/1918Marshfield, Coos Co., Oregon
F3282-3Green, Estelle J. Burneson6/11/1847South Worcester, Otsego Co., New York2/25/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4376Green, Howard Augustus, Rev.9/7/1859Northfield, Rice Co., Minnesota3/25/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4378Green, Mildred Louella11/12/1899Mediapolis, Des Moines Co., Iowa8/20/1912 (marker says 8/19/1912)Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3281-2Green, Orin1/7/1871Iowa7/25/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3281Green, Orville M.2/21/1837Otsego Co., New York10/17/1907Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. B, 93rd NY Infantry
F6335Greenwalt, Bernard William (Barney)8/12/1869Germany7/7/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3761Greer, Reuben Knowlton7/28/1831Belmont, Waldo Co., Maine11/15/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1709Griffin, Charles William (Charlie)5/6/1876Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois7/20/1903Willamette River, north of Skinner's Butte, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2nd Lieut, Co. A, 1st. Seperate Batt'n, Oregon National Guard, Sp. Am. War
E1704Griffin, Elizabeth Potter10/29/1812Middlefield, Otsego Co., New York6/11/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1705Griffin, Gilbert Potter1/14/1833East Hamburg, Erie Co., New York2/27/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1707Griffin, Mary Ann Spraker4/6/1838Jefferson Co., New York8/27/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G629Griggs, Millard F. Jr.1/7/1920Lane Co., Oregon
F2118Gross, Althea Katherine Redman, Mrs.3/17/1907Salem, Marion Co., Oregon2/24/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4888Gross, Ethel Dora Mummey3/7/1882Ohio1/19/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4885Gross, Frank Lamontine9/17/1870Macon City, Macon Co., Missouri10/22/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4884Gross, Harriet (Hattie) Stowell3/6/1871Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co., Washington4/19/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4883Gross, Leonard (Mike)3/1/1872Macon City, Macon Co., Missouri2/3/1949Vet's Hosp., Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonPvt., Co. C, 2nd Oregon Infantry, then 2nd Oregon Regiment Band, Spanish American War
F21111Gross, Nellie F. Martin9/13/1873Biggsville, Henderson Co., Illinois8/13/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E472Gross, Noah, Sr. 8/11/1840Macon Co., Missouri4/19/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E473Gross, Sarah Frances King, Mrs.9 or 11/??/1842Missouri4/7/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F21112Gross, William J.11/8/1868Missouri12/13/1921Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E50?9 ?Grove, Clara Belle Christie1/17/1879Whiteside Co., Illinois4/19/1965Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E5010Grove, Wallace Clinton12/30/1870Pennsylvania9/18/1929Triangle Lake, Lane Co., Oregon
E1385Grubbs, Thaddeus Mears2/21/1850Niles, Berrien Co., Michigan6/12/1931Route 1, Sprngfield, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Grubbs, W. PinkAbout 1846Missouri, North Carolina, or Alabama7/17/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Grunddal, Peter (Gründahl, Peter Emilis Juhl)3/29/1894Denmark9/25/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F205?Grunning (Grening), baby boy4/9/1900
H506Guiso, Jennie Elisa Curry Carson9/1/1882Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co,, California1/26/1968Fairlawn Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F2102Gulliford, Arthur Valentine1860Oregon8/30/1934Bend, Deschutes Co., Oregon
F2104Gulliford, Charles Jasper12/16 or 18/1899Umitilla Co., Oregon12/25/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3032Gulliford, Elizabeth C. Hodges, Mrs.2/23/1853Polk Co., Oregon11/20/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2103Gulliford, Ella May DeGraft12/20/1871Whiteside Co., Illinois4/30/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2101Gulliford, Helen L.1903Oregon2/18/1957Multnomah Co., Oregon
C3031Gulliford, Jasper Newton5/15/1845Menard Co., Illinois6/5/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D652Gum, Georgia Crozier Simmons7/30/1845Illinois8/3/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unknfrac. of lot [?]Gumich, JudorAustria2/15/1911Blakelyville at tunnell near Lowell, Lane Co., Oregon
F244?4?Gurnsey (Guernsey), George M.7/4/1858Portland, Ionia Co., Michigan4/4/1931Sutherlin, Douglas Co., Oregon
F2444Gurnsey, Baby of GeorgeBetween 1910 & 1913Possibly Clackamas Co., Oregon?
E426Gwin, John A.6/??/1843Wayne Co., Indiana11/27/1907Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. B, 51st Indiana Infantry
E1415Hadley, Newton T.Oregon7/10/1878
C7304Hadsall, Catherine (Cassie) Hoffman8/28/1859Kansas8/1/1920Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C7303Hadsall, Mark Jefferson6/22/1855McHenry Co., Illinois6/28/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4391Haflenger, Albert Adolph11/27/1855Switzerland4/18/1928Foley Springs, Lane Co., Oregon
B4392Haflenger, Ella K. (Nellie) Kenyon Runey4/9/1860Lincoln, Lancaster Co, Nebraska7/13/1950Foley Springs, Lane Co., Oregon
H490B6Hagedorn, Albert7/31/1846Oakland Co., Michigan1/17/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H490B8Hagedorn, Ethel M.12/28/1875Michigan4/1/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H490B7Hagedorn, Mary Effie Gillfillen12/19/1851Lapeer Co., Michigan1/14/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H540?Hagen, Edward D.8/30/1912Oregon9/13/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3893 (4)Hagen, Holvor10/14/1883Norway3/28/1908Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D2110Hagen, Olava Larsen8/13/1845Norway10/27/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G40510Hagerty, Ezra William6/6/1838Pennsylvania, Lake Co, Illinois, Bennington Co, Vermont, or New York3/8/1915Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3508Haines, Alfred Benton Sr.New Jersey1/30/1888Black Hawk War, 1832
G4583Haines, Anna J. Rapp11/9/1860Muscatine, Muscatine Co., Iowa5/9/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2603Haines, Anna M.5/28/1867Oregon12/13/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3501Haines, Eleanor Chaffee11/5/1838Illinois1/14/1913Dallas Hospital, Dallas, Polk Co., Oregon
G4584Haines, Grace Vera8/3/1888Elkton, Douglas Co., Oregon3/17/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4582Haines, James A.10/16/1859Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois3/10/1932Near Bethel School, Lane Co., Oregon
C2605?Haines, Jonathan Ansel "John A." x large fir tree11/8/1866Oregon3/6/1952Alameda Co., CA
C3502Haines, Joseph A.8/8/1828Taswell Co., Illinois12/11/1916Monmouth, Polk Co., Oregon
C3507Haines, Joseph Edward1859Oregon2/16/1941Myrtle Point, Coos Co., Oregon
C3506Haines, Mary Ella Divelbiss2/11/1866Illinois4/1/1945Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2602Haines, Mary P. Blaine11/28/1839Indiana1/22/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4581Haines, Myrta A., Miss8/29/1882Douglas Co., Oregon2/16/1917Near Bethel School, Lane Co., Oregon
C3505Haines, Oscar A.1/24/1872Eckley, Curry Co., Oregon9/11/1951Los Angeles Co., California
C3504Haines, Rupert L.11/7/1867Oregon9/10/1924Burns, Harney Co., Oregon
C2601Haines, William W.8/8/1828Illinois6/21/1922Seattle, King Co., Washington
G4182Hale, John Paul5/11/1832England10/25/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C194S½ (1?)Hall, Charles S.New York12/??/1898
C194S½ (2?)Hall, Mary Virginia, Miss12/4/1837New York1/4/1915Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
D743Hall, Maude Amanda James1/27/1883Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California1/31/1931Albany, Polk Co., Oregon
F6454Hall, Rosa R. Amand, Mrs.4/7/18702/22/1921Bailey Hill District, Eugene, Lane Co., OR
EUnkn (170?)?Halladey, Ira BelaPennsylvania6/24/1923Alvadore, Lane Co., Oregon
D7011Hallner, Charles J.5/1/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4351Halpin, Claudia Merlin Houghton, Mrs.10/27/1877Austin, Mower Co., Minnesota7/11/1937Seattle, King Co., Washington
DUnkn60-7 (9) ?Halverson, LouisAbout 1868Of Holmstad, Norway8/26/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4426Ham, Jincy (Jesse) Catherine Haga7/20/1856Virginia5/17/1924Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4425Ham, Josiah S. (Joe)5/16/1857North Carolina1/2/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4427Ham, Lonnie11/6/1884Elk Creek, Grayson Co., Virginia11/23/1914Eugene, Lane Co., OregonU.S. Army in Phillipines for 3 years
B4428Ham, Loretta Irene12/27/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4424Ham, Susanna L. Zallinger, Mrs.9/11/1900Oregon7/30/1924Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4424Ham, William Preston2/4/1881Virginia11/9/1958Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3293Hamilton, Mary Scott, Mrs.12/8/1832Franklin Co., Ohio11/11/1915Oxnard, Ventura Co., California
C22311Hamilton, Miriam Stafford7/25/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/21/1986Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
F3294Hamilton, Robert12/10/1822 or 12/03/1823Killybegs, Donegal Co., Ulster Provence, North Ireland4/29/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2381Hammond, Nettie Miller5/21/1871Oregon3/10/1902Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
G4023Hamner, Mrs. Angeline Wilson7/25/1841Missouri6/1/1923State Hospital, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H606Bet. 1 & 2Hanchett, Ira Orton3/6/1848Fulton Co., Illinois8/28/1918Fall Creek, Lane Co., Oregon
E1654Hanchett, Louise H.5/10/1817Buffalo, Erie Co., New York6/18/1896Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1652Hanchett, William H., Dr.7/30/1805Herkimer Co., New York1/11/1875Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F25010?Hanekamp, John2/14/1855Baflo-Den Andel, Groningen, Netherlands OR Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands11/14/1932College Crest, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2509Hanekamp, Maggie Heersema, Mrs.7/7/1860Holland OR Hoogkerk, Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands4/4/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Hanel, Baby6/18/19236/18/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1716Hanna, Arthur A., "Mark"1/??/1879Canada8/31/1907OHS, Salem, Marion Co., OregonCorp, Co. C, 2nd Oregon Inf, Spanish American War
C305foot of 1Hanna, Calvin B.12/8/1875Oregon6/27/1898
C3051Hanna, Calvin H.7/25/1838Wayne Co., Ohio4/9/1925Monmouth, Polk Co. Oregon
C3052Hanna, Jane (Jennie) Eakin12/19/1849Bloom, Cook Co., Illinois8/25/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C305Hanna, Stewart Bates7/10/1877Near Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon8/27/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2011Hansen, Albert Joseph10/11/1889North Dakota1/28/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FLot previously owned (201?)16?Hansen, Joy Ann12/6/193812/22/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20116Hansen, Martin M.5/13/1898Oregon10/6/1899
D715Hanson, Elizabeth M. Roberts, Mrs.8/22/1836New Hampshire11/21/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D714Hanson, John B.2/4/1831Maine8/26/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2831Haraldson, Gunder4/14/1853Norway4/8/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2833Haraldson, Margretha Olsen9/1/1858Wisconsin9/15/1906Mirth (near Hadleyville), Lane Co., Oregon
A5641Harbaugh, Isaac Newton (Jack)10/??/1850Hamilton Co., Indiana6/16/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5642Harbaugh, Julia Jane Abel, Mrs. 10/25/1852Tiffin, Seneca Co., Ohio6/2/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2529Harlow, Charles Nathan5/12/1893Dorena, Lane Co., Oregon10/19/1958V.A. Hosp., Pima Co., Tucson, ArizonaCorpl. 33rd Ore. Spruce Sq. WW I
F2528Harlow, Gladys Fisher Collins2/3/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/9/1963Milwaukie, Clackamas Co., Oregon
A5173Harper, Zelma Mae Warthen4/21/1889Thayer Co., Nebraska6/2/1912Orenco, Washington Co., Oregon
F6463-4Harriman, Ada Estella Woodcock1/26/1867Oregon1/1/1955Boise, Ada Co., Idaho
F6463Harriman, Edna Cornelius6/4/1888Endersby, Wasco Co., Oregon9/27/1960Boise, Ada Co., Idaho
F6462Harriman, Edna Ethel Forman5/2/1898Halsey, Linn Co., Oregon9/19/1925Grants Pass, Josephine Co., Oregon
F6464-5Harriman, Edward Mills9/16/1855England9/10/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F6461Harriman, Fredrick E.5/22/1893Oregon6/28/1970Laredo, Webb Co., Texas
F6465Harriman, Nellie Hanford11/26/1886Eight Mile, Wasco Co., Oregon8/28/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3355Harrington, Hannah1810Fairfield, Somerset Co., Maine11/3/1890Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6681Harris, Arthur W.5/14/1863Maine6/1/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Harris, Flavious J.2/7/1851Harrison Co., Missouri5/26/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6713Harris, George Willis5/5/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/19/1936VA Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonU.S. Navy, stationed at Bremerton, WA, WW I
G3663Harris, Infant daughter10/22/191410/23/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6711Harris, John William, M.D.3/2/1854Russellville, Putnam Co., Indiana6/6/1918Hendrick's Park, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3661Harris, Madison Curtis, Dr.1/5/1877Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon11/23/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6712Harris, Mary Rosetta Shortridge11/22/1857Six miles south of Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon2/27/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3662Harris, Vera Wilson, Mrs.1/29/1883Philadelphia, Pennsylvania12/28/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50413Harsh, Julius Horace11/11/1877Creston, Union Co., Iowa12/9/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5042Harsh, Mary (Maude) Danner Campbell1/5/1842Belmont Co., Ohio4/12/1926Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H50414Harsh, Mattie Ellen Carter Meserve10/??/18766/28/1968Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H5041Harsh, Philip L.2/16/1836Washington Co., Pennsylvania1/26/1926Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H50612Hart, Allen10/8/1882Republic Co., Kansas11/1/1957Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., KS, 6th Battry Field Arty, 1902-1905; Spanish War Vet
H5065Hart, Nellie A. Bashford12/10/1883Republic Co., Kansas10/13/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FD24Hartley, Ingbrigt Eugene, Sr.4/1/1860Norway7/23/1922North Bend, Coos Co., Oregon
B4752Hartley, James W.1/30/1879Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania10/8/1910Florence, Lane Co., Oregon
FD23Hartley, Julia Moe Johnson10/31/1870Whitehall, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin2/14/1937North Bend, Coos Co., Oregon
B47514Hartley, Samuel4/25/1869Frostburg, Allegany Co., Maryland9/13/1952Troutdale, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A573Hartman, Isaac Marion6/30/1863Probably Pendelton Co., West Virginia OR Nestlow, Wayne Co, West Virginia3/17/1918Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7391Hartzell, Frederick R.5/29/1879Iowa12/4/1921Between Ashland & Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon
D19016Harvey, Edward M.9/30/1865Geneva, Ontario Co., New York5/26/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D19015Harvey, Margaret M.2/25/1874Nebraska3/22/1952Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E89? (Unkn)?Harwood, Baby Marquita Belle4/14/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/14/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E896Harwood, Frank M.8/29/1861Cedar Co., Iowa5/12/1943Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
E896-7Harwood, Harriet M. Shaw3/10/18427/9/19096 mi. north of Eugene on River Road, Lane Co., Oregon
E897-8Harwood, Isaac B.2/11/18344/26/1923Motor Route A, 6 miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E895Harwood, Lillian M.5/4/1873Iowa11/12/19076 mi. north of Eugene on River Road, Lane Co., Oregon
B4723Haskell, Abbie J. Mitchell4/5/1856New Brunswick, Canada6/23/1934College Crest District, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4721Haskell, Alonzo William3/2/1855Maine4/18/1930College Crest District, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4728Haskell, Dorothy Littlefield, Mrs.11/12/1834Lowell, Penobscot Co., Maine4/26/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4726Haskell, William A.10/12/1829Penobscott Co., Maine9/15/19142 m. south of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2333Haskins, Cleo P., Miss11/??/1888Benton Co., Oregon?1904
Unkn?Hassad, Richard Emerson9/27/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/2/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H542? (10?)Hatfield, Archie Neal7/31/19168/3/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5554 - east halfHatfield, Baby11/10/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/10/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5554 - west halfHatfield, Harry Wayne6/7/19187/8/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5552Hatfield, Samuel Jefferson4/15/1850Mercer Co., Missouri7/6/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7261Haugen, Ole O.11/7/1857Norway9/14/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7262Haugen, Peter O.4/3/1859Norway10/9/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A747N½ (4?)Havely, Olaf12/10/1862Norway10/16/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E805Hawk, Franklin B.2/22/1869Effort, Monroe Co., Pennsylvania5/6/1904Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
Unkn?Hawkins, Betty Louise10/6/1918Oregon2/19/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Hawkins, Jack Carl R.8/27/1886Wichita, Sedgwick Co.,Kansas8/7/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FD7Hawley, Mary Jane (Jennie) Bailey12/28/1867Monroe Co., Iowa3/16/1942Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon
FD6Hawley, William B.8/8/1851Illinois1/5/1931Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon
E466Haycock, Esther White, Mrs.3/25/1847Buford, Ontario, Canada12/15/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E467Haycock, Marshall Spring Bidwell11/29/1841Canada8/21/1920Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. A, 5th Reg. IA Vol Infantry; then Pvt, Co. A, Hancock's Veterans
A5145Hayden, Gwendolen Lampshire4/4/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/1/1972Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5146Hayden, Jesse, Sr.8/31/1900California1/16/1994Tillamook Co., Oregon
A5147Hayden, Robert A.10/17/1864Baltimore, Baltimore Co., Maryland3/16/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5148Hayden, Sarah Anna Harvey6/16/1869Kansas11/3/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4507Hayes, Baby Boy1/19/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/20/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4507Hayes, Elsie Grace Hill3/5/1881Lane Co., Oregon1/22/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5802Hayes, Homer Gordon7/2/1870Oregon5/3/1917Colfax, Placer Co., California
FB1Hayman, Maria (Mary) Eliza Isaacson, Mrs.10/7/1872Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland2/27/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G364S½ (10?)Haynes, Andy7/10/1880Mississippi3/14/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5443Haynes, Anna Adora Richmond4/16/1864Waupun, Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin7/11/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3649Haynes, Bessie Ruth Orcutt Lane10/9/1896Alexandria, Hanson Co., South Dakota9/28/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4894Haynes, Daniel W.12/22/1825Ohio2/11/1911Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
A4891Haynes, Ellen Rebecca Eytchison, Mrs.2/26/1857Wisconsin12/13/1927Fall Creek, Lane Co., Oregon
D285Haynes, Evelyn (Eva) I. Warner7/7/18592/26/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G364S½ (2?)Haynes, Frances Arminda Lewis, Mrs.3/15/1849Webster Co., Mississippi5/9/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G364S½ (1?)Haynes, Joseph W.5/24/1853Mississippi1/28/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H54410Haynes, Kneeland N.12/25/185811/26/1922Hillsboro, Washington Co., Oregon
A4893?Haynes, Miranda Allen Findlay, Mrs.4/10/1840Oswego Co., New York12/3/1910Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A4892Haynes, Richard W.4/27/1850Indiana1/22/1929Fall Creek, Lane Co., Oregon
G4077Haynes, Robert Harvey9/4/1863Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri2/18/1916Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
H5442Haynes, Selah Warren Bert10/1/1854Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., Indiana8/11/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5441Haynes, Walter Earl3/7/1884Wisconsin12/29/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7311Haynes, William Granville2/14/1895Oregon4/23/1921Public Health Hospital, Tacoma, Pierce Co., WashingtonOre - Pvt., 65th RECT Coast Artillery Corp, WW I
D706?5Hays, Alice May Bennett, Mrs.1860Missouri8/22/1921Monroe, Benton Co., Oregon
D1643Hays, Amanda4/29/1851Oregon1/2/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1641Hays, Henry5/18/1810Hardin Co., Tennessee2/28/1883Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCommissary in the Rogue River Indian war of 1856
D7064Hays, Isaac Joseph1/17/1854Illinois3/21/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1642Hays, Mary (Polly) Head3/26/1810Virginia12/12/1893
D1644Hays, Robert R. "Bob"10/7/1848Tennessee7/2/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5911?Head, Bessie F. Howard, Mrs.8/23/1889Pawnee City, Pawnee Co., Nebraska3/1/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5913Head, Gertrude Edith12/10/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/11/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5914Head, Gilbert Leslie5/15/1915Oregon7/2/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4124Healy, Roy, Rev.12/25/1886Lebanon, Linn Co., Oregon6/21/1922Plainview, Linn Co., Oregon
H5411Heath, Charles E.8/28/1881Indiana10/10/1913Strathmore, Alberta, Canada
H5413Heath, Helen Louise2/9/1909Montrose Co., Colorado9/5/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4617Heaton, Emmaretta A., Mrs.4/10/184210/9/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4618Heaton, Gilbert Young3/19/1838Troy, Clarke Co., Ohio5/24/1915Zumwalt, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Hebert, Baby3/4/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/4/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1084Heck, Clara Jane Bartholomew, Mrs.10/30/1879Liverpool, England3/16/1910General Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1085Heck, William Albert10/19/1873Belvidere, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin1/20/1959Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
A5284Heckman, Erma Emoline Elliott, Mrs.10/8/1891Clarion, Wright Co., Iowa1/3/1913Oregon City, Clackamas Co., Oregon
F2502-3Heersema, Sena11/13/1862Holland11/14/1935Thurston, Lane Co., Oregon
F2501-2Heersema, Thomas7/25/1842Netherlands7/22/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1381Heideman, Lewis11/16/1860Illinois8/3/1922Raymond, Pacific Co., Washington
B3802Heller, Mary C. Sisler, Mrs.10/27/1837West Virginia1/8/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3804Heller, Mary Elizabeth Grimm, Mrs.7/20/1831Maryland10/23/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3805Heller, Philip10/1/1830Franklin Co., Pennsylvania10/11/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E82Hempe, Matilda Koopman6/5/1856Bremen, Bremen, Germany2/6/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B43713Hempy, Ora C. Smith10/4/1869Tennessee12/2/1957Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
B43716Hempy, William6/18/1868Imarshall Town, Marshall Co., Iowa9/6/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5631?Hendershot, Margarette A.12/3/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/3/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2183Henderson, Charles Sumner7/??/1865French Prairie, Marion Co., Oregon2/18/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2182Henderson, Elizabeth A. Schroyer11/13/1826McClellandtown, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania1/18/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2182Henderson, Enoch Pinkney, Rev., D. D.7/24/1818Callaway Co., Missouri10/13/1893Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2184Henderson, Ewing King3/1/1855Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pennsylvania12/29/1941Downey, Los Angeles Co., California
C2375Henderson, James Henry Dickey (J.H.D.), Rev.7/23/1810Livingston Co., Kentucky12/13/1885Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Henderson, John4/24/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F287S½ (10?)Henderson, John A.3/23/1851Ohio4/25/1926Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C2372Henderson, John Fremont "Colonel"3/14/1850Washington Co, Pennsylvania10/17/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2584Henderson, Larry Brentz7/26/1885Oregon6/18/1892Lebanon, Linn Co., Oregon
C2181Henderson, Loyal4/30/1863Oregon8/11/1875
C2304Henderson, Mary A. Duncan Richlin3/15/1860Oregon6/26/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E825Henderson, Mary Ann Klock, Mrs.2/1/1849Tioga Co., Pennsylvania3/11/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2374Henderson, Mary E. Fisher 11/10/1820Kentucky1/6/1890San Diego, San Diego Co., California
C2583Henderson, Mary E. Miller1863Oregon3/7/1887Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F287S½ (1?) Henderson, Meta Pearl7/14/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/12/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Henderson, Richard Ray7/1/1906Yreka, Siskiyou Co., California11/16/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E824Henderson, Robert Burns10/30/1849Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa7/29/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2582Henderson, Walter Vernon (W. V.), Dr.4/28/1857Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/19/1897
Unkn?Hendricks, Albert Milton4/16/1854Lane Co., Oregon3/2/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn - 297??Hendricks, Mary E. Whitney, Mrs.4/5/1864Salem, Marion Co., Oregon2/4/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A51810 (not here)Hendrickson, Shirley Ann Crawford8/27/1911Lind, Adams Co., Washington5/1/2002Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FI (Potter's Field)8 (north half) Henry, Carrie Esther10/4/1908Oklahoma11/17/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C19814Hensen, Winifred A. B. (Frances) Cole8/13/1897Pierson, Woodward Co., Iowa12/9/1918Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F2835Hensill, Doris Esta6/??/1898California8/1/1903
F2834Hensill, Pauline Margaret2/28/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/30/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E179?Herbold, Fred David9/18/1874Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/9/1914Miles City, Custer Co., Montana
H542? (9?)Herman, Arthur J.9/17/1900Etna, Siskiyou Co., California5/16/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3452Herrig, Gladys M. Rowland5/26/1896Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/21/1965Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H555?Hetherington, HenryAbout 1857Iowa or South Dakota or Minnesota11/8/1912Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E126?Hewitt, Eddie California3/29/1878
E16814Hibbard, Lillian R. Richardson8/11/1872Humansville, Polk Co., Missouri8/31/1970Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3289Hickethier, Myrtle Green1881Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/16/1937Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H5521Hickox, Caroline (Carrie) Persis Butler2/16/1847Akron, Summit Co., Ohio4/24/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5522Hickox, Gertrude B. Sprague6/22/1876Wamego, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas12/23/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E407Higgins, Jennie Brown2/11/1858New York6/15/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E408Higgins, John S.6/3/1856Massachusetts10/10/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E451Higgins, Ora Belle Brown, Mrs.7/14/1869St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Minnesota11/10/1929Pleasant Hill Church, Lane Co., Oregon
D7013Hildebrand, John August9/26/1856Sweden8/6/1920Willamette Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C315½/316½3Hill, Alanson Parks8/30/1832Westford, Chittenden Co., Vermont2/9/1914Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. C, 8th IL Cavalry; then Pvt, Co. H, 8th IL Cavalry
E38?Hill, Alcyone Palmer, Mrs.8/??/1857Oregon10/19/1952Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
Unkn (Potter's Field?)?Hill, Baby Boy10/10/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/10/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G45015Hill, Cora Elizabeth Wilton188611/2/1943Vanport City, Multhomah Co., Oregon
D1608Hill, Edna Quimby, Mrs.6/29/1885Idaho10/5/1906Sisson (later Shasta City), Shasta Co., California
G4502Hill, Ellen Bailey4/21/1860Near Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/24/1941Waldport, Lincoln Co., Oregon
D1151Hill, Ida Belle Rossman6/4/1869Glencoe, McLeod Co., Minnesota7/26/1949Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Hill, Infant7/9/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/9/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4501Hill, Jesse Reuben1/25/1849Barry Co., Missouri1/28/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E95Hill, John Edward3/4/1862Cross, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin1/31/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G45016Hill, John Hanks4/25/1879Oregon3/27/1939Newberg, Yamhill Co., Oregon
G4504Hill, Lillian Etta Hayes 9/3/1886Rising City, Butler Co., Nebraska8/15/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1154Hill, Linda Elizabeth Ham7/22/1870West Virginia3/15/1906Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D1152Hill, Nathan9/18/1862Virginia7/19/1949Lane Co., Oregon
C3026Hill, Nora A. Hulin, Mrs. 1/3/1879Oregon7/7/1907Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas
E3810Hill, Ralph W.8/26/1888North Bend, Coos Co., Oregon9/26/1918FrancePvt, U.S. Army, A.E.F., WW I
D6893Hiney, Pearle Heneritta Cox Rich9/28/1891Cedar Hill, San Juan Co., New Mexico11/21/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H555?Hitchcock, Charles H.11/17/1913Stevenson, Skamania Co., Washington
G6272Hoare, Helen Leone8/6/1920Oregon10/10/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5526Hoare, Samuel Ralph12/21/1844London, England10/22/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E982?Hocheisen, Josephine5/7/1817Liechtenstein, Germany3/24/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FC8Hockaday, Joseph Wallace9/3/1870Jackson Co., Missouri2/16/1929Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
D150NE¼ (#6 or 7)Hodges, Herbert, Jr. "Birdy"3/17/1905Oregon12/28/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3123Hodges, Lovell Delbert3/20/1896Lincolnville, Marion Co, Kansas5/26/1920Hillsdale, Multnomah Co., OregonPfc, Co. C, 22nd Engineers, WW I
H4974Hodgkins, Margaret Nugent, Mrs.2/27/1866Michigan1/28/1923Los Angeles Co., California
F2093Hoeflein, Celesta Deffenbacher6/19/1850Minnesota or Indiana4/18/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1757Hoeflein, George W.2/22/1867Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon7/7/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2091Hoeflein, Julius Caesar5/22/18262/6/1919Yoncolla, Douglas Co., Oregon
E1758Hoeflein, Virginia A. Leach, Mrs.6/2/1863Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon9/6/1938Toledo, Lincoln Co., Oregon
H4927Hoffman, Grace Farrington Rones1/13/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/5/1942Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B3793Hoffman, Helen H. Milliorn2/23/1852Missouri4/8/1925Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C192Hoffman, James L.12/21/1842Sangamon Co., Illinois10/29/1904Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Oregon
C1923Hoffman, Phillipia Eugenia Milliorn, Mrs.3/30/18491/28/1937Aberdeen, Gray's Harbor Co., Washington
B3792Hoffman, William Henry7/4/1844Sangamon Co. Illinois2/7/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3794Hoffman, William Walter5/23/18722/12/1873
F2106Hogan, Clara C. Edwards Dougherty11/15/1878Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon7/1/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D727Hogberg, Gustave F.4/18/1898Dalsland, Sweden5/24/1946Cottage Grove, Lane Co., OregonPvt., WW II
D726Hogberg, Velma Ruth Wright Carlson9/5/1899Shedd, Linn Co., Oregon5/24/1946Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon
F2432Hoiland, Andrew (aka Aadnesen,
5/25/1860Minnesota3/24/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2434Hoiland, George W.9/10/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/4/1925Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
F2431Hoiland, Samuel Alfred4/17/1890North Dakota12/10/1895Fairmount, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1718Holbrook, Rufus K.8/10/1898Division hospital, Cavite, Philippine IslandsPvt., Co. C, 2nd Oregon Inf, Spanish American War
G371Foot of 5Holcomb, Infant daughter2/15/19102/15/1910
F6361Holcomb, John Albert4/5/1868Nevada3/26/1920Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon
F6363Holcomb, Maud (Minnie) Elizabeth Delbridge8/11/1872Jersey City, Hudson Co., New Jersey3/9/1960Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada
A5191-2Holden, Alba Grant5/29/18706/16/1946Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
A5194Holden, Angeline (Anna) Hayes11/28/1845New York4/30/1912Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
A51915Holden, Harry Miles4/16/1872New York9/26/1928Oakland, Alameda Co., California
B3816Holden, Henry Watson8/22/1839Milford, Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire3/1/1921Wilsonville, Clackamas Co., OregonPvt., Tarbell's Company, Lafayette Artillery, New Hampshire Militia
A5154Holden, Sarah Mary (Sadie, Sallie) Johnson4/3/1825Cincinnatti, Hamilton Co., Ohio10/16/1911Deerhorn, Lane Co., Oregon
H490B4Holdsworth, Barbara Helen6/26/1913California4/22/1934Los Angeles Co., California
A5217Holeman, Euzetta Anna Rowland8/8/1859Iowa12/4/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A52112Holeman, Lois Fern12/31/1917River Road, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/31/1917River Road, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Holeman, Phylis Jean12/29/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/29/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5218Holeman, Thornton Bonnell2/10/1882Kansas12/24/1948Albany Conv. Home, Albany, Linn Co., Oregon
A7464Holeman, Urane Clifton12/31/1920Oregon1/25/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5216Holeman, Uriah Cleghorn6/30/1856Illinois2/12/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E127SE¼Holland, Dakota Territory
C1985-6Holloway, Luticia Ann "Letty" Boggess8/28/1818Ohio1/25/1878Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C1983Holloway, Nancy "Nannie" S. Turner Nunn7/3/1841Missouri11/27/1926Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
C1984Holloway, Samuel2/??/1826Ohio3/24/1908Goshen, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D, 99th IL US Infantry, Civil War
H600bet 2 & 3Holmes, Robert LeRoy5/31/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/2/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6002Holmes, Susan Emily Irvin, Mrs.10/21/1888Minnesota1/23/1919Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Holmquist, Howard William3/3/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/9/1910Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3532Holt, Angeline Wilkins, Mrs.8/15/1849Near Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/31/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3535Holt, Samuel D.Greene Co., East Tennessee7/19/1901
E871Hopewell, Lorenzo Dow3/15/1871Kansas3/14/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3135Hopkins, BabyOregon11/7/1890
C3131Hopkins, Dwight B.18666/12/1942Portland, Washington Co., Oregon
C3133-4Hopkins, Emma Lynde4/24/1839Jefferson Co., New York10/18/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3132-3Hopkins, Joseph Bower1/31/183710/18/1925Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C3524Horn, Carolina LowellAbout 1826"On the Rhine," Germany10/18/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1292Horn, Charles A. Calculated 6/27/1878Oregon10/10/1898Manilla, PhillipinesPvt., Co. C, 2nd OR U.S.V., Spanish American War
E1297Horn, Flossie Jane Danner4/16/1890Oskaloosa, Jefferson Co., Kansas12/31/1949Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., California
E1296Horn, Frank Marion8/9/1885Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/26/1949Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., California
E1295Horn, James M.11/6/1849Davis Co., Iowa7/26/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E12910Horn, James Robert5/4/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/28/1981Lane Co., Oregon
C2571Horn, Jerry11/15/1858Iowa3/29/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2575Horn, Lela May5/25/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/20/1909North of Coburg, Lane Co., Oregon
E1299Horn, Lena M.Gowing8/9/1913Joseph, Wallowa Co., Oregon5/26/1997Lane Co., Oregon
C2572-3Horn, Leo1/29/1887Oregon2/2/1887
E1293Horn, Sarah E. Gray, Mrs.1852/1853Indiana4/12/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1076Horton, Harriet (Hattie) A. Brown, Mrs.12/15/1852Iowa8/23/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1077Horton, Lillian D. (McCloud?), Miss4/15/1874Iowa6/28/1954Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D29½4 (2, SE¼)Hostettler, Christian9/5/1865Swartzberg, Switzerland6/12/1955Grants Pass, Josephine Co., Oregon
D29½3 (1, NE¼)Hostettler, John4/18/1860Bern, Switzerland12/24/1944Josephine Co., Oregon
D605 (10) ?Hostettler, Nickolas7/??/1877Switzerland12/23/1905St. Vincent's Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B43516Houghton, Ashley LeGrand2/14/1873Winona Co., Minnesota2/5/1951Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4352Houghton, Augustus LeGrand4/9/1844Pennsylvania12/12/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4353Houghton, Charlotte ("Lottie") Maria Cherry2/9/1847Armagh, Co. Armagh, North Ireland9/18/1913Gary, Deuel Co., South Dakota
B4354Houghton, Frederick William9/1/1883Canby, Yellow Medicine Co., Minnesota4/4/1920Mountain View Sanitorium, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
Unkn (Potter's Field?)? Houser, George2/22/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3591Houston, Benjamin Franklin ("Frank")5/23/1831Illinois7/31/1924Alpine, Benton Co., Oregon
F3592Houston, Catharine ("Kate") Boardman11/19/1841Yates Co., New York4/20/1909Mohawk Valley, Lane Co., Oregon
F3595Houston, Fred Chauncy6/22/1880Oregon5/11/1904Union, Union Co., Oregon
C21918Hovey, Albert G., Hon.7/11/1824Londonderry, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire11/27/1898Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C219?Hovey, Albert Guy [Jr.]6/18/1869Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon10/31/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C21919Hovey, Emily Humphrey, Mrs.4/3/1842Ontario, Canada8/10/1918Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
H495N½ (8?)Howard, Andrew Marion 12/4/1871Smithfield (Franklin), Lane Co., Oregon10/30/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D18610?Howard, Charlotte (Lottie) May Walkley5/1/1881Lorane, Lane Co., Oregon3/7/1954Redmond, Deschutes Co., Oregon
D1868Howard, Cinderella (Nellie) Kays, Mrs.4/8/1856Salem, Marion Co., Oregon6/3/1924River Road, Lane Co., Oregon
H4957Howard, Eda Jane Smith4/11/1841Missouri5/28-29/1919Albany, Linn Co., Oregon
D1869Howard, Emmett2/16/1879Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/15/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1865Howard, Jessie, Miss11/4/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/4/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1867Howard, Nellie Katharine, Miss4/4/1898Oregon4/19/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4956Howard, Royal Varney12/6/1833Knox Co., Ohio4/24/1916Molalla, Clackamas Co., Oregon
D1866Howard, Samuel Newton10/26/1839Henry Co., Indiana12/28/19063 miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H495N½ (9?)Howard, William Varney3/15/1874Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon7/2/1940Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
D733Howe, Alice 3/2/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/2/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D731Howe, Baby Girl 1/27/19201/30/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D15911Howe, Edward12/24/1859Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada8/6/1929Motor Route B, Lane Co., Oregon
D732?Howe, George Benjamin 3/25/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/10/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4734Howe, Helen Remberta Hayes1/18/1883Danville, Vermillion Co., Illinois10/2/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1596Howe, Henry7/22/1821New York City, New York4/12/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5361Howe, Infantabout 1914
A5362Howe, John P.7/17/1838New York3/25/19114.5 miles south of Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 37th IL Inf., Civil War
B4732Howe, John Pardee Sr.8/22/1849Ohio9/12/1910Osborne Hotel, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3122Howe, Julie E. How Dotson, Mrs.12/12/1852Iowa1/5/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D15910Howe, Lovenia Blachly11/11/1860Valpariso, Porter Co., Indiana5/4/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1597Howe, Mary Clayton4/30/1841Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, Scotland8/31/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5364Howe, Nancy Ellen Stevenson7/29/1844Indiana6/20/1924Talent, Jackson Co., Oregon
D1599Howe, Percy R.11/28/18837/22/1884Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2966Howell, Charles S.Island of Haiti4/19/1921Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCo. I, 14th IL Inf; 1st Sgt., Co. A, 6th U.S. Veteran Vol. Inf.
D315Howell, Elsie Mary10/30/1895Utah11/21/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H618?Hubbard, Baby5/28/19175/28/1917
E1741Hubbard, Frank Freemont7/15/1852Barre, Orleans Co, New York3/27/1931Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D26 (or 27?)N½ (5?)Hubbard, Ina Belle Paxton5/??/1875Ohio2/12/1909Marcola, Lane Co., Oregon
E1742 (not here)Hubbard, Laura Caroline Reed8/24/1851Freetown, Cortland Co., New York12/8/1917Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D15710Hubbard, William Clay7/20/1924Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon5/16/1971Vetran's Hospital, Roseburg, Douglas Co., OregonPFC, Coast Arty. Corps WW II-Ore.; served in Korean War
Unkn?Huck, Mary (Nellie) E. Alcock Brown4/18/1876Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada7/16/1952OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Huckins, Infant12/23/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/23/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5824Huddleston, Joseph Charles (Joe)7/??/1838West Virginia11/22/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree?Hufford, Baby Girl12/10/1920Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/10/1920Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B38310Huff-Tegger, Steven Ross4/11/1953Klamath Falls, Klamath Co., Oregon2/28/2010Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F2089Hughes, Flora Jane (Ivy) Snodgrass7/14/1871Mulberry, Franklin, Arkansas3/22/1953Multnomah Co., Oregon
B3891 (6)Hughes, John3/25/1877Beauce, Quebec, Canada4/7/190924 miles east of Eugene (Wendling), Lane Co., Oregon
D19SW¼ (1?)Hughes, John Franklyn3/??/1879Oregon9/17/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20810Hughes, John Joseph (Jack)5/11/1868Northhamptonshire, England6/15/1940Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D6822Hughes, Lola Marjorie Cal 05/10/1915Lane Co., Oregon9/3/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6823Hughes, Martha J. Kennedy9/10/1873Vanceburg, Lewis Co., Kentucky12/20/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5189Hughes, Maude May Johnston, Mrs.12/8/1876Tampico, Whiteside Co., Illinois10/13/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1819Hughes, Phoebe E. Walton Parsons7/4/1842Van Buren Co., Iowa12/30/1917Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon
D6821Hughes, William Delano8/6/1869Kentucky2/27/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5883Hulegaard, Ella Sophia Anderson12/17/1882Minnesota6/8/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3024Hulin, Abbie J. Craig3/15/1838Jackson Co., Michigan7/3/1892Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3025Hulin, Charles Sherman2/21/1856Riverview, Lane Co., Oregon10/8/1934Los Angeles Co., California
C3022Hulin, Edgar M.2/20/1858Oregon5/13/1882
C302bet 1 & 2Hulin, Elmer P.4/30/1867Oregon11/26/1878
C3027Hulin, Lawrence Craig7/15/1907Oregon9/1/1986Seattle, King Co., WashingtonU. S. Army, WW II
C3023Hulin, Lester3/22/1823Malta, Saratoga Co., New York5/28/1897Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCayuse war - January to July, 1848; Co. D, Lancaster [OR] Light Horse Cavalry 1864
C302bet 4 & 5Hulin, Mary Albright4/23/1856Oregon1/26/1893Ashland, Jackson Co., Oregon
C302bet 6 & 7Hulin, Nelson Craig8/3/1880Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon7/12/1977Siskiyou Co., California
C3021Hulin, Peter3/3/1793New York5/31/1878Lane Co., OregonPvt., 7th Reg. (Green's), NY Militia, War of 1812
B388Hull, Infant3/17/19083/17/1908
B388N½ (4?)Hull, Josephine (Josie) H. Collins, Mrs.9/11/1848Memphis, Scotland Co., Missouri3/26/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B388N½ (5?)Hull, Michael C.2/23/1840Fellowsville, Preston Co., West Virginia (formerly Virginia)5/7/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5123Hull, Rosanah Maldonetta Mitchell, Mrs.9/29/1839Selma, Alabama11/22/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Hume, James Harrison (or Henderson)12/25/1859Allen Co., Ohio4/26/1928Flag (Walton Pct), Lane Co., Oregon
F1996Humphrey, Augustus Loyal "A. L."9/27/1795Torrington, Litchfield Co., Connecticut5/18/1880Long Tom, Lane Co., Oregon
C21914Humphrey, Cynthia A. Bristol12/12/1816Genessee Co., New York9/9/1884
G4611Humphrey, David3/17/1846Kentucky3/2/1925Elmira, Lane Co., OregonHume's Co., Kentucky Police Guard, Civil War
G4062 (S½)Humphrey, David Harvey9/12/1890Ulysses, Butler Co., Nebraska10/14/19181 Km south of Romagne, in Meuse–Argonne Campaign, FrancePvt., Washington National Guard, Co. C, 2nd Infantry (Yakima); Corp., Co. C, 161st Infantry, 41st Div., later transferred as Corp., to Co. E, 128th Infantry, A.E.F.
C2199Humphrey, Eda Claire3/24/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/26/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F1995Humphrey, Eliza Ann Ellmaker1/19/1809Tennessee8/13/1885Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C219?Humphrey, Elizabeth (Bettie) E. Shaw, Mrs.7/15/1859Stark Co., Illinois3/28/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4616Humphrey, Elizabeth Catherine Anderson3/19/1871Nebraska City, Otoe Co., Nebraska1/24/1947Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
C21911Humphrey, George, "Uncle George"4/1/1808Genessee Co., New York12/19/1883
C21910Humphrey, Henry Clay9/18/1856Elmira, Lane Co., Oregon11/15/1895Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
FCNW corner (6 or 7?)Humphrey, InfantOregon9/12/1891
C2196Humphrey, Infant son1887Oregon6/19/1887
G4619Humphrey, Ira10/11/1890Missouri4/27/1940Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
G4615Humphrey, James H.1/27/1861Casey Co., Kentucky4/3/1936Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
G6301Humphrey, John Harvey8/1/1851Blackhawk Co., Iowa5/21/1920Spencer Creek Valley, 8 miles south west of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4612Humphrey, Mary Ann3/18/1858Illinois8/4/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C21915Humphrey, Mary Grace Hanna8/20/1852Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon7/22/1912Mt. Tabor Sanitarium, Portland, Washington Co., Oregon
C21916Humphrey, Norris8/28/1854Oregon2/1/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G6302Humphrey, Thornton W.12/30/1896Nebraska4/20/1919Willamette River at Springfield, Lane Co., OregonU.S. Army, WW I
C2192Humphrey, William S.12/16/1850Iowa2/22/1888Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
D112?Humphreys, Edwin Lonsdale11/19/191911/19/1919Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
C3346Hunnicutt, Hartwell F.2/??/1835Illinois8/12/1903Coburg, Lane Co., OregonPvt. Co. G, 59th IL Infantry
E1794Hunsaker, Mary Ann "Polly" Luce Campbell Herbold, 4/20/1832Kentucky11/28/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E835Hunt, Avis, Miss5/??/1896Oregon6/19/1910Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington
E836Hunt, Celia A. Boyd5/3/1837Russell Co., Virginia12/16/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E837Hunt, James Basil9/4/1835Russell Co., Virginia10/22/1918San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California
D1101Hunt, John R.9/29/1837Baden, Germany8/20/1913Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon
E1403Hunt, Johnnie 1863Fresno, Fresno Co., California9/3/1898
D222Hunt, Leona May Lilwall2/8/1885New Mexico5/28/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E834Hunt, Mary R. B. [Miss Mollie B.]1/23/1881Coos Co., Oregon3/17/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H498N½ (15?)Hunter, Chester David12/21/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/10/1971Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4986Hunter, George Wisman3/12/1859Ohio3/20/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4987Hunter, Harriet Adora Shaull9/12/1861Ohio3/29/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4984Hunter, Hugh Henry12/16/1863Montpelier, Williams Co., Ohio9/11/1933Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H4982Hunter, Lois Marion1/16/1923Oregon10/6/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4983Hunter, Nettie M. Nye, Mrs.1/16/1867Ohio3/9/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H49812Hunter, Richard Blair "Dick"2/28/1889Montpelier, Williams Co., Ohio12/23/1952Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H542? (7?)Hunter, Robert5/14/1914Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D110NW¼ (5? )Hurd, Edgar R.6/12/1891Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon1/21/1915Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1104Hurd, John Clinton2/2/1896Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon4/9/1918Camp Hospital #35, Winchester, Hampshire, England2nd Co., Coast Artillery, Oregon National Guard; then PFC, Battery C, 65th Artillery, WW I
G45410Hurley, Isaiah3/9/1849Indiana4/26/1918College Crest, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4549Hurley, Sarah Frances Houston11/1/1856Iowa11/1/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Hurn, Baby Boy1/1/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/1/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B38910Husby, Dorothy12/9/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/26/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C343S½ (10?)Huston, George1835Murray Co., Tennessee5/20/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B38210Hutton, Maud (Maudie) May Randolph, Mrs.10/12/1887Montana5/15/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2494Hyland, Adelia Jane Tyler12/26/1849Valparaiso, Porter Co., Indiana8/14/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5351Hyland, Arley Dale2/27/1910Oregon3/9/1979Lane Co., OregonCo. D, Lancaster [OR] Light Horse Cavalry 1864
F2495Hyland, Burnham Smith9/20/1833New Hampton, Belknap Co., New Hampshire12/27/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1062Inman, Arthur Clifton3/22/1909Oregon8/6/1909Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon
D1063Inman, Emily Fidelia10/21/1844New York10/12/1918Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon
D1061Inman, Eva May8/29/1881Pennsylvania7/21/1908Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1161Inman, Henrietta Berthemia Settle Gore, Mrs.5/2/1823Jefferson Co., Indiana8/22/1908Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B47516Inman, Israel Putman5/16/1863Ottawa, Franknlin Co., Kansas11/28/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B47515Inman, Margaret Elizabeth Hartley12/16/1872Frostburg, Allegany Co., Maryland7/11/1967Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2097Inwall, Joannah Childers, Mrs.11/22/1848St. Charles Co., Missouri7/4/1927Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F2096Inwall, John Henry3/30/1849St. Charles Co. or St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri5/23/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6004Irvin, Catherine Jane Montgomery, Mrs.1/23/1858Canada4/23/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6003Irvin, George William1/30/1847Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada1/19/1918Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co A, 1st Mich. Cav; then Pvt., Co. G, 7th Mich. Cavalry
A4857Irvin, Ray William8/2/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/28/1938Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
E39S½ (3?)Isham, Cynthia Jane York, Mrs.12/19/1852Marion Co., Oregon8/21/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E39S½ (2?)Isham, John Alvin5/15/1845Newmansville, Cass Co., Illinois8/28/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7135Ivy, Henry Robert10/21/1856Arkansas8/22/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E811Ivy, Lydia L. Gentry, Mrs. 2/18/1812Tennessee or Arkansas11/17/1899Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5112Jackson, Elizabeth A., Mrs.9/20/1832Illinois8/7/1914Clackamas, Clackamas Co., Oregon
F246??Jackson, Mabel Shinn2/21/1894Lane Co., Oregon7/19/1936Oakland, Alameda Co., California
F21210Jackson, Mae M. [Mary] Zumwalt5/??/1875Lane Co., Oregon9/15/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5111Jackson, Samuel Benjamin9/12/1825Pennsylvania3/28/1911Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt, Co. B, 4th Indiana Infantry, OR Co. A, 16th US Infantry, War with Mexico 1846-1848
E1719Jackson, William5/12/1870Mankato, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota1/4/1938Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCo. B, 2nd Nebraska Inf, Spanish American War
D744James, Abner Denman12/20/1853Fort Wayne, Allen Co., Indiana1/27/1938Hillsboro, Washington Co., Oregon
E812James, Edna Irene10/26/1905Possibly Viento (now part of Hood River), Hood River Co., Oregon9/4/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1185James, Georgia Lee1880Oregon12/8/1883Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1184James, Lucy LeeOregon12/8/1883Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D745James, Lydia "Liddie" Handy1/14/1864Butte Co., California9/22/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2075Jeans, Benjamine B.2/6/1860Jeans Community, Lane Co., Oregon8/16/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2076Jeans, Mary Magdalene Rauch, Mrs.7/17/1862Iowa12/15/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Jeffries, Ray12/30/1907Idaho5/23/1930Los Angeles, California
F639S½ (2?)Jenkins, Catherine Elizabeth (Lizzie) McCarty12/18/1858Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota12/17/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F639S½ (1?)Jenkins, James Louis10/??/1849Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky2/21/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4522Jenkins, Margaret Jane Richardson1/1/1857Lane Co., Oregon2/8/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4521Jenkins, Shelton R.3/24/1853SW of Eugene, Oregon Territory5/7/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1777Jennings, A. Charles9/19/1885Oregon8/20/1913Roswell, Chaves Co., New Mexico
E1776Jennings, Addie Willis1/6/18701/23/1890Near Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
E1774Jennings, Augustus Charles, "A.C.," Hon.1/16/1845Drakesville, Davis Co., Iowa12/23/1917Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. M, 9th Iowa Cavalry
F2562Jennings, Bell12/15/1811Greene Co., Pennsylvania5/26/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2564Jennings, Cynthia L. Parsons McClung1/12/1818Hallowell, Ontario, Upper Canada12/12/1891Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1778Jennings, Joseph Elbert "Bert"12/12/1871Iowa6/2/1926McKenzie Hotel, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E177Not HereJennings, Mary1/11/1869Drakesville, Davis Co., Iowa2/22/1869Drakesville, Davis Co., Iowa
E1773Jennings, Mary V. VanDuyn1/2/1854Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio11/2/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1775Jennings, Rhoda J. Burks2/19/1848Near Danville, Hendricks Co., Indiana3/16/1899Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Jensen, Barbara Lillian10/5/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/5/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FB20Jeppesen, Sigfred Josias1/3/1896Denmark2/17/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4419- west endJernberg, Dale Eugene6/13/1931Snoqualime, King Co., Washington1/12/2022Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
v45414Jeske, Mary Alice Lindley Brown8/28/1896Nebraska5/3/1968Woodland, Yolo Co., California
A5681Jessen, Gordon Clarence2/21/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/9/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5685Jessen, Henry Ralph5/28/1884Minnesota11/17/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A56810Jessen, Joan 11/12/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/13/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5683Jessen, Marcus12/2/1851Denmark11/18/1935Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon
A5684Jessen, Mette12/25/1851Denmark5/12/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3898Jessie, Chester W.about 18879/2/1909Eugene Brick Yard, Lane Co., Oregon
A5711Jewell, Frank Reznor5/5/1876Eldarado, Butler Co., Kansas10/18/1918Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCo. 1, 2nd Ore. Inf. Spanish American War
F6471Joerger, Charles R.7/6/1868Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois7/27/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A51710Johnson Paddøy, Erick 5/21/1872Paddøy (Island), Vikanes Co., Norway1/22/1971Eugene, Lane Co., OregonOregon National Guard, WW I per grandson's memory
C2732Johnson, Anna Maude12/4/1877Shilo, Pope Co., Arkansas1/30/1957Lane Co., Oregon
CUnkn (273?)7?Johnson, Archie Louis10/16/1882 or 1886Siloam, Benton Co., Arkansas12/17/1968Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Johnson, Baby7/17/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/17/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20115Johnson, Bertina Hansen1/30/1896North Dakota12/7/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Johnson, Claudie
FPotter's Field?Johnson, Darwin Merritt5/6/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/7/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5546Johnson, Dolly McClaudie9/10/1908Enon, Carroll Co., Arkansas2/12/1915Mercy Hosp., Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4259Johnson, Dorothy Louise6/7/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/5/1926Olympia, Thurston Co., Washington
single grave lot?Johnson, E. D.1826Ohio1/3/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D644Johnson, Fred W.1/7/1889Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska4/4/1908Eugene Train Depot, Lane Co., Oregon
H5059Johnson, Iver Martin5/14/1890Elbow Lake, Grant Co., Minnesota12/24/1957Lane Co., Oregon
C2738Johnson, John Alexander5/4/1876Newport, Jackson Co., Arkansas3/10/1955Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D21Bet 7 & 8Johnson, Kirk Leroy2/19/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/31/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20115Johnson, Leroy M.8/21/1920Oregon12/6/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D217Johnson, Lillian Estella Kirkeberg10/21/1888Portland, Traill Co, North Dakota1/2/1970Anchorage, 3rd Judicial District, Alaska
D1023Johnson, Lloyd Edward "Stub"7/9/1899Whiting, Monona Co., Iowa10/21/1978Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D102?Johnson, Lloyd Merlewife wanting to lookat block before deciding whichgrave - 2016
E917Johnson, M. Ella Billmire8/6/1870Missouri11/6/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F248Johnson, male child12/28/1903Ellmaker Farm, west of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Johnson, Male Child12/28/1903Elmira, Lane Co., Oregon
H50510Johnson, Marie Christiana Iverson12/30/1855Norway9/21/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20115Johnson, Marvel Carlton4/3/1918Oregon12/6/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3459Johnson, Mary Vashti, Miss10/??/1882Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon5/26/1900Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California
D1022Johnson, Oliver W.1873, 1/??/1874 or 1/30/1876Iowa6/21/1933Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
Unkn (D?)?Johnson, Rachel N. Dahlen, Mrs. (aka Ragnilda Olesdtr Dahlen)4/19/1846Norway4/3/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5179Johnson, Rikka Pedersdatter Ness12/22/1875Wanamingo, Goodhue Co., Minnesota11/7/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D216Johnson, Roy Martin4/10/1894Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa5/23/1948Anchorage, 3rd Judicial District, Alaska
C3341Johnson, Thomas J.New York2/22/1906OSH, Marion Co., OregonPvt., Co F, 3rd NY Light Artillery
C34510Johnson, U. S. Grant1865Birmingham, Van Buren Co., Iowa5/26/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3458Johnson, Vashti Creamer8/??/1842Layfayette, Allen Co., Ohio3/5/1903Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
D1021Johnson, Walter Albert5/13/1901Iowa11/7/1904
D1024Johnson, Wilhelmina "Mina"8/29/1901Spring Valley, Pierce Co., Wisconsin5/13/1986Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4251Johnson, William W., Jr.12/10/190710/12/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4565Johnston, Allen S.8/17/1859Fort Wayne, Indiana10/21/1922Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
A5185Johnston, Claude Desmond5/25/1874Tampico, Whiteside Co., Illinois10/15/1926College Crest, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4475Johnston, Clyde N. Jr.10/25/1910Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon9/19/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4566Johnston, Ellen J. Leach4/16/185212/1/1933Whittier, Los Angeles Co., California
C3418Johnston, Lorena Lavinger1855McNab Twp., Renfrew, Ontario, Canada5/8/1892Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3415?Johnston, Robert B.Huntly, Ontario, Canada1/31/1927Eastern Oregon State Hospital, Pendleton, Umatilla Co., Oregon
B4255Johnston, Samuel W.9/26/1830Virginia (later became West Virginia)4/26/1908Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPrivate, Co. C, 7th California Infantry
A5186Johnston, Sarah Whitfield Wyckoff12/8/1876Greenville, Montcalm Co., Michigan4/23/1953Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50211 (Not Here)Jones, Adis Victor "Pete"10/28/1912Yoncalla, Douglas Co., Oregon2/24/2001Canby, Clackamas, Oregon
F25210 (W½)Jones, Albert Alley11/25/1904Fresno Co., California11/26/1904Selma, Fresno Co., California
C309SE¼ (9?)Jones, Anna, 1865Kansas3/31/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F25210 (E½) not hereJones, Clarke C.3/22/1909Boise, Ada Co., Idaho7/16/1940Overland, St. Louis Co., Missouri
B4695Jones, Cora Belle Barringer, Mrs.9/??/1889Nebraska5/21/1941Enroute from Goshen to Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H50211Jones, Elene Laura Brown4/18/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/28/2007Beaver Creek, Clackamas Co., OR
F25210 (W½)Jones, Elica8/??/1899Kansas7/19/1904Selma, Fresno Co., California
C3161Jones, Enos1818Pennsylvania12/15/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon?Sgt., Co. C, 6th Minn. Inf.
F3262Jones, Erastus Ambrose2/25/1861Illinois5/18/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F25210 (W½)Jones, Francis "Frank" Eugene, Rev.10/25/1866Litchfield, Hillsdale Co., Michigan3/30/1955Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
D271Jones, Isaac C.5/??/1837Llandeilofawr, Carmarthenshire, South Wales6/7/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4694Jones, Jesse C.5/26/1874Oregon1/9/1942Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F25210 (W½) (not here)Jones, Jessie E.1891Nebraska10/7/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3261Jones, John Fredrick (Fredie)6/20/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/7/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1001Jones, Josephine Bucknam Indiana or Iowa1/24/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7143?Jones, Margaret H.Cal 11/13/1845Wales8/10/1921Stillwater Co., Montana
F32610Jones, Nancy Ann Bennett5/14/1875Elba, Howard Co., Nebraska2/9/1931Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F25210 (W½)Jones, Nancy Letitia "Letta" Alley186911/21/1942Seattle, King Co., Washington
F25210 (W½) (not here)Jones, Noah Alland12/15/1896Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Nebraska8/21/1920LaGrande, Union Co., Oregon
G4109Jones, Olga Hills12/24/1881Payette, Payette Co., Idaho9/10/1956Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5497Jones, Rodman Seaver11/18/1908Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington9/5/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4474Jones, Samantha Kellogg4/6/1840Ottawa, Ontario, Canada5/14/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G41010Jones, William S.4/56/1883Oklahoma11/29/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F331?Josephsen, Anna Laura Blatchford Bicknell Martin Pollock6/5/1859Bangor, Penobscot Co., Maine10/9/1940Vida, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Josephson, Alice Patricia1/9/1921Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon1/20/1921Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D304Joyce, Charles E.9/??/1836Magaguadavic Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada7/30/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D305Joyce, Christine E.1837Scotland11/16/1907OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H5395Justi, Thea Celia Rear4/15/1879-1881Wisconsin1/22/1912Lane Co., Oregon
G4568Kaeding, Mary V. Zimmer6/30/1859Wisconsin1/5/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E4Kaehe (or Kache), [---]?
E846?Kandle, Hattie Lettia Nye Janson Morris McCreary Stowell6/26/1885Montpelier, Williams Co., Ohio9/22/1981Hillsboro, Washington Co., Oregon
E114Kauffman, Amos Sylvester1/27/1857Iowa, Ohio, or Illinois6/5/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F213? (5?)Kauffman, JacobAlsace, France3/3/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E115Kauffman, Jennie D. Blackwell6/15/1865Kennebec Co., Maine6/21/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Kaufman, Edith Annie Finlay8/7/1880Texas3/15/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D606?Kaufmann, Carl Joseph11/20/1906
D1632Kays, Henrietta (Etta) Wilkins, Mrs.5/22/1857Lane Co., Oregon7/6/1892Foley Springs, Lane Co., Oregon
D1635Kays, Infant son8/5/1897
D163?1?Kays, Joseph Warren12/22/1853Altoona, Blair Co., Pennsylvania9/8/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H555?Keach, Waltercal 18784/12/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6710Keeney, Benjamin Franklin10/14/1865Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon8/14/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D679Keeney, Charity Alice "Dolly" Taliaferro4/9/1877Whitehead, Alleghany Co., North Carolina1/2/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E13110Kellems, David Clinton, Rev.7/4/1867Indiana1/3/1922Guthrie Center, Guthrie Co., Iowa
E1312Kellems, Kenneth K.11/10/1898Oregon7/30/1917New York harbor, New YorkU.S. Army, Quartermaster's Corp, WW I
E1311Kellems, TheodoreOregon11/1/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2921Keller, Florence MargaretOregon7/20/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4396Keller, Jacob10/5/1844Switzerland11/29/1909Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4397Keller, Louisa M. Johnson3/5/1843Waterford, prob. Erie Co., Pennsylvania5/12/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2098Keller, Luella Inwall9/27/1883Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/31/1952Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C271N½ & SE¼Kelley, Haywood R.1892
C271N½ & SE¼Kelley, Herbert J.1893Oregon2/15/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E127SW¼Kellogg, Timothy MichiganDrowned 9/3/1890 body recovered 9/6/1890McKenzie River about 4 miles above Hayden Bridge & near Mohawk Bridge, Lane Co., Oregon
E1762Kelly, Abraham L., "Abe"11/4/1865Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon5/20/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1766Kelly, Elizabeth Parker9/15/1834Indiana10/31/1908
H618?Kelly, Harry C.1866California6/30/1918Sprinfield Hospital, Springfield, Lane Co, Oregon
E1764Kelly, John, Hon.5/3/1818Dublin, Ireland6/15/1901Home on 6th St., Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3rd Missouri Mounted Vol., 1847-48, Mexican War
A5164Kelly, Marietta Cheshire3/24/1868Lane Co., Oregon1/21/1912Lane Co., Oregon
E1751?Kelly, Mikey10/??/1896Oregon4/4/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F330?Kemery, JohnPennsylvania7/31/1907Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
F3303Kemery, Mary Jane Hoover8/29/1829Kansas5/26/1900Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3304Kemery, William R.Kansas3/22/1904Fairmount, Lane Co., Oregon
E43?S½ (9?)Kendall, Letitia Speaker (Ross?)10/12/1847Ohio1/5/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E432Kendall, Ray CarolOregon8/7/1905Willamette River near Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Kennedy, Bula8/25/1909Minnewaukan, Benson Co., North Dakota5/17/1913Near bridge on McKenzie Highway, north of Eugene
FPotter's Field?Kennedy, Eunice K.12/30/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/17/1913Near bridge on McKenzie Highway, north of Eugene
FPotter's Field?Kennedy, Thula K.8/27/1907Minnewaukan, Benson Co., North Dakota5/18/1913Near bridge on McKenzie Highway, north of Eugene
G40710Kenney, Mary Ann Wynegar, Mrs.11/6/1840Marion Co., Ohio7/30/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C295½/296½3Kenniston, Hubbard B.9/17/1845Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts6/12/1924Bartle Court, Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 2nd Mass. Cavalry
F3287Kensler, Hattie Ann Rowe5/12/1868Bangor, Penobscot Co., Maine11/8/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2953Kensler, Thomas C.2/4/1842Ohio10/13/1915Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 123rd IL Infantry
C298??Kentner, Jennie Rickerson8/28/1834Massachusetts12/27/1920Baily Hill Precinct, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5086Kenyon, Joel B.7/21/1857Janesville, Rock Co., Wisconsin5/2/1913Mapleton, Lane Co., Oregon
D7003Kerr, Margaret Thom2/8/1849Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland8/12/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D7001Kerr, William8/16/1848Scotland5/5/1919Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
F3604Key, Edward O.11/22/1843Anstey, Hertfordshire or Leicestershire, England1/4/1919Crow Stage Road near Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D56 or 360? (Unkn)?Key, Martha Caroline Allgire1/27/1858Canal Winchester, Franklin Co., Ohio5/1/1946Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F56 or 360? (Unkn)7?Key, Martha Caroline Allgire1/27/1858Canal Winchester, Franklin Co., Ohio5/1/1946Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3605Key, Mary Ann Willis3/11/1845London, England10/23/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4163Keyes, Francis E.7/29/1842Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut2/11/1932Springfield, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. A, 1st Neb. Infantry & Cavalry
G4164Keyes, Mary Evaline (Emmaline) Walters Wilson, Mrs.4/6/1858Pella, Marion Co., Iowa5/6/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3732Kibby, Luanna Elizabeth7/18/1868Stephenson Co., Illinois7/2/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Kiel, Marthina Bendicksen5/6/1883Norway10/14/1918Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn (146?)?Kienzle, Herman18799/27/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3044Kiester, Charles S.1/18/1860Blue Earth Co., Minnesota12/30/1948Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3045Kiester, Ellen Emily Gieglingen4/20/1869San Francisco, California8/23/1955Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4575Kilborn, Elizabeth Ann McFaden, Mrs.12/25/1849County Lead, Ontario, Canada5/22/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4576Kilborn, Hiram Franklin4/13/1846Athens, Ontario, Canada10/20/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4577Kilborn, Jemerson E.11/5/1875Brockville, Ontario, Canada8/27/1951Elmira, Lane Co., Oregon
G4578Kilborn, Katherine Pazour6/16/18792/1/1952Lane Co., Oregon
A513N½ (7?)Kilcline, Rose Elspas, Mrs.9/1/1867Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan5/11/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Kilcourse, John5/29/1848Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland10/30/1912Judkins' Point, Eugene, Lane Co., OregonVeteran of the British Army in the Boer War
H6203Killgreen, Edward Geary10/5/1910Milwaukie, Clackamas Co., Oregon10/18/2003Tehama Co., California
H6204Killgreen, Elizabeth Brice Jolly6/30/1917Scotland8/13/1986Tehama Co., California
E1682Killingsworth, Ann Eliza9/10/1811Tennessee6/22/1874Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E16914Kilpatrick, Earl4/24/1889Island City, Union Co., Oregon5/30/1927St. Louis, Missouri
E16914Kilpatrick, Helen Kenney3/22/1887Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Co., Wisconsin1/9/1978Lane Co., Oregon
E16711Kincaid, Augusta Alberta Lockwood9/3/1851Utica, Macomb Co., Michigan8/16/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1672Kincaid, Dorothy Catherine Hills11/26/1887Jasper, Lane Co., Oregon10/8/1972Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E1677Kincaid, Harrison Rittenhouse4/5/1910Oregon8/20/2001Los Angeles, California
E16710Kincaid, Harrison Rittenhouse1/3/1836Fall Creek, Madison Co., Indiana10/2/1920Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E167?Kincaid, Lee
E1678Kincaid, Webster Lockwood9/16/1883Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/30/1944Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E1676Kincaid, Webster Lockwood, Jr.1/20/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/7/1944South Pacific1st Lt., 339th & 347th AAF Fighter Sq. WW II
F2794King, Alexander Aaron6/15/1829LaFayette Co., Missouri11/2/1895Veteran of the Rogue River War, 1855-1856
FFree Ground?King, Baby5/27/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/27/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2793King, Caroline L. "Sarah" Masterson Watson11/24/1825Near Bardsville, Nelson Co., Kentucky11/29/1899Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6612King, Frank C.2/9/1881Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon1/23/1932Between Crow & Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3345 (not here)King, Irl1889Tennessee8/7/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
County IOOF (Potter's Field?)?King, James R.1867Melbourne, Australia11/22/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6611King, Marvin Lewis9/17/1904Oregon8/30/1919Willamette River, 3 miles SE of Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
E6613King, Norman Neil8/3/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/25/1958Lane Co., OregonSgt., 301 Base Unit AAF, WW II
B4455King, Paul A.2/27/1892South Dakota12/3/1909Booth-Kelly Logging Camp, 7 miles above Wendling, Lane Co., Oregon
H496Kinney, William John12/18/1851St. Lawrence Co, New York5/23/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2429Kinsey, Ethel Candace9/24/1878Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/19/1962Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2422Kinsey, George Walton (Squire)3/25/1850Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey11/6/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2006Kinsey, John Decamp10/12/1836South Plainfield, Middlesex Co., New Jersey3/13/1881Eugene City, Lane Co., Oregon
F24210Kinsey, Mae Decamp4/30/1882Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/4/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2423Kinsey, Mary Adelaid Belshaw2/2/1856Near Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/16/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2421Kinsey, Maude N.1881Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/19/1884Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G45613Kirk, Baby7/4/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/4/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G45614Kirk, Baby5/11/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/11/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D214Kirkeberg, Gunder Andersen7/16/1855Kirkeberg Farm, Gunder, Clayton Co., Iowa11/7/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D215Kirkeberg, Gunhild Gunnil Marie Eriksdatter Vold, Mrs.1/15/1858Vang, Valdres, Norway12/25/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1011Kirkland, Alfred L.4/18/1854Dundee, Angus, Scotland11/1/1934Lincoln Co., Oregon
D101?Kirkland, Douglas Oregon9/1/1891Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1012Kirkland, Hannah Mary Cowe1855Scotland7/1/1936Lincoln Co., Oregon
D101?Kirkland, Katherine Menzies Dundee, Angus, Scotland11/30/1895Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D101?Kirkland, Leslie Oregon9/30/1894
D101?Kirkland, Prentice Oregon5/25/1896
D1558Kirkpatrick, Duncan Charles8/31/1977Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/3/1999Swarthmore, Delaware Co., Pennsylvania
E1725Kitchen, James M.11/11/1847Missouri7/18/1923Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E1726Kitchen, Martha A. Rodgers4/22/1854Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon3/19/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D645Kitson, David2/16/1827West Oxford, Ontario, Canada2/5/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3985Kitts, Emma F.11/21/1884Windsor Township, Lawrence Co., Ohio6/29/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E826Klock, Jesse24 Feb 1822 (christening)German Flatts, Herkimer Co., New York (christening)2/15/1896Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E827Klock, Mary Ann Marvin10 or 11/2/1815Tioga Co., Pennsylvania7/26/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F6395Knickerbocker, Ida Mae Bidwell4/21/1890Lane Co., Oregon12/14/1919Near Deadman's Ferry, north of Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F6394Knickerbocker, Willis S.10/5/1868Clayville, Oneida Co., New York2/1/1960Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5433Knight, Albert G.10/26/1895Oregon10/15/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H543?Knight, baby boy2/??/190012/8/1900Fairmount, Lane Co., Oregon
H543Bet. 3 & 4Knight, Cecil Wayne9/23/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/20/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5437-8Knight, Constance Dianne Cooke11/18/1937Rock Island, Rock Island Co., Illinois1/13/2021Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H5438Knight, Donna Marie5/1/1973Moses Lake, Grant Co., Washington1/4/2004Oregon
H5437Knight, Franklin Wilson, Sr. (Frank)2/12/1937Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon2/21/2003Eugene, Lane Co., OregonSSgt US Air Force, Cold War
H5431Knight, Grant Haven11/10/1865Montpelier, Williams Co., Ohio3/24/1933Motor Route 3, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5432Knight, Myrtle May Ridenour8/14/1874Mansfield, Richland Co., Ohio8/3/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H54310Knight, Otis (Hap)10/21/1901Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/21/1958Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5436Knight, Rex Dale9/27/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/31/1985Lane Co., Oregon
D609 (7)?Knispel, WilliamAbout 1834 or 1868Germany3/13/19063 miles NW of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5203Knoop, Anna Elizabeth Winzenried, Mrs.11/6/1859Rüeggisberg, Bern, Switzerland2/11/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5202Knoop, Charles H.1/15/1858Germany8/15/1940Rt. 1, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Maintenance building#618?Knott, Clarissa Ella, Mrs., marker only
H618?Knott, Clarissa Ellen Marley, Mrs.4/14/1846Ohio4/28/1917Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H5053Knox, Annie Allingham10/12/1860Gagetown, Queens Co., New Brunswick, Canada12/12/1928Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H603Not HereKnox, Charles Vivian12/16/1888Godstone Dist., Limpsfield, Surrey, England4/9/1917Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region, Vimy Ridge, FrancePvt, 102nd Batt'n, 4th Canadian Division, WW I
H6031Knox, Frederick Vivian1/30/1850Bangalore, Karnataka, India5/29/1923Fox Hollow, Lane Co., Oregon
H6032Knox, Georgiana Mary Bampfylde, Mrs.1/3/1855Punjab, India6/7/1918Lorane Road, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H603Not HereKnox, Gertrude Mary4/15/1891Limpsfield, Surrey, England7/1/1913Manhattan, New York City, New York Co., New York
H5052Knox, Robert Hazen11/8/1855Oromocto, Sundbury Co., New Brunswick, Canada6/30/1916Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
F20310Koepke, Charles Fredrick8/31/1858Berlin, Germany3/30/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20312Koepke, Harriet Ella (Hattie) Small4/30/18695/29/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2037Koepke, James Carl (Pat)12/16/1896Winona Co., Minnesota6/25/1967Eugene, Lane Co., OregonLt., 65th Ore. Coast Artillery, WW I & Lt Col, U.S. Army, WW II
E1222Koepp, Daisy EllenOregon4/18/1889
H49514Koepp, Laura Ellen Baker9/14/1869Polk Co., Wisconsin2/20/1945Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4954Koepp, Martha Hellen Bauer7/8/1896Lane Co., Oregon1/6/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1221Koepp, Mary L. BakerWisconsin4/30/1889Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1723Kompp, Charles Kasper9/22/1877Lancaster, Lane Co., Oregon10/30/1972Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1724Kompp, Ella Malinda Kitchen7/17/1882Oregon1/21/1909Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon
E1722Kompp, Helen Agnes Mullin1/10/1887Baker, Baker Co., Oregon4/21/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Koplin, Baby Boy8/9/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/9/1917Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H4918Koppe, Carl H., Jr.5/19/19213/18/1931Mill Race, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H49513Koppe, Golda Ruth5/7/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/30/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H491? (plots 6-8)Koppe, Infant son11/6/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/6/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A52013Kottka, Frieda Knoop12/22/1893Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/21/1948Los Angeles, California
A52014Kottka, Otto Charles5/5/1888Berlin, Germany4/4/1952Los Angeles, California
B4306Kouns, Eva L. Johnson Gover1/??/1859Iowa6/14/1927Los Angeles Co, California
B4307Kouns, James H. (Gover)12/??/1885Iowa8/22/1915Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B4304Kouns, John W.3/20/1864St. Louis, MIssouri4/14/1909Good Samatarian Hosp., Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
FI (Potter's Field)?Koupal, William7/6/19147/11/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Plot?Kozier, F.4/17/1915Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FE8Kravetz, Margaret Ann4/14/1949California3/18/2017San Rafael, Marin Co., California
C2752Kreamer, Cora L.1/16/1883West Union, Fayette Co., Iowa5/14/1972Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2753Kreamer, Edwin A.3/4/1845Pennsylvania7/29/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2nd Sgt, Co. D, 46th IA Vol. Infantry, then Hosp. Steward, 46th Iowa Vol. Infantry
C2754Kreamer, Lydia E. Green, Mrs.10/11/1850New York3/13/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2233Kress, Eliza N.9/10/1845Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio9/26/1902
C2232Kress, Garwood E.11/23/1833New York9/10/1920Eugene, Lane Co., OregonSgt., Co. C, 8th Mich. Vol. Infantry, Civil War
E77Krohn, Alfred8/26/1897Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California11/28/1990Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E78Krohn, Jane Campbell8/3/1902Colorado3/4/1999Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E7Foot of 10Krohn, John Grafton8/25/1932Oregon11/4/1971Multnomah Co., Oregon
F2894Krouse, Charles W.2/12/1866San Jose, Santa Clara Co., California3/15/1906Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6012Kull, Caroline (Carrie) Onstot3/29/1856Norwalk, Warren Co., Iowa2/12/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6215Kull, Charles J Indication of grave2/13/1859Germany10/5/19201 m. east of Thurston, Lane Co., Oregon
E1782Kuykendall, Ada Olive1882Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/16/1898Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E17810Kuykendall, John4/14/1820Indiana8/13/1895Drain, Douglas Co., Oregon
E17814Kuykendall, John Eberle, Capt., Dr.5/31/1885Drain, Douglas Co., Oregon2/22/1919Le Mans, FranceCapt., 316th Ambulance Company, 91st Div - WW I
E1789Kuykendall, Malinda Stark, Mrs.7/28/1824Fort Madison, Clinton Co., Indiana3/22/1911Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
E1785Kuykendall, Mary Ada Alysom11/12/1857Scotsburg, Douglas Co., Oregon5/6/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3453Kuykendall, May Rowland3/13/1870Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa10/15/1961Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1781Kuykendall, Nellie1/15/1884Oregon8/18/1884Oregon
E17813Kuykendall, Robert Benson, Maj.8/6/1891Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/15/1930Eugene, Lane Co., OregonMaj., Battery F, 347th Field Artillery, 91st Division, US Army, WW I
E1784Kuykendall, William Edward, M.D.3/1/1855Wilbur, Douglas Co., Oregon12/6/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Kysar, Baby Girl9/14/19229/14/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6903Kyte, Gurney Frank5/5/1892Garden Grove, Decatur Co., Iowa10/21/1957Junction City, Lane Co., Oregon
F204Labbe, Ernest B.5/??/1885Kansas1/16/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6633?LaBlue, Frank Raymond (Frankie)12/24/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon2/17/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E87N½ (5?)Lackey, Elizabeth Jane Pierce Bradley12/??/1837Near Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois10/14/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E874Lackey, William Gibbs2/14/1828Cincinatti, Hamiton Co., Ohio12/4/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E16813Ladd, Mary H. Hibbard6/28/1899Hood River, Wasco Co., Oregon2/16/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2905Lake, Adelaide V.18974/10/1970Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2904Lake, Bertha Mable Emery10/15/1869 Corvallis, Benton Co., Oregon1/16/1947Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
F29010Lake, Charles Emery4/24/2013Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2902Lake, Egbert Charles7/31/1860Candor, Tioga Co., New York8/24/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F29010Lake, Emery Dudley7/12/1893Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/3/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2909Lake, Georgie Evelyn Warner2/21/1895Olivia, Renville Co., Minnesota3/13/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1861Lake, Henry C. (H. C.) Illinois8/2/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A513N½ (5?)Lake, Mary A. Casner Marshall McGee, Mrs.1/1/1844Ohio7/21/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D186S½ (2?)Lake, Susan E. Quick Maddux, Mrs.12/3/1858Salem, Marion Co., Illinois4/9/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2901Lake, William EgbertOregon5/11/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2733Lakin, David Redman3/28/1837Putnam Co., Ohio2/24/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2739Lakin, Richard Rush8/28/1887Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon3/2/1954Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2734Lakin, Sarah E. Withrow Branstetter2/23/1839Adair Co., Missouri3/29/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C27310Lakin, Susan E. Rush1/28/1865Oregon3/9/1894Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C2736Lakin, William Francis Edwin (Frank)12/8/1868Near Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/20/1925Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C2731Lakin, Winnie Pearl1881Oregon8/31/1885Summit, Benton Co., Oregon
C1927Lamson, Eliza Jane Cox3/19/1841Near Oswego, Plain Twp., Kosciusko Co., Indiana8/21/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C1926Lamson, J. H. [Henry J., John H.]5/1834Ohio5/16/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C7302Lander, Stephen (Steve)4/11/1856California2/26/1922Blue River, Lane Co., Oregon
E1404Lane, JosephGeorgia3/22/1897
E1405Lane, Maggie C.2/7/1859California11/12/1890Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E140Lane, Maria England10/26/1877Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Lang, EdwardIreland3/27/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5743Langan, John (Jerry)12/10/1860Spartan, Monroe Co., Wisconsin9/22/1929Near Avard Station, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5741Langan, Martha Jane (Jennie) Crow Strutt9/??/1877Nevada12/30/1966Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
A5744Langan, Thomas7/8/1859Wisconsin2/28/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFNW corner (11?)Langworth, InfantOregon9/4/1891
D676Lanphear, Almeda Louisa Collins, Mrs.10/15/1841Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., New York5/10/1920Near Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D677Lanphear, Will E.11/14/1874Wisconsin6/9/1920Stockton, San Joaquin Co, California
H5467Laraway, Baby Boy1/31/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/31/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4285Larimer, Caroline Lou Dixon, Mrs.6/29/1836Indiana6/3/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4284Larimer, Eli Coulter5/29/1826Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania12/15/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4286Larimer, Malissa Mae, Miss12/9/1872Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon8/25/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Larson, MinnieAbout 1854Norway9/12/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B43715Larwood, Baby9/3/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/3/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5504Larwood, Fred Yorenkin3/10/1868Wapello Co., Iowa9/10/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D24Foot of 5Larwood, Mildred I. Mae Moore Mountjoy Ritter7/4/1902Sterling, Johnson Co., Nebraska11/20/1975Lane Co., Oregon
H54810Lattin, Oscar Birdsey4/25/1860Argyle, Lafayette Co., Wisconson10/4/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5323-4Lawrence, Amy Ethel4/8/1898New Mexico1/4/1913Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon
A5325Lawrence, Anna (Annie) Ella8/7/1893New Mexico7/30/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B420Lawrence, Deborah (Orah) Skirvin, Mrs.1876Nebraska10/7/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5324-5Lawrence, Ella Titus, Mrs.12/19/1859Madison Co., Missouri8/31/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2336Lawrence, Theodore W.10/26/18492/11/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G46215Lawson, Robert Lee III10/22/1970Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., California4/15/1989Linn Co., Oregon
FC18Laxton, Earl William9/5/1891Oregon6/10/1919Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonWW I
FCBet. 18 & 19Laxton, James Lee6/1/1870Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri9/15/1959Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FC6 or 7?Laxton, Rowena (Rena) Christina Hise Lingo Parsonsca 1872Oregon2/25/1926Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Laybourn, WilliamEngland12/27/1910Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C22416Layer, Adam8/5/1876Kentucky2/22/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Leach, George Jefferson "Jeff"7/15/1898South Dakota11/17/1926Sutherlin, Douglas Co., Oregon
G466A5Leach, Rhoda Ann Winnard7/31/1864Branch Co., Michigan7/12/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3219Learned, Elizabeth Leaver Leaver Tabor, Mrs.3/10/1831Blackburn, Lancashire, England5/3/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F321S½ (2?)Leaver, Sarah Jane (Jennie) Henry11/07/1861Prince Edward Island, Canada3/7/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6571Lee, Bert Clark3/21/1900Idaho4/8/1919Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D1132Lee, Clara Idena9/11/1883Iowa1/15/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FD2Lee, Emma Ingebor Thronsen Esterly, Mrs.10/5/1860Dodge Co., Minnesota4/8/1922Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E6572Lee, Emory Edward5/8/1854Lynn, Hardin or Pike Co, Ohio3/31/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4223Lee, Grace Arabell Ross, Mrs.4/17/1850Ontario, Canada7/17/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4225Lee, Howard E.8/11/1890Barnes Co., North Dakota9/23/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1139Lee, Ingri Scheie3/6/1848Vang, Valders, Norway12/25/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6572-3Lee, Oscar L.12/17/1897Boulder, Boulder Co., Colorado1/8/1944Bremerton, Kitsap Co., Washington
FD1Lee, Tollof T.3/8/1850Norway6/12/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D11310Lee, Tosten A.10/1/1846Norway11/24/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4222Lee, William1/1/1850Ontario, Canada1/27/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H614?Lee, William J.6/29/1872Minnesota2/28/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E45Leiter, Augustine1829Bohemia, Austria 4/9/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E44Leiter, Francisca Lina Hammer Weis12/25/1836Blumberg (aka Landsberg or Gorzów Wielkopolski), Poland12/6/1906OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
E6672Lemley, Minta Belle, Miss10/17/1896Spokane Co., Washington10/14/1918Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G466A4Lemon, Charlotte Louise Winnard11/24/1903Albany, Linn Co., Oregon9/23/1994Lane Co., Oregon
G466A4Lemon, Robert Hamlin11/1/1905Mexico, Audrain Co., Missouri4/5/1975Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2056Lenvig, George J.5/28/18664/13/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Leonard, unknown first nameAbout 188511/10/1904Goshen, Lane Co., Oregon
F320Lester, Baby9/18/19029/21/1902Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3784Lester, James Franklin2/26/1869Science Hill, Pulaski Co., Kentucky12/25/1907Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. M, 1st. Colo. Cavalry
B4381Leveridge, Fannie Millican1/15/1875Walterville, Lane Co., Oregon11/12/1961Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4381Leveridge, Harry E.26 June-Aug 1869Buffalo, Erie Co., New York1/20/1938San Carlos, San Mateo Co., California
Unkn?Lewis, Norman E.Abt 1843New York5/12/1895Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H494Lewis, William Cheatham6/28/1895Eureka, California9/6/1920Booth-Kelly Lumber Co. Camp 18, Wendling (23 miles east of Eugene), Lane Co., Oregon
H6134Leyner, Albert Harry9/28/1887Colorado1/17/1980Multnomah Co., OregonPFC, U.S. Army, WW I
H6133Leyner, Laura Parsons12/11/1863Independence, Buchanan Co., Iowa5/1/1921Near Fir Butte, Lane Co., Oregon
E105Liedtke, August12/3/1859Germany6/26/1936Camas Swale, Lane Co., Oregon
E104Liedtke, Infant5/5/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/9/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E104Liedtke, Sarah Martha Wiscarson2/25/18724/18/1927Near Creswell, Lane Co., Oregon
F3239Liggett, Amanda M. Gage, Mrs.1/31/1852West Virginia3/22/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F32310Liggett, Lawson6/14/1842Montgomery Co., Indiana3/28/1913Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co I, 125th IL Vol. Infantry
H614?Light, Annetta Jane Stewart, Mrs.2/16/1844Iowa3/19/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E476Lilley, George W., Prof. (Dr.)Kewanee, Henry Co., Illinois6/8/1904Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E42½4Lilley, Sophia Adelaide Munn10/11/1856Lowell, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts8/26/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D225Lilwall, Linnie A. Witherspoon, Mrs.12/2/1860Red Oaks, Ellis Co., Texas8/19/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D224Lilwall, William Morris11/4/1847Hay-on-Wye, Powys, Wales2/2/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5611Lincoln, Frank Thatcher9/14/1884San Francisco, San Francisco Co., California11/16/1980Berkeley, Alameda Co., California
A5611Lincoln, Margaret Akers Farrington12/9/1905Oregon10/27/1978Berkeley, Alameda Co., California
F2443Lincoln, Mary Ann Coon Gurnsey11/??/1836New York11/26/1900Possibly Clackamas Co., Oregon
G45416Lindley, James Edmond (Ed)12/28/1863Michigan9/1/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G45415Lindley, Minnie Cornelia Crum12/28/1866Elk Point, Union Co., South Dakota12/2/1959Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2161Linn, George David10/9/1868Jacksonville, Jackson Co., Oregon12/7/1922Willamette River, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2162Linn, Mabel J., Mrs.3/15/1871Ohio7/8/1929Custer Battlefield Highway, near Gillett, Campbell Co., Wyoming
C2343Linton, Edith E. Belshaw Brown6/29/1856Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/9/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FI?Lioses, GustGreece10/28/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D601Lippe, Charles3/17/1905McKenzie River, Lane Co., Oregon
B396S½ (2?)Littell, Infant5/21/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3463Littlefield, Charles F.4/9/1860Minnesota6/3/1915McCoy, Polk Co., Oregon
C3462Littlefield, Martha Melissa Medley11/13/1865Jordans Grove, Linn Co., Iowa5/12/1962Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3464Littlefield, Ruby B.8/14/1861Maine1/31/1893Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6010 (6)Littlejohn, Grover12/28/1886Illinois11/23/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5973Litzenberg, Maud Helen Walker, Mrs.4/6/1888South Dakota12/18/1917Seattle, King Co., Washington
G4492Liu, Eugene W.10/16/1931Pingtung City,Taiwan10/18/2019Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4492Liu, Sue-Chung Huang3/31/1932Chang-Hua, Taiwan2/5/2013Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D1066Livingston, Kathleen G. "Kitty"12/22/19067/5/1988Lane Co., Oregon
FB8Loafman, Daniel Tucker2/22/1856Illinois5/12/19212 miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3655Lockard, Cora E. Shindoll, Mrs.3/17/1864Wisconsin5/29/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3654Lockard, Laban5/17/1849Ohio7/23/1924Spencer Creek, Lane Co., OregonIndian Wars in Kansas
B4674 or 6Locke, Gurden B.9/27/1865Lockes Island, Lockport, Shelburne Co., Nova Scotia, CAN5/6/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
cem not listed?Lockwood, Alva1/2/1906Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
cem not listed?Lockwood, Mrs.1/2/1906Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
F2415Lockwood, Olvin A.2/18/1825Mayville, Chatauqua Co., New York1/13/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4368Lofgren, John A.3/3/1897Marquette, Marquette Co., Michigan6/21/1963Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
A5341Logan, Josephine Matteson McKay1/6/1843Missouri4/20/1915Albany, Linn Co., Oregon
C7184Logan, William A.8/29/1862Fairtown, Greene Co., Illinois3/30/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Logsdon, Dodson6/18/1849Ohio9/19/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D21Bet 8 & 9Loken, Beulah Bella Ritchey9/24/1905Drain, Douglas Co., Oregon2/11/1987Lane Co., Oregon
D212-3Loken, Edna Juliet10/22/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/29/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D219Loken, Leland (Pete)12/19/1902Harrisburg, Linn Co., Oregon6/5/1984Lane Co., Oregon
D211Loken, Mattie Hagen3/31/1877Wisconsin11/10/1969Lane Co., Oregon
D212Loken, Peter Johnson1/23/1864Norway9/25/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FA23London, Arthur Thurman8/21/1928Motor Route C, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/21/1928Motor Route C, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1737Loney, Anna S. File Scott Pryor, Mrs.5/3/1845Salem, Columbiana Co., Ohio12/31/1913Woodburn, Marion Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Long, AlfredAbout 8/15/1911, found 8/27/1911By Willamette River near gas plant, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2875Long, Pyrense Ann Smith1/5/1832Virginia6/24/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6552Longworth, Anna Eliza Maass, Mrs.11/24/1857Germany/Prussia3/18/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6553Longworth, Elmer Lewis9/4/1899West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois11/12/1932Day Island, Willamette River, Lane Co., Oregon
E6551Longworth, Harry Lewis (Henry)2/12/1856Missouri2/3/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6555Longworth, William Adolph7/14/1883Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Indiana5/8/1932Willamette River, 1½ miles north of Dexter, Lane Co., Oregon
FI (Free Ground)?Loomis, Irving Coleman8/6/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/16/1914Mercy Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3353Loomis, Patricia Maureen1/9/1957Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/17/1957Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5792Looney, Olive Inez Ingram5/16/1882Benton Co., Oregon5/7/1917Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D7113Loop, Frederick (Fred) C.10/11/1868Asherville, Mitchell Co., Kansas5/27/1946Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D7114Loop, Mable Ada Simpson4/23/1878Delphos, Ottawa Co., Kansas11/16/1932Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Lorch, CharlesBayern, Germany11/22/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E495Loretz, George10/24/1875Oregon10/31/1956Lane Co., Oregon
E493Loretz, JosephAbout 1877Oregon12/17/1908North of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E492Loretz, Louis Porter6/??/1831Lombardy, Italy5/5/1901North of Junction City, Lane Co., OR
Unkn (42?)?Losvar, Mildred M. Marks Williams3/5/1897England3/5/1933Mukilteo, Snohomish Co., Washington
H552NE¼ (8?)Loucks, Edward 3/17/1835+/-New York10/17/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4766Love, Esther Clara Smith1/5/1893Rapid City, Pennington Co., South Dakota8/9/1970Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4765Love, William Jennings Bryan (Buster)9/5/1896Greeley Center, Greeley Co., Nebraska12/25/1974Lane Co., OregonU.S. Navy, WW I
E792Loveridge, Daniel Edward, Rev., D.D.12/11/1824New Milford, Litchfield Co., Connecticut11/14/1908Near Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
E794Loveridge, Ellen Alcock, Mrs.5/15/1849Helensburg, Scotland2/12/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1052Lovette, Brunetta D., Mrs.12/3/1860Greenville, Greene Co., Tennessee1/27/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Lowell, AnnetteOregon10/24/1878
FFree Ground?Lowell, Archibald (Archie)3/26/18718/14/1877Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FG18Lowell, Roselinda E. Calkins27 Jul 1842Aurelius, Ingham Co., Michigan30 Nov 1878Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2532Lowell, Silas Pomeroy4/10/1833Portland, Chautauqua Co., or Oswego Co., New York1/3/1902Lane Co., OregonPvt., 3rd Independent Battery, Minnesota Light Art.
F2534Lowell, Sophronia Harris5/1/1842Caldwell (now Lake George), Warren Co., New York1/11/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E893-4Lowry, Charles H.11/3/1848Indiana1/3/19065 miles north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4456Lowry, Emily Jane (Aunt Jim)6/1/1857Indiana10/12/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E894-5Lowry, Joanna "Anna" V. Harwood6/24/1859Iowa12/8/19126 mi. north of Eugene on River Road, Lane Co., Oregon
B4457?Lowry, Mary Lowry, Mrs10/??/1826Ohio11/7/1917OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
E1791Luce, Nancy E.9/30/1837Skilesville, Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky9/10/1864
E6584Luellen, Emma P. Young10/18/1847Lyons, Wayne Co., New York12/20/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E6585Luellen, Sylvester C.6/19/1850Michigan11/15/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D6901Lund, John (Jens)4/4/1886Denmark8/3/1942Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4436Lundahl, Fred 9/6/1876Lockport, Will Co., Illinois4/26/1910OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Lupold, ChildOregon7/16/1879
D1147Lutkins, Andrew10/21/1882New York City, New York3/2/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2322Lynch, Aaron8/20/1822Lafayette Co., Missouri3/14/1887Eugene City, Lane Co., OregonVeteran of the Mexican War
D121½2Lynch, Amos3/10/1856Boxley, Adams Twp, Hamilton Co., Indiana12/7/1935Ingram Island, Benton Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?Lynch, FrankAbout 1878Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois10/14/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1215Lynch, Gertrude Barnum8/16/1871Ohio4/21/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1212Lynch, John W.10/16/1865Kansas7/11/1914Schleefs Hospital, Cottage Grove, Lane Co., Oregon
D1211Lynch, Martha Jane Vandruff3/5/1831Virginia (now West Virginia)4/11/1888Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1214Lynch, William "Willie"12/24/1860Atchison, Atchison Co., Kansas6/14/1940Ingram Island, Benton Co., Oregon
A4901Lyon, Olive Kirkendall Thomas3/9/1836Lincoln Co., Ohio1/5/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FPauper's grave?Lyons, Edward Elliott (aka Elliott Ellis)1/22/1865Lane Co., Oregon4/17/1903Lane County Jail, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7414Lyons, Jonathan Francis3/14/1860Murray, Clarke Co., Iowa2/23/1940Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7413Lyons, Martha Anna Bergsma8/3/1867Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa3/10/1933Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B435½1Lyons, Sherman LeRoy2/14/1890Murray, Clarke Co., Iowa10/5/1935VA Hospital, Roseburg, Douglas Co., OregonCorp., 46th Service Co. Signal Corp, WW I
A4812Macdonald, Angus John8/19/1852Liverpool, Lancashire, Engleand3/6/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A481Macdonald, Flora Campbell, Mrs.1857 or 1859Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland7/6/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3723Mack, Bertha Luella Thompson11/24/1865Henry Co., Iowa2/27/1944Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3722Mack, Henry Lesley1/2/1856Ohio7/18/1909Eugene Hospital, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C19116Mack, Jean Lenore8/22/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/14/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5073Mack, Joseph J.2/15/1876Coos Co., Oregon7/9/1921Fir Butte Road, Zumwalt Pct., Lane Co., Oregon
H5074Mack, Miley Harriet (Hattie) Belshaw6/11/1882Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/12/1952Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20014Mack, Wesley Simon7/24/1869Minnesota12/8/1924Bandon, Coos Co., Oregon
E17112MacKenzie (aka Kenzie), Colin 1/16/1868Gallatown, Fife, Scotland11/20/1951VA Hosp., Portland, Multnomah Co., OregonCorp., Co. D, 2nd Illinois Inf., Spanish American War
single grave lot?Macklin, Andrew Allen4/7/1907Oregon3/15/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?Macklin, Eugene LeRoy2/3/1927Crow Stage, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/7/1927Crow Stage, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D11710Macy, Alice Mills, Mrs.4/7/1811East Tennessee5/2/1894Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D125Madsen, Lois Naomi Barringer9/21/1912Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA8/25/1987Lane Co., Oregon
A5312Magee, Almeda P. Hayes10/4/1843Courtland Co., New York5/8/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5311Magee, James Franklin, Dr.1/12/1845Algonquin, McHenry Co., Illinois11/19/1912Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 9th IL Vol. Cavalry, Civil War
FC9Manning, Mettie Tingley Hockaday Brunk5/4/1870Franklin Forks, Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania4/15/1958Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3832Manrose, Ralph M.3/3/1905Oregon1/11/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F642Markey, PatAbout 1853New York10/20/1919Park Hotel, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3873-4Markley, Norman Eugene (Barney)7/12/1872Oregon11/16/1911Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
B3875Markley, Teressa Drew, Mrs.2/13/1880Nebraska7/24/1908Seattle, King Co., Washington
G45712Marlatte, Charles Raymond6/21/1906Salem, Marion Co., Oregon3/16/1996Multnomah Co., Oregon
G45711Marlatte, Juanita Estelle Kilborn2/21/1909Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon12/9/1993Multnomah Co., Oregon
G45711Marlatte, Julie Elizabeth Mastbrook3/16/1939Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon9/19/2022Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C2964Marquis, Cyrus Vance11/12/1839Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio3/20/1920Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. I, 9th OH Cavalry
E1351Marquiss, Ollie H.3/25/1880Washington Territory8/5/1917New Era, Clakamas Co., Oregon
E1354Marquiss, Sarah Stevens Mulkey, Mrs.8/24/1857Lane Co., Oregon6/23/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1352Marquiss, William R.7/4/1843Missouri5/6/1900Irving, Lane Co., Oregon1st Sgt., Co C, 1st Ore Cav
F2445Marsh, Baby of Charles
F2446Marsh, Charles S.8/7/1883Valley City, Barnes Co., North Dakota7/18/1958Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2448Marsh, Charles Wilbur6/28/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/13/1932Millrace, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F211½4Marsh, Cloyed G.Oregon5/16/1962Lane Co., Oregon
E75Marsh, Cyrenius Richard, Jr.6/1/1902North Pacific Sanitarium, Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon6/4/1902North Pacific Sanitarium, Portland, Multnomah Co, Oregon
F2449Marsh, George7/2/1832Barnston, Stanstead, Québec, Canada6/4/1911Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. A, 24th WI Vol. Infantry
F2442Marsh, Jesse Lincoln, Mrs.2/23/1873North Star, Gratiot Co., Michigan5/10/1954Cardiff, San Diego Co., California
F2444Marsh, John Lyndon10/12/1868Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., Wisconsin9/2/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E72Marsh, Mary Buzza Ellis, Mrs.2/15/1845Erie Co., Pennsylvania1/9/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2447Marsh, Mary Mae Johnson5/9/1883Jefferson City, Jefferson Co., Tennessee8/29/1955OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
F24410Marsh, Pheobe Louisa Hill, Mrs.8/15/1847Erie, Erie Co., Pennsylvania11/24/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E74Marsh, Robert J., MD7/23/186912/18/1922Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E71Marsh, Seth Gregory3/11/1838Erie Co., Pennsylvania11/30/1931Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E65Marshall, Curtis Melvin Jr.10/20/1921Oregon3/21/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E64?Marshall, Infant daughter3/30/1903Oregon4/1/1903Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E66Marshall, Nora Inez Day9/14/1869Lane Co., Oregon2/20/1962Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B7393Marshall, Schuyler Burton7/19/1889Iowa12/15/1920Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E67Marshall, Warren Melvin12/13/1862Littleport, Clayton Co., Iowa3/16/1930Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A522½2Martin (Warwick), Lee11/14/1891Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio8/1/1960Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1903Martin, Alice Beatrice8/28/1896Minnesota6/26/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2117Martin, Carrie, Miss7/22/1868Biggsville, Henderson Co., Illinois1/29/1937Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D18711Martin, Ira T.11/9/1874Iowa6/24/1944San Francisco, California
D1875-6Martin, John Thomas7/6/1830Henderson Co., Illinois2/3/1920Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. K, 84th IL Vol. Infantry
D1879Martin, Lillie A.3/18/1871Illinois4/26/1930San Francisco, California
C19210Martin, Lucy J. Lamson1861Indiana12/4/1929Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E660A3Martin, Luther5/2/1854Vermont1/1/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2115Martin, Mary A. Brown, Mrs.4/11/1839Ohio1/20/1924Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
A5221Martin, Mary Alice (Molly) Arn Warwick12/22/1870Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio12/15/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1877-8Martin, Mary Jane Jamison11/9/1831Henderson Co., Illinois7/12/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?Martin, Mrs. Paul
D19013Martin, Sadie Mae Atwood4/16/1871Skowhegan, Somerset Co., Maine6/21/1960Lane Co., Oregon
F2116Martin, William F.2/14/1833Morgan Co., Illinois10/21/1903Eugene, Lane Co., OregonSgt., Co. F, 16th Reg IL Vol Infantry & Co A, 60th IL Infantry, Civil War
D19014Martin, William Leslie, DDM12/21/1876Woodlake or Hastings, Dakota Co., Minnesota3/11/1928Lane Co., Oregon
C19211Martin, Wilton W.1869Iowa4/1/1940Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E981?Marx, Anna2/1/1881Oregon10/10/1882Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E981?Marx, AugustOregon4/30/1891 (burial registry) or 6/4/1891 (marker)
E984?Marx, Caroline Hocheisen, Mrs.8/9/1854Freeport, Stephenson Co., Illinois9/21/1923Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E985?Marx, Christian Philip, Sr.11/1/1851Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey2/12/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E982?Marx, Henry3/23/18767/21/1897Lebanon, Linn Co., Oregon
EUnkn - 98?1?Marx, infant9/3/1909
E981?Marx, JohnOregon10/1/1882Lane Co., Oregon
E98?5?Marx, Ralph M.8/24/1886Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon11/10/1940Walterville, Lane Co., OregonWW I vet
FFree Ground?Mason, Stanley2/21/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/1/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2667Masterson, Marcellus8/12/1874Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon5/11/1948Weaverville, Trinity Co., California
C2666Masterson, Marie E.4/6/1878Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/11/1976Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5571Mathews, Carey J.4/14/1878Texas6/29/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2931Mathews, Mrs. M. A.England2/6/1883Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E1357Matlock, Edis DeWitt2/8/1870Oregon8/19/1917Good Samaratin Hospital, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C314?Matlock, Sarah Lowe Durant8/15/1843Dearborn Co., Indiana9/28/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5695Matteson, Alba C.1/6/1875Illinois2/28/1913Disston, Lane Co., Oregon
F3612Matteson, Alfred S.4/21/1842New York11/14/1931Creswell, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. G, 10th MO Infantry
A5692Matteson, Charles Oscar12/27/1844New York2/27/1916Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
A5696Matteson, Fred C.2/12/1883Greene Co., Illinois11/18/1951Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5694Matteson, Lee R.2/19/1885Carrollton, Greene Co., Illinois9/7/1933Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
A5693Matteson, Mary A. Young4/27/1857South Carolina5/25/1943Wendling, Lane Co., Oregon
UnknPotter's Field?Matthews, Jacob7/4/1855Wisconsin"probably" 12/5/1908Walker residence, between Eugene & Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
C2631Matzger, Mary S. Rankin1/??/1856Iowa2/26/1938OSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
C29910Maughan, Anna [Annie], Mrs.5/10/1866Stockton on Tees, Co. Durham, England4/4/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5107Maxwell, Daisie/Vaisie Dean Alfrey12/19/1869Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas11/21/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5106Maxwell, John Hardy8/11/1866Arkansas5/21/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5108Maxwell, Paul Samuel, Sr.7/10/1899Colfax, Whitman Co., Washington4/2/1951Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CaliforniaOR, SK1 - U.S. Navy, WW I
D18410Maxwell, Susan Maria Christian5/11/1845Illinois5/17/1919Noti, Lane Co., Oregon
D1849Maxwell, William S.1834Indiana9/9/1901Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
G4494May, Glenn Anthony6/12/1945Brooklyn, New York City, Kings Co., New York9/8/2020Eugene, Lane Co., OregonU.S. Army during Vietnam War (possibly 101st Airborne)
E4McAlpin, Infant #1Oregon2/13/1910
E4McAlpin, Infant #2* "Notice 1 [or 7] /24/1922"
E1383McBee, John Wesley (J. W.)Ohio1/22/1888Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
E1384McBee, Josephine Grubbs5/9/1847Michigan9/27/1893Fairmount, Lane co., Oregon
C2751McCain, Sarah A., Mrs.4/17/1842Iowa3/30/1879Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G3668McCarty, Mae (Matie) Agnes Smith1/6/1864Lima, Allen Co., Ohio7/11/1959Masonic & Eastern Star Home, Forest Grove, Washington Co., Oregon
G366?? (5?)McCarty, Owen Eugene [Jr.]7/4/1855Illinois6/24/1933Forest Grove, Washington Co., Oregon
UnknPotter's Field?McClane, Owen187012/3/1908Eugene, Lane County, Oregon
A5823McCleary, George W.8/??/1843Ohio5/18/1917Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCivil War?
B3846McClintic, Esther J. Bergsma10/29/1869Chariton, Lucas Co., Iowa9/15/1950Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3847McClintic, Joseph Herschell5/25/1860Peru, Madison Co., Iowa2/5/1954Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C2204McClure, Andrew S.5/3/1829On Wabash River, Indiana3/21/1898Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C22015McClure, Carrie M.Oregon4/30/1879
C2202McClure, S. Edgar, Prof.12/30/1861Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon7/27/1897On Mt. Rainier (aka Mt. Tacoma), Washington
G4092McCluskey, Annie B. Pierce, Mrs.3/16/1867Old Town, Penobscot Co., Maine11/25/1934Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4091McCluskey, Scholes Bailey6/13/1859St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada12/11/1951Vallejo, Solano Co., California
E482McCormack, Estella Hyland Poill6/18/1877Lowell, Lane Co., Oregon12/7/1957Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B380½2McCormick, Barbara Lee Retherford12/16/1921Oregon9/30/1975Multnomah Co., Oregon
B3912McCormick, Ethel Jennie Williams11/23/1884Jamesport, Daviess Co., Missouri6/22/1932Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
C295½/296½1McCormick, James Hodson9/24/1843Iowa1/13/1922Eugene, Lane Co., OregonCorp., Co. C, 1st OR Cav
B3915McCormick, Jessie Maud, Miss10/22/1879Meigsville Township, Morgan Co., Ohio12/30/19075 miles northwest of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B380½1McCormick, John Martin8/22/1919Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/25/1999Lane Co., OregonCPO U.S. Navy, WW II, on USS Yorktown
B3913McCormick, John Martin9/6/1845McConnelsville, Morgan Co., Ohio8/13/1925Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B380½2McCormick, Mabel Clara Williams9/2/1886Livingston Co., Missouri7/9/1972Lane Co., Oregon
B3914McCormick, Martha Jane Johnson2/27/1860Ohio9/10/1930Portland, Washington Co., Oregon
B380½1McCormick, Oscar H.9/6/1882McConnelsville, Morgan Co., Ohio11/6/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3911McCormick, Thomas Boyd4/7/1881Ohio12/17/1961Multnomah Co., Oregon
B47510McCoy, Edna Maude Whittall11/27/1907Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon10/19/1987Lane Co., Oregon
B47511McCoy, Voley R.9/7/1903Nezperce, Lewis Co., Idaho5/23/1986Lane Co., Oregon
G405McCracken, Charles Keith8/18/191310/1/19143rd house on River Road north of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3061McCrady, Delos M.12/5/1843Rockford, Winnebago Co., Illinois1/30/1926Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. D, 7th Minn. Vol. Infantry
C3064McCrady, Henry Alfred8/13/1867Illinois10/19/1897Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3063McCrady, Sophrona Annette Kalkins8/28/1848Michigan8/23/1924Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3225McCready, Baby M.
F3223McCready, David [Jr.]7/8/1839Quebec, Canada6/14/1920Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3222McCready, Margret A. Harper, Mrs.6/3/1845New York8/19/1908Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3222McCready, Neil Judson2/9/1887Valley City, Barnes Co., North Dakota10/13/1977Medford, Jackson Co., Oregon
Unkn?McCroskey, Baby Girl10/20/1911Oregon10/21/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D64N½ (7?)McCrosky, Montford Gwayne1/19/19162/16/1917Harve, Hill Co., Montana
G45312McCulloch, Elizabeth McCormick6/24/1865Hastings, Dakota Co., Minnesota1/10/1945Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G45311McCulloch, Robert5/10/1865Keeler, VanBuren Co., Michigan4/19/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B3751McCullough, John A.11/22/1866Scotland12/5/1908Wendling, Lane Co., Oregon
D116foot of 4McCully, Alton Campbell3/9/1912Halsey, Linn Co., Oregon10/27/2004Eugene, Lane Co., OregonU.S. Army, W.W. II
D1164McCully, Americus Taylor3/5/1848Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee9/13/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D116foot of 3-4McCully, Barbara June Boes Johnson9/13/1921Shelby Twp., Oceana Co., Michigan10/20/1966Arlington Heights, Cook Co., IllinoisPvt, Women's Army Corp, WW II
D116foot of 5McCully, Blanche Ruth Campbell4/27/1883Rattlesnake Road near Trent, Lane Co., Oregon3/13/1989
D116foot of 3-4McCully, Charles Roland, Dr.8/15/1913Halsey, Linn Co., Oregon7/15/1971Lane Co., OregonU.S. Army, W.W. II
D116foot of 4McCully, Dorothy Scarlett Swain6/10/1914Isle of Pines, Cuba9/20/2001Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D1165McCully, Nancy E. Bryant4/28/1854Bilyeu Den, Linn Co., Oregon11/26/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D116foot of 5McCully, Roma Alton6/5/1873Oregon10/30/1951Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5169McDerman, Leah Josephine Willmore Long4/24/1901Capron, Woods Co., Oklahoma10/14/1971Lane Co., Oregon
FPotter's Field?McDonald, BabyEugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FFree Ground?McDonald, EdwardOttawa, Ontario, Canada10/25/1909McKenzie River, Lane Co., Oregon near Dutch Henry place
C722N½ (S½?)McDonald, Elmer Bergess8/31/1903Colorado2/17/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3562McDonald, John Daniel12/16/1854Canada8/17/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F3562McDonald, Kathryn Stewart2/4/1856Perthshire, Scotland6/30/1947Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?McDonald, Ronald 3/1/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon3/25/1929Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2073McDowell, John W.9/7/1858Galesburg, Knox Co., Illinois7/6/1943Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2072McDowell, Mary R. Harris11/20/1857Monticello, Jones Co., Iowa3/6/1953Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2074McDowell, Silas Leroy9/10/1900Kalispell, Flathead Co., Montana3/2/1918Zumwalt, Lane Co., Oregon
G369½1 (A)McElroy, Diana Taylor Embree9/30/1850Short Creek Monthly Meeting, Jefferson Co., Ohio12/22/1920Gimple Hill, Lane Co., Oregon
H5534McFarland, Jane Catherine Boothby Duran8/6/1838Pittsfield, Pike Co., Illinois4/9/19154m SW of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H553?N½ (5?)McFarland, John Henry10/??/1849Kansas9/22/19246m SW of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G40810 (NW¼?)McFarland, Margaret Alice John2/9/1860Indiana3/2/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
FM (Baby plot)?McGillvrey, Arnold Lee4/29/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon4/29/1928Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E401McGinnis, Gideon Lowery1842Illinois9/8/1903Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Cos. A, D & K, 13th IL Cav.
D602McGovern, Richard8/??/1844Ireland6/20/1905Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4453McGrew, Balsoriah Barbara Brannin1/27/1850Wisconsin7/13/1921Lane Co., Oregon
B445Between 1 & 2McGrew, Frank Preston2/6/1860Marshaltown, Marshall Co., Iowa5/4/1915Santa Clara, Lane Co., Oregon
Unkn?McGuire, 4/11-14/1912
H6023McGuire, Alice Bean5/27/1854New York10/9/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H6024McGuire, Beulah M.5/1/1882Iowa5/3/1918OHS, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H6022McGuire, Spencer D.7/21/1851Ohio7/5/1936OHS, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
H6021McGuire, Willis Cass12/20/1876Taylor Co., Iowa6/4/1936Manhattan, New York Co., New YorkPvt., Co. C, 2nd Reg., Oregon, Spanish American War
D334McHenry, James A2/??/1857Filmore, Filmore Co., Minnesota10/21/1925Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
D333McHenry, Mary (Mamie) Elizabeth Rainey4/??/1864Wisconsin1/21/1906Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H6042McIlwain, Eva Lena Cornelius Fisher, Mrs.3/23/1879Brown Co., Texas8/4/1918Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
AUnkn -- 512?? (7?)McIntyre, Robert A.6/15/1853Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario, CAN4/17/1924Tillamook Co., Oregon
A5128McIntyre, Sarah Jane Mills1/9/1857Steuben Co., New York4/21/1915Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5193McKee, Grace Holden6/21/1884Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/21/1919Florence, Lane Co., Oregon
G4131McKenney, Almon8/24/1870Minnesota9/27/1914Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B47210McKenney, Andrew Jackson (A.J.)2/20/1829Carroll, Penobscot Co., Maine1/14/1920Near Santa Clara, Lane Co., OregonSgt., Co. E, Hatch's Independent Batt'n, Minn. Cavalry, 1864-1866
B4729McKenney, Elizabeth Littlefield, Mrs.3/25/1838Near Lowell, Penobscot Co., Maine6/24/1938Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
B47211McKenney, Evaline3/20/1858Minnesota5/26/1953Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B47215McKenney, Goldie F. Estepp, Mrs.3/9/1899Whitehall, Muskegon Co., Michigan3/4/1941Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G4132McKenney, Mary Claire O'Neal[e]3/12/1875Ireland5/19/1927Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B47212McKenney, Urban Hayes5/2/1877Anoka Co., Minnesota10/28/1957Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D772McKinney, Connie May Browning2/27/1874Kansas2/1/1924San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., California
D771McKinney, William B.5/21/1867Melrose, Clark Co., Illinois10/23/1934San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., California
B3944McLaughlin, Ara Bush2/8/19092/9/1909
B3942McLaughlin, Ara William12/21/1873Nodaway Co., Missouri8/22/1918Milwaukee, Clackamas Co., OregonPvt., Co. I, 2nd OR reg., Spanish American War
B3944McLaughlin, Josie Hale Bush8/20/1875Riverside (South Bend?), Pacific Co., Washington2/9/1909Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2814McLean, HelenOregon1/13/1892Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2812McLean, Lucretia E.Indiana2/3/1892Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2813McLean, Robert E.Oregon2/11/1890Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4707McMahan, Catherine Harris, Mrs.4/28/1845Marietta, Fulton Co., Illinois4/23/1923Crow Stage Line, Lane Co., Oregon
B4706McMahan, John A.4/12/1841Jamestown, Hendricks Co., Indiana4/7/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4708McMahan, Minnie, Miss6/11/1881Thurston, Lane Co., Oregon8/19/1931Crow Stage Route, Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
B4705McMahan, Pearl Dean8/25/1876Thurston, Lane Co., Oregon9/4/1962Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5488McMaster, Kenneth Lee8/25/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon8/30/1916Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F21414McMurphey, Alberta Shelton7/29/1872Salem, Marion Co., Oregon6/26/1949Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
F21415McMurphey, Robert2/16/1866Prescott, Pierce Co., Wisconsin12/7/1921Douglas Co., Oregon
G46211McMurtry, Doris C. Potter9/9/1908Pierre, Hughes Co., South Dakota8/16/2006Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
G46211McMurtry, Herbert Crawford, Dr.9/2/1904Yankton Co., South Dakota1/14/2004Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C333/3346McNeel (aka McNeil, McNill), Wallace B.11/17/1841Pennsylvania3/4/1911Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. B, 2nd Minn. Vol. Infantry
C3364McNeel, James Harrison (Harry) x Tree3/17/189010/20/1891
H5082McNeil, Elsie E.1/21/1905Drain, Douglas Co., Oregon12/30/1926Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5084McNeil, James Melvin8/1/1872Pine Island, Olmsted Co., Minnesota9/16/1947Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5083McNeil, Jessie Rose Craig7/13/1882Missouri2/8/1931Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5081McNeil, Winnie Claire6/12/1911Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon6/13/19134 miles south of Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
C3332McVay, Lewis Z.Abt 1837Ohio11/11/1900Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. H, 1st Ore. Inf.
H4999Meacham, Chauncey12/27/1847Dickinson, Broome Co., New York3/29/1943Springfield, Lane Co., OregonPvt., Co. F, 142nd NY Vol. Infantry, Civil War
H49912Meacham, Chauncey Wayne Sr.5/7/1897New York4/23/1920Between Wendling & Eugene, Lane Co., OregonPvt. 1st Class, Battery A, 63rd Coast Artillery, WW I
H49911Meacham, Elizabeth Wood5/11/1855Brandon, Franklin Co., New York10/16/1937Springfield, Lane Co., Oregon
H49910Meacham, Roy E.1/1/1885New York3/1/1919 @ 12 midnightOSH, Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
C3336Mead, Charles W.1879Oregon8/19/1898Camp Merritt, San Francisco, CaliforniaRecruit, Co. C, 2nd Ore. Inf. (Oregon National Guard), Spanish American War
H555?Mecklenburg, Charles F.Cal 12/3/1877Nebraska1/3/1913Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F20710Medley, John Samuel3/16/1858Scotland Co., Missouri1/27/1936Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
F2079Medley, Sarah Katherine Hanson11/26/1860Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon9/24/1950Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
E4N½ of 8?Megalojohn (or Johnson), JohnGreece12/10/1910Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D159?Melson, George E.1/3/1857Wilby, Ontario, Canada1/7/1938Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
D159?Melson, Sarah (Sadie) J. Howe11/13/1856Toronto, Ontario., Canada9/5/1939Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
cem not listed?Menane, James George9/13/1890Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon10/27/1943Valdez, Alaska
FFree Ground?Mendonca, Violet12/29/1921Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon1/17/1922Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5912?Mennis, Infant son12/23/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/23/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
A5912?Mennis, Mrs. Verda Head12/10/1912Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon12/23/1935Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
E442Mercer, Clifford5/24/1892Blunt, Hughes Co., South Dakota10/8/1960Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
H5471Mercer, Robert King2/7/1859Wayne Co., Kentucky8/25/191